Why are American Knives So Big Compared to European Standards?

The history of European and American food is loaded with meat and vegetable recipes, so, cut those things you would need heavy, hard, and sharp knives, but the question arises here is why the American knives are bigger than the European standard knives?

Let’s find out the answer. The edges of both American and European standard knives are 20 degrees, but in length, the American standard knives are big compared to the Europeans, and to find out why we need to deep dive into the history of the knives.

History of American European knives

At the start, the knives were used as a combat tool, but as humans got civilised, they started using the knives as a must have kitchen essential that prevailed to the other continents of the world. When we see the American and EU standard knives are double bevelled knives, which means you can sharpen them from both sides.

There was a time when the edge of these knives was 20 degrees, but now the trend has been changed in the EU, they adopted a 15-degree edge, which seems sharper compared to the 20-degree blades.

European knives Cut better? 

We compared American knives and the standard European knives to cut different things like beef. Fish and many hard vegetables that you can't cut using a first class food processor and the result will shock you. But first, we will tell you that the American knives tend to be thicker ones while the European knives have thinner blades.

While cutting with the Eu knives, I fear that it might break, but it survives all our tests. The result of this test was that the Eu knife cut things better because they are thin and sharp, while the American blades are thick so, they can’t cut better.

Why are American knives big?


The answer to this question is buried in history. There was a time when you couldn’t imagine going out without carrying a knife with you because anything can happen, and everybody carries a pocket knife for their safety. In Europe, if you carry a small pocket knife, then it is enough to protect you.

But on the other hand, when some Europeans came to the USA, the conditions were wild here, and you couldn’t feel safe with those tiny pocket knives. So, this is why the American blades are bigger than the European knives.

Are American-made kitchen knives good?

American-made knives dominate the industry with high-quality knives for kitchen knives. The blades are made of high-carbon steel that is very sharp and durable. These blades retain their sharp edge for a long time so, you don’t have to sharpen them again and again.

If you don’t know how to get the best American knives for your kitchen, you can go to the Foster knives and read the best knives made in the USA reviews. I am sure that after reading this review, you will be able to get the best American knives for your kitchen.

There was a time when the German and Japanese knives dominated the industry, but that time is over now, and the American-made knives overshadow them, and mostly, all the top brands that made knives are American, and people trust them.


Q: Why do European knives go from the 20-degree edge to the 15-degree edge?

Ans: Consumers are aware of this preference, which is likely due to their perception that smaller 15-degree angles are sharper. The 15-degree edge, however, exhibits less friction while cutting, particularly when combined with a thinner blade geometry, even though both edges can be made to be as sharp as the 20-degree edge. Therefore, it appears "sharper" to the user.

Q: How can you tell that a knife is a European knife?

Ans: If you want to know whether your knife is European or not, then the best and easy way to find out is to ask the manufacturer or the brand from which you have purchased the knife. You might have overlooked it, but some brands mention that their knife is EU, American, or any other.


The question that is mostly asked on the different forums is why the American knives are big compared to the European blades so, the answer is that in the past, the USA had many more wild areas than Europe. So, in Europe, if you are carrying a small pocket knife, then it would be enough for your safety, but this was not the case in the USA.

You have to carry big knives for self-defense. This was why the blades in the USA are bigger compared to Europe. If this article helps you, make sure to share it with your friends and family members.

Thank you for reading!!

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