How to Keep Outdoor Plants Alive During Winter

The plant lovers dislike passing a single day without it. They always take care of their plants as they take care of themselves. Unfortunately, many people worry about how to protect plants from frost because this season has some negative impact on trees. Firstly, there is a lack of water and less moisture in the air is the second harmful cause. However, if you are such a tree lover and wish to save your trees alive throughout the cold season, then this article is for you. Here, you would know about winter plant protection with essential information.

Keep tub plants in a shed at night

Bringing outdoor plants inside significantly effective to protect plants in cold. From the evening to the next morning in winter, there are heavy fogs and less moisture in the atmosphere that is greatly harmful to plants. To save trees from this extreme weather, keeping them in sheds save them from dying.

Meant, most people choose an exact place where they place the portable tree’s tubs specifically in the cold season. After winter, they place again tress to the past spaces. This practice assist to save from low moisture. Be careful to keep a different location to keep trees because the plant requires enough air and sunlight. Though the outside is perfect to get such an advantage. Yet choosing a suitable place where has a chance of getting minimum light and air.

Give water 2 times a day

Do you water plants in winter? If “No’ You shouldn’t make the mistake again. Lacking water in the winter is dangerous for trees. You know plants inhale water and other essential elements from soil or ground to live on. Soil can’t preserve sufficient water due to less rain. As a result, the plant’s roots don’t get enough water from the ground.


So what can you do in this situation? Basically, watering two times can save your loving plants almost in the extreme season. Watering in the early morning is a perfect time. When the sun rises and sunlight fall upon on the trees, avoid watering at this time. Better to supply water as soon as possible in the morning.

Secondly, watering before the sunset is good to keep trees alive in the winter season. Though many people make the mistake. That means, they pour water when there is sunlight on trees. Essentially, the ground is hot at this time. It’s better to do it before the sunset or while the sun is setting.

Clean plants 

The plant rarely gets direct sunlight in winter. That is why they suffer from less light. To make sure your outdoor plants get enough light, you require to keep it cleaned always. Not clear? Let us clarify. Basically, there are more dried leaves hanging in the trees in the cold period. If you remove them, trees get the sunlight directly and it’s better for photosynthesis. Further, spraying water in balcony small plants is necessary if you decorated balcony with plants

Cover trees

If your plants are small, you can cover to save from wintertime. Meaning, they should have under the cover. Though the cover is temporal, it wants to make correctly. You may utilize shed netting, any thin fabrics types where sun air can follow like bedsheets, thin blanket, and polythene item to cover.


Simply, make half a round shape like bed frame over the trees. Spread the mentioned fabrics or polythene like the image. This practice for winter plant storage is widely recognized around the world. Its name greenhouse.


To keep plants alive in a cold climate. Fertilizing is a good option. As the light can’t reach properly to plants, fertilizing allows retaining its growth even in an extreme cold situation specifically when there is no sunlight for a couple of days due to heavy fogs.


Supplying fertilizer in a day only in the early morning is enough. For small plants, no requirement to do it.

Cut a few branches

Winter doesn’t allow trees for fast growth. Cutting some unnecessary branches gives a good solution in a cold climate. For fruit plants, those branches haven’t flower or trees and fewer chances of growing, try to remove the branches.

Change soil

For outdoor pot plants, try to change soil between 2 years. Though this is tough to replace large tub soil. If you seem this task is painful, attempt to move the upper solid after a few months. Winter climate is the finest time replacing soil since it remains dried.

Spread mulch

For less raining, the trees don’t get adequate water to inhale. Spearing mulch keeps the steam soil wet. As a result, roots can acquire sufficient water from the soil. It’s a traditional process to take care of plants in winter.

Keeping plants alive in winter FAQ

Why do plants die in the winter?

Lack of rain and scarcity of moisture in the air is the main reason for the death of trees in the wintertime. It not means, it’s impossible to protect them anywise. Taking proper steps might keep plants alive.

What to use to cover plants from frost?

Covering plants with plastic bags is an effective option to protect. Otherwise, you can utilize thin bed sheets, thin blankest, drop cloths. We suggest not to put these covers directly on plants. First of all, make a frame over them keep sheets on the frame.

Can you water plants with warm water?

According to expert gardeners, watering warm water is good if it use before to boil vegetable. Make sure to water not so hot or not so cold. Tolerable heat state is beneficial for the soil too.

What temperature should I bring my plants inside?

Nighttime indoor temperature should be below 45 degrees F. For tropical plants, the temperature should not go down below 40 degrees F.

What to use instead of a greenhouse?

Cloches can be canny idea instead of the greenhouse. As greenhouse use polythene type things, choosing fabric type cover is a substitute way.

What plants do I need to protect from frost?

Generally, indoor and tropical type’s plants are more sensitive in wintertime. It wants special care at the period to save from frost. Tomato, corn, pepper, potato, type require extra caring too.

Does spraying plants with water prevent frost damage?

Root collect water from the soil and supply around the parts like steam, body, and leaves. Spraying water doesn’t provide good results since the water becomes damaging frost.

Can potted plants survive winter?

For the fall and winter plants, outside kept trees require additional TLC to live. Although ground tress has more strength to survive than potted. Better, you keep inside overwinter.


Before dealing with cold time, know correctly how to take care of outdoor plants in winter so that any mistake can’t destroy your loving pants. Plants naturally become weak in over the wintertime. In this adverse period, you are the best companion to keep them alive. Although they try to survive alone, often they want special care to live on. Preparing plants for winter at the beginning time surely guard them against frost. But you have to take care till their lifespan.

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