8 Tricky Ways on How to Wash Dishes without Dish Soap?

Suppose you went to the kitchen for washing your dishes. But you saw there is no soap for washing the dishes. Yes, Sometimes we face such a kind of problem that is annoying also basically in dawn time.

Imagine you went to the kitchen for washing your dishes. But you saw there is no soap for washing the dishes. Yes, Sometimes we face such a kind of problem that is annoying also basically in dawn time.


What can you do in that time? Should you keep the dishes without washing? Or should you wait for soap? Not at all, If you have known how to wash dishes without dish soap, you can wash dishes immediately without waiting anymore.

Did you wash the dishes without soap before? If your answer is ‘no’, then you can think this article made for you. Let’s see-

1. Cleaning with Lemon

Lemon juice has such a power that can dish wash cleanly. Many of us use lemon to our cooking and have in meal or drinks. But some people don’t know about lemon’s cleaning power. Using lemon is the best way to washes the dishes. Let’s make the solution-


You will need 2-tablespoon lemon juice. Add the juice with 1 cup water. Now your dish cleaner is ready for washing. I often use lemon juice in spite of having dish soap because it makes dishes glittery with killing bacteria.

The other thing is lemon juice able for removing the hard burned sign on the pan. Sometimes we get burned on the pan when cooking, but if you submerge the dish pans into lemon juice water for half an hour, surely you can wash dishes sign easily by rubbing with a silicone dish sponge.

2. Cleaning with Salt

Salt has a different kind of advantages. Moreover, it has also cleaning power even can clean dishware entirely. Add two tablespoon salt into 1-cup water, then clean with a better sponge or dishwashing sponge.

3. Wash Dishes with Baking Soda

Many of us use baking soda for cooking. But remember, it has some excellent qualities. It can clean dishware accurately. Sprinkle a couple of pinch of baking soda on the wet dishes.

baking-soda-to -was-dishes

Now, rub the plates with a dish sponge gently. Be careful about rubbing the plates roundly. Scrub on the food spot area again and again. You can use more soda for washing if the plates contain more food sign.

4. Clean with Wood Ash

From ancient time wood ash is being used as a great cleaner. It is also used for cleaning hand as like handwash. So, it is easy to understand this object has the capability for cleaning dishes even can take out food smell.


If you have no wood ash near to hand, you can burn a piece of small wood or paper to make ash for cleaning. Sometimes I burn tree leaf for making ash. Because it works heavily for removing the hard sign on the pan as well as a metal utensil.

I suggest you store some ash in the pot always so that you can use the ash in your need time. I do the same work. It helps me a lot to get maximum cleaning result by giving minimum effort.

The cleaning method like soda that is given up of this article. Request for seeing the method. This item removes the hard burning sign of food. I use this technique for vanishing any types of burn issue on the pan.

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5. Use Hot Water

While you looking for how to wash dishes without dish soap then no other simple way like this. Hot water can eliminate different kinds of dust quickly. Use heat water for washing dishes. Keep dishes in the sink for 20 minutes with hot water. Just scrub on the plates with a clean sponge. This is a better hand clean way.

When you use dairy food or drinks in dishes, it may arise a bad smell with a sign. Because dairy product creates a bad scent, you wouldn’t get rid of bad odor if you don’t rinse with hot water.

You need to submerge the dishes into the water for half an hour to get rid of bad smell with wash up.
Scrub around the dishes and acquire neat and clean dishware. Hot water saves your washing time.

6. Use Vinegar

There is robust power in vinegar for cleaning utensils. Lemon juice and vinegar have the same excellence too. I’m not saying to use it when you have no soap. I also tell you for using vinegar to wash dishes more cleanly continuously.

Add 2-tablespoon vinegar into 1-cup water ( can take warm water). Now, moist a scrub with the water and scrub on the dishes completely.

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7. Hand Soap for Easy Cleaning

Especially some woman washing dishes ask me like that ‘’can I use laundry soap to wash dishes?’’It is not mandatory you should constantly a best dish soap for dishwashing.

You can use hand soap or even detergent instead of soap. Yes, This item can clean plates perfectly even can remove food smell. If you know How to wash dishes, you can wash them by adopting this technique.

Take some hand soap in a sponge which is soaked, polish plate gently and wash with clean water. To use detergent add ½ tablespoon detergent into ½ cup water, then wash the dishes. The hand soap sterilizes dishes similarly.

8. Wash Dishes with Bleach

Chlorine bleach is available in any grocery store and hardware store. It can be used to clean your best dishes. To make the solution pour 3.7-liter cold water into a small bucket or a large pan.

Make sure the poured water is at normal temperature. Hot water let not work bleach as a killer of bacteria. So, remember to take normal tap water.
At this part, add 1-tablespoon chlorine bleach to the water. Soak every dishes into the solution minimum 1 minute, Then wash them with water.

This liquid helps you against bacteria. Dry the clean dishes in the kitchen dishrack by air before going for the next usage. Dry dishes get low dirt than wet

# Few Dishwashing Tips:

  • Keep dishes in the water before washing.
  • Don’t give hand force on the plates, it scratches on the plates.
  • Stop running water while rubbing it wastes water.
  • Try to use gloves.
  • Try to use hot water for removing the hard sign.
  • Soak dishes well for loosening up the dirt.

Finally, I hope this article on “How to wash dishes without dish soap” will help you to wash your best dish without soap cleanly. You can apply any mentioned process for better dishwashing. But think about using best kitchen sponges for best cleaning.

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