What Can I Put on My Body to Prevent Bed Bug Bites and Itching?


Bed bugs are such a dangerous insect that deal with your blood. Yes, you have an unrecognized blood connection with them. Once it grasped your bed and furniture, it’s hard to get rid of them. Perhaps, you become panicked while you hear about it since it snatches your night sleep and feed your blood.  Did you think ever what the solution to getting rid of bed bugs is?

Basically, there is numerous solution but it takes a long time to get a permanent result. Yet you find several things to apply on the body to escape from their itching bites. In this post, we will discuss on what to put on skin so bed bugs won't bite with necessary information. Let's know what kills bed bugs instantly.

Essential oil

The essential oil contains bug bite preventing substances. Meaning, while you rub it on the body, its smell keeps bugs away. After taking dinner, rub this oil on the figure especially the body parts which is exposed during sleeping as they bite on exposed body parts.


The oil will take care of your skin along with keeping away bugs. If you have a kid, you can apply this oil so that they get a sound sleeping. Their skin is more sensitive than older people. Thus, applying essential oil every day offers both you and your family members happy sleeping.

Peppermint leaves oil

Using peppermint oil is another option to get rid of bed bugs permanently. It’s a natural way that can assist to prevent bed bugs bites. Its smell is intolerable to bugs even they dare to come to those areas from where the smell comes.

Besides, you can apply crushed leaves to the infected area every day. After a few days of practicing, you must get a positive result. As they bite you at night, better to apply oil before going to bed and check the bed frame every night. If you found them, kill them instantly and wash your hands. To make the bed bugs remedy oil, you also can use powdered leaves. Take coconut oil in a small glass jar and mix the powder. This mixture goes for a long time without a fridge.

Black walnut tea

Black walnut tea such a powerful thing what kills bed bugs and their eggs. Many people utilize it to remove different types of insects. They told that they got the effective result within a short time. It works specifically on their grooming areas like a crank, corner, and gaps of the bed.


Find out their crawling zone where they laid eggs and live. Place some pieces of the used walnut tea bag to their growing area. Continue this practice daily. Hopefully, you would notice a positive result soon. On the other hand, make a bed bug spray with kerosene oil. Add 2 cups of kerosene with 2 cups of water in spray bottle. Yes, spraying kerosene solution on frames give significant solution.

Apply petroleum jelly to body

In the winter season, you may try petroleum jelly to the whole body. Petroleum virtually has a very strong scene that makes an irritation on bugs. As a result, they stay far from you. We saw many people apply petroleum daily on bed frames particularly where they grow up.

Perfumed Powder

Try to apply powder at every night. As bugs hate the heavy smell, so they won’t come to you once you applied on the body. Moreover, you might smear around the bed frames, under mattress or baby mattress. If you go out with baby and baby mattress. Smear smelly powder on the mattress at least 2 houses before so that bugs can’t transfer one place to another.

Neem oil

Did you hear about “Neem oil" before? It’s a bed bug repellent for the skin and know as the most effective bed bug treatment ingredient as well as retain skin’s softness. Its color is green and this oil produces from need tree’s seeds.


Apply the oil every night before going to bed. As its taste is bitter and contains a bitter scent, the bugs must dare.

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Effects of Bed Bugs on Human Body

Bed bugs mainly target your body to suck blood. Do you think you just lose your blood for their biting? Not at all, you also fall into several health problems. In this section, we will discuss the long term side effects of bed bug bites.

Allergenic reactions

Bed bugs bite has a great impact on the human body especially those who have an allergy problem. If you have a mild allergenic problem and get their bite continually, chances of falling in a great healthily issue. In fact, many people suffer from allergies even when mosquitoes bite them. For those persons, bugs are more danger which creates irritation on the skin.

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Once it bites you, it will itch skins. The itching exists for more time than other insects bites. It means, your skin will swell fast and skins will be red. As a result, there might arise rashes on the itching area. As soon as you catch them and kill in bare hands, you get a very bad scent. Even their growing area has a wicked smell too. This scent is too horrible that someone may vomit.


These insects snatch you night sleeping. Initially, most people can’t realize why they suffer from insomnia as bug’s bites while the room is dark and sleepers can’t see them. After a few days, they discover the insects. This is certainly a dangerous pest to keep you awakening and you can’t recognize them if you don’t know about them. When it bites at sleeping time, you will itch without seeing them. This won’t let you sleep properly.

Rash on skin

We told above once it bites you, you will itch for a lengthy time. As a result, there will create rashes on skins specifically on sensitive and baby’s skins. In this situation, using perfumed powder and baby powder can relieve from the biting.

More effects of bug bites on health

  • Continuous biting can be the reason for anemia since bugs suck blood daily from bodies.
  • For having the risk of allergy, there is a chance of asthma attacks mainly those who have extreme allergy problems and cold problems.
  • Their saliva makes bad itching till skins are rashes.
  • Spread out wicked smell round rooms. Then you need to dehumidify the room.
  • The body becomes weak for regular blood loss.
  • Insomnia impact on the mentality causes by bugs.

Bed Bugs FAQ

What are bed bugs?

The bug is a kind of insect that feed blood from the body of people and animal main during their sleeping period. It looks like brown though it seems black in bare eyes. Essentially, they are browned. It becomes 1 mm to 7 mm long. They have no wings and they only crawl. This pest lives in a dark tight area. It mainly lives on blood and lives for numerous months without blood.

Do bed bugs spread disease?

They can because of several diseases that they bite. Generally, they feed blood. For that, you would suffer from anemia. They make itching, rash, and numerous skin infections. You cannot sleep properly at night. These illnesses are the main due to bed bugs.

What are the signs of bed bugs on mattress?

You can tell whether you are affected by bed bugs. Numerous signs tell about their presence like bite marks on neck, face, hands, arms, specifically marks on the exposed body parts. Sometime you will itch after getting from the bed. The itching area will be pink color too. You will find exoskeleton under mattresses. See eggs around the bed.

Your kids can’t recognize them. If you notice your children itch after getting up. Perhaps, they get a bite from bugs. To identify them, you might observe their beds carefully. Assuredly, you would see they are crawling on pillows, bed sheets and inside the toddler bed rails too. As the removal of the rail, this pest spared out by the rails

Who is at risk of getting bed bugs?

All ages persons are at great risk for bugs. Though the older person understands the pain of bites. But children are unable to recognize why they feel uncomfortable during sleeping. Those sleep at least one night to the affected area, possibly the person is enough to covey bugs here to there.  


It’s true that those people already suffered from bed bugs, they know how dangerous this insect it. As soon as you notice the theme, don’t delay taking steps against them. If you make it late, chances they will make your house their permanent residence and torture you for the whole life. There are several natural remedies and bed bug killer spray to kill them. Moreover, you find numerous pesticides in marketplaces that help you to remove bugs permanently.

Natural bed bug repellent for skin is safe for health and provides a lasting result. How quickly can you get rid of bed bugs? Do you have any ideas on this topic? Then share with us. We would share to our another related blog post.

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