15 Amazing Uses of Salt You Do not Know

Do you know the different uses of salt? You may know the importance of salts in our daily life. Nevertheless, it has other techniques of using. I’ll tell about using salt in several ways after a short story.

Once a king asked his three daughters who loved him very much? The first daughter replied she loved him as sugar. The second daughter answered she loves her father as honey.

The third daughter replied she loved her father as salt. But the king didn’t like the younger daughter’s answer because he supposed salt is not an important thing.

So, the king chased away the girl to a deep forest. The daughter started to live in the jungle.


One day a prince was passing through to the jungle, and he saw the girl. Then he married the girl and took her to his kingdom.

After a year, the daughter invited his father as well as his sisters and mother. She cooked so many delicious foods but didn't give salt in any cooked food.

When the king was eating food, he felt there was a lack of salt in food and told the girl. His younger girl was in disguise, that’s why he could not recognize his daughter.

By the way, his daughter replied about his fault that he drove away from his younger daughter just for loving him like salt. But salt is the most important thing for food.

Then the king understood his mistake. At that time his daughter introduced herself, and his father apologized to his child. We can see from the story that salt is an important thing for food. We use salt mainly in meals for cooking time.

We can see from the story that salt is an essential element for food. But We consume salt mainly for cooking meals. If we know about using salt in our regular life in different purposes, we can get total advantages of salt. Consequently, no more talk. Let’s check out the way of using salt in everyday life.

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# 5 Uses of Salt as Natural Medicine

From the ancient time, different types of salt are using for natural cure of illness. Salt medicinal uses knowledge is supportive for curing sick. You will realize there are different uses of salt in our daily life. So you may call it a natural doctor. Salt works on to get rid of the mentioned illness given below.

1. Sore Throat & Salt water benefits - You may have a sore throat for cold or for loudly speaking. It is not a tough issue. Take a glass of tolerable warm water and add ½ tablespoon salt with a small ginger piece into the glass.

Mix and gurgle with the water at morning and night before going to sleep. You can gurgle 3-times in a day if you have more throat pain.


My grandmother suggested me to use a small ginger piece into the water because it works strongly against throat pain. Continue gargling until you get relief from throat pain.

But remember, for more throat pain you should take medicine after visiting an experienced doctor. But gargling with that remedies is not harmful anymore.

Some person asks is sea salt healthy? Yes, salt water bath eliminates cold too in spite of being sea salt. Just need to add salt to the bathing water.

2. Crank Sore of Mouth – We often suffer from this kind of problem. It is a common problem for the absence of vitamin C in the body.

Is salt healthy for removing mouth crank? Absolutely yes. Take a glass of warm water, add 1-tablespoon salt. Start gargling 2-times in a day. Besides, take vitamin ‘C’ as well. About every sour fruits contain vitamin C.

I hope you will get relief. I follow this method when I suffer from such kind of disease.

3. Foot Pain & Joint Pain – It is difficult to walk for foot pain. If you have pain in your heel, ankle, toes, soles, you can ease the aching with common salt.


Take a bowl with some warm water. Add 5-tablespoon salt in that water. Then put your affected leg into the water for 15-20 minutes.

Do the same process 2-4 times in a day. Surely you can ease your pain following this way. For joint pain soak a towel with the natural salt water. Hold down on the painful joint area. Hope this will work against pain.

4. Red or Pink Eye - It happened for affecting of bacteria on eyes. It is called also conjunctivitis. This issue makes irritation on the eyes. Healthy Salt is a powerful thing for removing irritating.

Soak a towel with salted water and hold on around the eyes. Do it frequently in a day. Hope you would ease your pain after applying this practice.

5. Stain Teeth- Sometimes your teeth may be a stain or discolor. It may also happen although you brush your teeth every day. Don’t worry your using table salt can help you for whitening your teeth in short a time.

When you will go for brushing take a pinch of salt into the toothpaste. Brush at morning and night for a week. This way will certainly work. I often follow this way.

# Uses of Common Salt Around the House

In an olden time in Greece, people believed salt has such a power which protect houses from evil things. Besides, it attracts happiness and prosperity.

That’s why they put salt in jars at four corners of the house. They also sprayed salted water every day around the house. It is a ritual that they followed traditionally.

In fact, many people knew the importance of salt and used for their ritual. You can do it if you believe in it. Anyway, Now I’m going to discuss using salt in-house.

6. Remove Termites/Ants – Termites have a bad record to damage our valuable furniture, books, self even contaminates our house and food.

To get rid of termites and ants, spray salted water at Termites/Ants affected area. You can put salt in their walking and living area. Note down, you have to do it at least 1-time in a day.

Repeat this treatment for a week, certainly will get a positive result. Termites and ants afraid salt. The roaches can be out by the salt. You can read an article written on how to get rid of roaches in this site?

7. Fish Washing – There is much fish that contains bad odor. Though, you wash the fish with water again and again. But only using water cannot eradicate the odor properly.

Our daily salt can do fish odor-free. To make your fish fully bad scent-free, smear the fishes with salt and wash. Believe it absolutely clean the fish.

8. Keep Flower Fresh – Salt is known to preserve flower fresh last longer. You need to put some salt to a flower vase. It will keep the flowers fresh from being rotten.

The other way to keep the flower fresh is spraying. Yes, add salt into the water and spray on flowers.

9. Use Salt When Cut Onion – This is extremely hard to find out someone who doesn’t cry when they cut onion. But salt will save your tears.

Put salt in front of you during onion cutting time. Try to keep your look on the salt a little later but don’t stop cutting. That means, when you see salt it doesn’t let you cry.

10. Restore Your Fabric Color - If your fabric color becomes faded, you can return the color a little while. Just soak the clothes into the saltwater mixture. This process will support you to regain the lost color.

11. Remove Frost of Window – You‘ll miss the chance to enjoy morning’s sunlight if your windows have frost. A salt of little bit can help you to solve this problem.

Soak a sponge with saltwater, and wipe on the window’s glass smoothly. All frost/snow will be clear instantly. Besides, it won’t attract frost as before.

12. Use Salt for removing wine stain- There is no security you won’t pour wine or any drinks on your clothes. Clothes, Carpet, Fabrics can be stained for drinks.

Soak the fabrics for half an hour in water and salt solution. Then wash with detergent. You will be able to remove the stain.

13. Make Air Freshener with Salt - This is a cleaver idea among the people who know this procedure. You will require some nasty things.

Take a small cup, pour it with fresh raw salt. Then put some clown/Basil leaves/ in the salt ( Basil leaves is optional). If you have essential oil can use a few drops for better fragrance. Now it ready to provide its flavor.

14. Remove Onion/Garlic Smell from Hands - Wash hands with saltwater after cutting an onion, garlic. The smell will vanish. It is better to use a chopper or slicer for chopping onion without smell quickly.

15. Remove Sticky Iron - Sticky iron disturbed during ironing. To say bye this problem, sprinkle some common salt in a paper. Rub the iron on the salt. It will make your iron sticky free.

At last, I want to say, You shouldn’t consider salt is just a cooking ingredient, this item can help you in different ways.

What is salt & how to use salt? Hope you already knew. This mineral salt fit for doing the above works. Eating salt similarly fill your demand for iodine in the body. Don’t forget to use in food.

Ending Part

From the history of salt, people trusted it is a blessing of God. Because they knew the huge sea salt benefits of it. You can share these article on ''uses of salt'' to inform your friend and family. Thank you so much and take care!

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