9 Small Balcony Decorating Ideas on a Budget


A balcony is a desirable space where you can decorate with multiple kinds of stuff to increase your room’s beauty. A balcony is a small part of a room that needs to have always been organized. Many people don’t care about its decoration as they think it has no beautifying values at all.

They are absolutely wrong because this little space might be a place of getting charmed, passing time, gossiping place, and many more. Doesn’t matter if you have a small balcony. In fact, if you have a tight budget, you may decorate it precisely. Here, we described how to decorate a small balcony within a tight budget that must help you to discover a new veranda.

1. Keep plants

Most of the people like indoor and outdoor plants. Plants represent natural signs in the house, drawing room, bedroom, or even balcony. Try to keep several kinds of small trees and bonsai in a specific alignment.

If your balcony has a metal fence around it, keeping trees in the vertical position is a good plan that provides an eye-catchy appearance. Meant, while you enter the balcony, you would see a there is a natural beauty around.


Generally, maximum apartment balconies don’t have built-in shelves. But users can attach shelves vertically to keep plants in the desired position. You require a low budget to purchase some indoor trees. No need to buy a big amount of trees at a time. Initially, try to keep some small outdoor plants in balcony.  For a low budget, try to purchase one by one. Surely, you can’t increase the beauty without plants. Try to consider this idea if you are really determined to turn your balcony into a charming place.

2. Keep a rocking chair

After decorating with plants. Keep a rocking chair in the balcony. You would find a lot of joys during seeing a natural environment around you and you can sit to the chair to get relaxed. A booklover may adopt this idea to read a book sitting on the chair.


You can browse or listen to music after returning the office. Essentially, those people remain out of the home for whole days, they can pass their relaxation time in it. A rocking chair is not so pricey. Choosing a chair allows you to get maximum comfort with growing the verandah’s loveliness. Many people use the balcony as a suitable place of pedicure sitting on the shower chair. Not bad if you do it to achieve a good pleasure.

3. Pet bird in the cages

You will rarely find a person who doesn’t love birds. Yes, we sure that you are not out of them. Passing time with birds offers remarkable happiness and keeping the birds in the balcony is a suitable place. Birds require both air and light. If you put them there, they will get sufficient air and light that keep them well.


Though many people dislike using cages for birds. Then they might try to pet them without a cage. To do this, you want to wrap the entire space with a net so that birds can’t escape. But this practice makes the place dirty. It falls upon you which concept you would apply.

Yet we suggest using birdcages. There are several bird castes you can select for cages. Even these castes are suitable for cages. Moreover, people pet them in cages without any trouble. Pigeon, Lovebirds, Cocktail, Parakeet such bird castes that you can pet in birdcages.

However, hang 1 or 2 cages to decorate your balcony. They will charming whole day long that must snatch your mind. Small size birds make less dirt. Thus, you may choose small sizes to reduce your cleaning hardship.

4. Use artificial grass on floor and walls

You would find different types of artificial grass to increase the balcony attractiveness. If you have walls, try to attach this grass. Would you love to keep your every step in a smooth space? Cover the whole floor with artificial grass. This balcony designs for apartments will blow your mind when you enter.

After attaching grass on walls, keep some false insects, butterflies, birds on the wall. It will provide a full natural atmosphere. You feel like you have come to a jungle until you stay there. Picking small grasses for floors and a bit large grasses for walls offer you a great looking. To collect all the mentioned items, you want a very little budget.

5. Make it as a play yard for kids

Are you worry about your kids playing area? Decorating the balcony as a playground of Childs gives an alternative advantage. Even it’s a canny small apartment decorating ideas to keep your child safe than outdoor playing. We say many parents didn’t keep the balcony idly. They utilize it for their kid’s playground.

Especially for home recreation, you can give them some sporting gears at that place like rocking horses, balls, small basketball hoops, foosball tables and so on. This equipment allows them to play remaining at the house. You no want to worry about extra playing spaces. These kinds of playing pieces of stuff need less amount to purchase.

6. Hang on different ornamental objects

We don’t know whether you know about ornamental objects. We can assure these objects contributes a lot to apartment balcony decor within less amount. There is a huge patterned collection in the online marketplace. Get them to give new looks to your balcony. Numerous people choose objects made from soil, ceramic, and other traditional raw materials within a small budget.  You may select these kinds of objects to hangover here and there.

7. Add a small table

A table helps to keep tea kettle, teacup, coffee cup, and other small utensils. Someone uses this table to keep small-sized showpieces. So, you may enjoy your morning and evening with a cup of coffee every day. We recommend choosing a wooden table as it has a traditional looking. As you we told to decorate the veranda with greenery, only a wooden table is perfect to acquire eye-catchy looks.

8. Use red or green color dream bulbs

When it’s night. Red or green bulbs provide a wonderful appearance. These bulbs don’t keep too much darkness and don’t provide so light. As a result, will get a decent lighting that truly engaging. It seems like you are in a moonlit environment.

9. Put a small water fountain in a corner

It’s an amazing small patio ideas is to convert your balcony into a mind-blowing environment. Since a small space, be careful to place a small fountain. Various fountains come in fishes keeping facility.


Meaning, you get both fountain with fishes like an aquarium. Placing fountain comes from the ideas for small patio. It indicates you may apply this thought both in patio and veranda.


Beautifying a small balcony not means you have to invest a lot. Adopting some canny ideas offer a perfect decoration. The mentioned concepts certainly assist you in getting a beautiful balcony. If you additional have small veranda decorating ideas, you can apply. In a word, you can do anything at your balcony to make it more appealing.

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