How to Take Care of Jasmine Plant Indoor

Would you like to get an aromatic indoor atmosphere all day long? Then choosing the Jasmine flower plants would offer you a smelly inside environment. For this, you have to take proper care of it especially in the time when it has a chance of dying. Jasmine has a strong fragrant that can blow your mind in a second. It originated in China. People think it also originated from Asia particularly from tropical areas. Though most of the people think only the flowers spread the scent around, but its buds have more smell than flowers.

However, we will learn about its caring ways so you may keep it alive for a long period even at winter season. Let’s know the other fact of jasmine before diving into how to take care of jasmine plants.

Health Benefits of Jasmine

From the olden period, jasmine has been using for remedial purposes. Jasmine flowers sue to care skins. Women from Asia use jasmine flowers to decorate their hair. Its tea is beneficial for health. Simply add 2 pieces of flower to the boiling water into the teak kettle. Anyway,  for having a lot of health benefits, we can’t say its advantages in a word. Let’s know in detail.

Cardiovascular Health

Consuming a cup of jasmine tea daily helps you to get rid of cardiovascular problems. To get a noticeable result, continue to take the tea minimum of 1 month.

Prevent Cancer

To reduce free radicals in the body, Jasmine tea contains a high amount of antioxidants. Meant, it reduces the risk of cancer.

Increases Immunity

It increases your immunity to give you more energy to do anything with stamina. It also fights against fever. While feeling fever, take a cup of tea made by jasmine and ginger flower to be cured soon. Jasmine flowers and Ginger works greatly to cure from fever and muscle pain.


Jasmine root, stem, leaves deals with constipation and flatulence. Till now many people use the plant’s each part as a medicine of this disease.

Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Jasmine tea regulates insulin in the body. We suffer from diabetes for the lack of insulin. Taking a cup of jasmine green tea eliminates the risk.

Remove Stress

Its flower removes stress instantly. Simply, brew some flowers, add sugar in quantity, and consume it. You may add 2-pinches of salts instead of sugar.

Dehumidify the Atmosphere

The place have jasmine plants, it spread the scent around. So you might call it a natural dehumidifier. There creates a sweet that make make mind fresh.

Additional Health Benefits of Jasmine Green Tea

  • antioxidant belongings
  • treatments oral problems
  • overwhelm colitis
  • fight against dengue
  • improves digestion
  • the remedy of amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea
  • reduce insomnia
  • recovers immune system
  • beat inflammation of the kidneys
  • recovers cognitive functioning
  • restores the body from injuries
  • generative health
  • wound curing
  • otorrhea treatment
  • alleviates pains
  • overwhelm shortness of breath
  • eyewash solution
  • weight loss
  • rheumatism
  • gallstones

How to plant and take care of jasmine plant indoor

There are several steps you should follow to grow indoor jasmine plants. Skipping one step indicates a weakness of the plants. Let’s dive into the topic.


Choose soils that that has an equal ratio of sand, loam, and clay. In fact, it should have enough water draining capacity. Having too much clay in soils, retain water, and the extra water damage the stem. Many people use coco peat. Coco peat is good too but most of the people prefer using soils for jasmine house plants.


Many jasmine lovers don’t know how much water does a jasmine plant need? Jasmine wants more water in blooming time. Ensure to keep the soil wet all time. Basically, watering twice a week is sufficient to supply needed water. Yet while found it leaves and the soil is being dried fast. Water it again without waiting for the next watering times. Notice the soils drain water correctly. Less draining ability to store extra water that is greatly harmful.


Jasmin trees are mainly outdoor plants. You can keep it inside the house but make sure whether it gets enough sunlight directly. Try to keep it directly in the sun at least 2-3 hours a day. Many people do it only 2 times a week but it is less effective to keep alive this plant. However, we suggest you keep it a minimum of 2 hours in the place from where the sunlight comes inside directly.

It the winter season, taking care of jasmine plants is compulsory as it is tough to keep most of the outdoor trees alive in this cold weather. As your Jasmine plants remain inside your house, it is safe and you need less sunlight.


As you knew jasmine plants are from tropical areas, it can tolerate the heavy humid and hot temperatures. Unfortunately, they can’t endure too much cold. So you must know how to take care of jasmine plant in winter? Try to keep it between 60-70 degrees F.

If you don’t have such a temperature room, you may place the rooms located beside the kitchen till the winter is over. Hot temperature protects it from several types of plant disease and fungus.


Giving fertilizer in a small amount is good. Over-fertilizing is a bad practice for any kind of tree. You no need to use all types of fertilizer without phosphorus and potassium. It extends the flowers blooming time. Further, give fertilizer at least 2 times a week. You may choose liquid or other spraying fertilizer too.

Wrapping it up!

Very few flowers provides such fragrant and healthy benefits like jasmine flower. It also the most attractive flower that can increase your house’s beauty with spreading a mind blowing aroma around your house. To get its all advantages, you need growing jasmine plant indoors and paying a bit more attention to take proper car.

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