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7 Excellent Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas for a Single Woman


Your bedroom is the place where you spent most of your day, so it must look extraordinary so that you will remain happy and charged all day. If your bedroom is not designed in the manner you want it to be, then don’t spare a minute to change its design. It is necessary to change your bedroom’s design if it is not to your liking because you can’t concentrate on anything until you make your bedroom to your liking.

If you are after how to decorate a bedroom for single women, then you are at the right place as this post is written for you. Through this post, you will get to know about decorating your bedroom. There are a lot of things that go into decorating a woman's bedroom like choosing a bedroom color scheme, selecting the furniture, deciding on the lighting of your bedroom, and more.

The first thing to ask yourself is to decide about the overall style you want for your bedroom. The overall styling includes things like furniture, bedroom color scheme, home decor, and accessories. We advise you to move further only when you have the overall style in your mind. Those people think about when decorating a bedroom where to start. These small bedroom-decorating ideas are for them.

1. Choose a Style For Your Bedroom


Room decor for women largely depends on the style of the woman's bedroom. Choosing the style for the female bedroom is the first thing to do when starting with decorating your bedroom to stay alone. The question now is how to choose your style. You can check home designing magazines, and browse websites like Pinterest and Instagram, where you will quickly find some themes. Maybe you will like multiple themes or specific elements in themes. So, don’t worry as you can mix styles to make your theme.

Try to find out whether the theme you like fits into your budget or not. It is advised to move further only if the bedroom theme fits into your budget. Invest in anything only when you are sure that you want a particular one in your bedroom. Choose items like beds and other storage pieces in a manner that goes with any look so that you don’t have to buy these time and again.

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2. Select a Color Scheme For Your Bedroom


When we discuss bedroom ideas for women, there comes color fact. The color scheme is an important factor when decorating your bedroom. You have to think about it quite early because the decisions like choosing the furniture and lighting also depend on it. To start with, the color scheme is to decide how you want your bedroom to look. Do you want it to be bright to make yourself happy or do you want it to be cozy? Think about how much sunlight your bedroom gets. Will the color scheme of your liking go with the sunlight?

It is advised to choose a color scheme based on factors like sunlight because choosing a color scheme is quite dependent on the orientation of your bedroom. Choose a color scheme that goes with the orientation of your bedroom. Green, pink, and blue color schemes can be a good option for every single woman's bedroom as these give your bedroom a calming vibe. We suggest you wipe the wall regularly to see the color always bright. Sometimes there grows cockroaches in the apartment and they crawl on the wall and leave their stool. It makes the wall very ugly. Better to look if keep cleaning the world all time.

3. Selecting Furniture

Once you are done with choosing the styling and color scheme, the next job is to select furniture. In addition, this is important for bedroom decor ideas that are usually effective for single women living. Always keep the size of your bedroom in mind because the selection of furniture is dependent on your bedroom size. A bed is a dominant piece of furniture in a bedroom so it must be purchased wisely. Make sure, the bed you are going to choose for your bedroom has enough storage so that you can keep your essentials along with you.

You can add a bedroom chair to the furniture list if you have enough space, as it will give a female room a unique look and give you the space to relax away from your living room.

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4. Add Wallpapers


This is a great idea bedroom decor idea for women. You can use wallpapers on your bedroom’s wall to give it a unique look and go the extra mile other than choosing paint. It is an affordable way of decorating your bedroom as you don’t have to shell out more out of your pocket for this. If you are a fan of depth and drama, then you can go with a large floral design in deep tones and if it is not of your liking, then you can go for a vintage-inspired wall. For room decor for women, there are a lot of wallpapers available for every room type, and selecting the wallpaper is solely your decision. Still, if you don’t have an answer, then do take a home improvement professional's advice and this will surely work.

5. Go For Artwork

Artwork can be a good option for engaging bedroom decor for a single woman. Even you can organize your bedroom on a small budget in this way. Artwork could be in the form of a painting, you got from your friends or you can hang a band poster on your bedroom wall.

You can go for multiple paintings on your room’s walls or you can go for a single, oversized print on your main wall. In this case, if hang the painting on the wall, check whether the spider net and or mouses on the wall cutting your loving paintings. You can throw boredom out of your bedroom through wall paintings. You will be happy seeing the decorated bedroom when enter the room.

6. Bedroom Lighting


The lighting in your bedroom has an important role in the decoration of your bedroom when you are a single woman. The decision of lighting depends on different areas of the room. Everyone wants the lighting to be warm and soft so to get the same go for warm bulbs. The lights of your bedroom remain switched off for the majority of the time so you must design them in a manner that when they are switched on, you will feel more than happy and cheerful. Single-woman bedroom ideas are not within bounds, it should have creativity too.

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7. Go for Rugs

A bedroom can’t be complete without a rug. You can add softness under your foot with rugs and ladies' room decor. The bigger the rug is, the more comfortable the owner of the room feels. It is advised to place the rug under the bedroom furniture as this will keep the furniture pieces together. Make sure to leave enough space from the wall so that the flooring is exposed and you don’t feel like it is overcrowded.


The above-listed are seven actionable bedroom decorating ideas for a single woman. These are from experts to decorate your bedroom so that you will never feel bored in your bedroom. However, if you have more ideas on small bedroom decorating ideas for a single woman, we would love to hear from.

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