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The Effect of Oven Cleaner on Kitchen Countertops


A kitchen of a house is the food production house. You can rarely pass a single day without making food in the kitchen. As a result, the kitchen countertops become dirty, greasy, grime. It’s truly hard to use such a countertop if you certainly determine to prepare healthy meals.

However, someone seems it require to keep it thoroughly cleaned with different cleaners or even oven cleaners. But using without knowing what is the effect of oven cleaner on kitchen countertops can be a cause of permanent damage. Hasn’t it any solution? Of course, you will get its effective solution to utilize the countertop efficiently. In this article, we described the effects, said about solutions and necessary information.

What is Oven Cleaner that We Use Regularly and Oven Cleaner Ingredients?

Oven cleaner has a robust power of cleaning dirt and even hard signs from any kitchen furniture especially from countertops. It’s a mixer liquid of propellants, water, aroma, cleaning substances, and other essential ingredients. Though it works effectively, it has a destructive effect on the objects you apply to clean.

The typical cleaner only used very few ingredients that were less cleaning power. Nowadays, to increase the dusting strength, they add sodium Laureth, dimethyl, sodium hydroxide, acrylic copolymer, dimethyl, isobornyl acetate, dimethyl nonanedioate, and dipropylene. Yes, these kinds of elements have a strong power but often over usage or continual applying damage countertops too.

What are you thinking about whether you would stop using something like this? Not at all, stopping practice such a kind of cleaner makes the kitchen greasier. It has an alternative way that we would discuss below.  First of all, let’s know the additional effect of the oven cleaner on countertops.

How Do Oven Cleaners Work?

Before jumping to the effects, you must know what does oven cleaner do to countertops. Mostly, it discharges grime through bubbles. The cleanser starts creating bubbles when it gets touch with grime, oil, and grease. Basically, it makes the oil lose thoroughly. For that, you get a cleaned oven after wiping it with a rag.

This chemical is suitable for oven, not for all appliances specifically for countertops. As this cleaner’s liquid or soap contain some harsh chemicals, it is not convenient for kitchen counters. It greatly hampers counter’s surfaces.

Effect of Oven Cleaner On Kitchen Countertops for Multiple Counter’s Types 

Most of the housewives apply cleaner to discharge hard grime. Unfortunately, they don’t know its effects. As a result, they damage their valuable countertop in short usage. This is fair to utilize this oven cleaner after knowing its wicked result.

Well, you got to know the oven cleaner is injurious to clean countertops. In this section, we would say about the other bad effect of oven cleaners.

What types of countertops are in the risk for oven cleaner?

Oven cleaner is harmful to diverse kinds of countertops. Once you start applying these cleaners, possibly you have to count for the days when your counters are completely damaged. However, knowing each counter’s types helps you to realize the actual losses.

Effect on Granite countertops

Granite counter is shinier to make a kitchen extra attractive. It is a seamless selection to sue roughly. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, no option is better than granite type. You have to invest a bit more in this natural stuff.


Would you like to keep it greasy? Not at all. Surely, you try to keep it cleaned for all-time. Do you know oven cleaners damage the counter surface in a big amount? Let us clarify, please. It converts surfaces into shine. Day by day it destructs the top coating of sealant and finally, you get a sticky, gooey, and soft outward.

Using the oven cleaner on kitchen countertops for a long time creates an uneven surface. You won’t use the top part conveniently. It might seem coarse, stony, or sharp feelings. In some cases, you may not find an uneven condition. Meant, you will see a sticky ground that you can’t fix. Better to avoid harmful chemicals to clean this type of kitchen countertop.

Effect on Tile countertops

Tile usually loses its glitter due to oven cleaners. No matter whether you apply soap or liquid cleaning products. Both types critically influence on tile surfaces. Tiles offer a glossy look through its surfaces. It can’t fight with the oven cleaner. You lose shining along with becoming discolor within a short time. Tiles often become rude conditioned due to harsh chemical cleaning products. Moreover, there could arise non-removal stains. Perhaps, you know tile’s signs are so tough to remove.

Effect on Laminate countertops

Though Laminate countertops are less durable. Yet you may use it for a longer period if you can take it proper care. In fact, while you practice any chemical cleanser, it also damage the surfaces color. Often it gets deform and bending in a short time. For manufacturing with wood powder, waters penetrate easily into it. Numerous kind of cleansers comes in liquid form. Thus, avoiding commercial cleaner item is a canny decision.

Effect on Quartz countertops

Basically, most of the natural tiles are not appropriate for any cleaner. Quartz is one of them. Oven cleaner on quartz worktop is not a good idea. Won’t you be happy if you can clean them with just tap water? Probably, you replied “yes”.


Try to wipe with a clean small cloth after regular usage. This is a canny way to retain its shine and keeping its smooth state.

Effect on Varnished wooden or stained countertops

Vanished wooded countertops offer a traditional look in the kitchen. It is more sensitive than granite types. Not only oven cleaner, but also wood counters absorb any liquid fast that can a cause of deforming, bending, and discoloring.

If you have like this kind, avoiding oven cleanser instantly may protect your counters. Wooden surface soaks the cleaner quickly. That’s why it becomes deformed fast. Though discharging dust from it is less hardship. Vinegar and water on wood significantly work that you can mix and wipe with a rag after each usage to keep it shiny.

Effect on Marble countertops

Never try to use oven cleaner to clean marble title’s counters. This tile is more expensive than other types. You shouldn’t make it rough with oven cleaners. There are several techniques to clean. You require to adopt techniques to clean.


Luckily, marble counters want less maintenance. Simply wipe with a water-soaked rag to keep it spotless all time. Applying regular cleanser removes its surface colors. For that, you see a very wicked surface condition and cannot restore the previous state.

Effect on Stainless steel countertop

If you think using oven cleaners for stainless has less effect, then you’re wrong. Do you know why? This practice is a cause of stains on surfaces. Stains on stainless steel object make its look very ugly. Only dish soap is enough to clean it thoroughly.

Effect on Corina countertops

At present, most of the large families sue Corina to make their countertops. It has chances of being fade by the touch of oven-cleaners. It provides durability in a decent practice. Better, wipe with a rag every day after each use. When it gets too much dirt, soak a small cloth into regular dishwasher and water solution, and wipe gently to avoid scratching.  Remember, you may practice it only once to in a month. Maybe you won’t need it if you wipe only with a water-soaked cloth daily.

Instead of using oven cleaner to clean countertops, it’s best to adopt a natural way to clean it through. Further, these kinds of methods retain your countertop’s shiny look for a significant period. Those people follow these techniques, they can save money from buying cleanser frequently along with achieving the best result. We described several ways to help you clean your countertops in a twinkle of eyes.

Cleaner Number-1

 This method is applicable only for the wood, laminate, stone, and varnished wooden surfaces. It assist to clean almost all the entire surfaces completely.


  • A spray bottle
  • Dishwashing liquid or soap
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 3 cups of tap water


  • Pour water and vinegar into the bottle.
  • Next, add a small piece of soap or 2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap.
  • Close the bottle cork tightly.
  • Shake it well till generating bubbles inside the bottle.
  • Spray around it
  • Wipe gently with a cotton or microfiber cloth. Don’t pressure to wipe because it causes satins.

Cleaner Number-2

Try to apply this method to clean granite countertops with ease. If you have other stone types, practice this same trick.


  • Water
  • Baking soda


  • Take approximately 1 cup of water in a small pot.
  • Add 5 to 7 tablespoons baking soda into the water.
  • Mix them with a spoon until it becomes a paste. You can add or reduce the ingredient’s amount.
  • Smear the paste around countertops like adding butter on pieces of bread. (Just kidding)
  • Keep this state overnight.
  • Wipe with a water-soaked clean cloth or can rinse with just tap water.
  • Do it twice until stains are gone.

Cleaner Number-3

This is another effective way of cleaning laminate, wood, plywood with Formica. It indicates diverse kinds of wood type’s countertops cleaning through this process.


  • Lemon juice ( 8-10 tablespoon)
  • Water 1 cup
  • Baking soda 4-5 tables spoon


  1. Warning! Water damage wooden furniture. To apply this technique, make sure you flowed each step correctly.
  2. Add 8-10 tablespoons of lemon juice/white vinegar on a small pot.
  3. Add water and baking soda too.
  4. Mix them a bit paste.
  5. Smear on surfaces for a full night.
  6. The next morning, wipe with the water-vinegar solution. Hope this part of how do you clean countertops naturally helps you a lot.

Frequently asked Questions

Does oven cleaner work on countertops?

We described this topic I details above. In a word, the answer is “it works but have to suffer” In general, oven cleaners contain harsh chemicals. These substances make countertop’s surfaces discolored, stains, rough, coarse, and uneven.

What is the best way to clean kitchen countertops?

Cleaning regularly is the best practice. So what can you do daily? Simply, wipe with a water-soaked small cloth. Occasionally, use dish soap in a little amount to discharge hard signs.

Can I use vinegar to clean quartz?

No, vinegar contains acid that is harmful to quartz countertops. It discolors quartz’s surfaces, you can’t restore it at all.

Does oven cleaner damage concrete?

Using for several times, it decays the upper layers of countertops. Day by day, you notice concrete’s inner elements like stone, sand, brick pieces.

What is the best thing to clean countertops with?

Water, baking soda, dish soap, vinegar are usually best for cleaning countertops. Use Vinegar and lemon juice occasionally to remove hard signs. Overusing might call negative effects. Wiping only with water is a regular effective practice to retain beauty.

Can I use dish soap to clean countertops?

Yes, it’s practically safe cleaner to make kitchen countertops clean. Yet, you should use it for reducing hard signs. Regular usage could be a reason for fading.

Does vinegar sterilize?

For having acid, vinegar works to destroy numerous viruses and bacteria. It also removes bad smells from any kitchen utensils. Vinegar or lemon is a traditional practice particularly to sterilize kitchen appliances and furniture. Don’s use cider types liquids all time.


From this time, it won’t be good to apply oven cleaners to clean countertops. It doesn’t matter what types of counters you have. Just avoid it as now you knew various natural cleaning processes. We hope this article clarified all of your intention on effects of oven cleaner on the kitchen countertops. Do you have more tricks? Tell us in the comment box, we love to hear from you.

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