How to Clean Ceiling Fans Without Getting Dust Everywhere


Without cleaning ceiling fans regularly you can’t expect the cold air anywise. The dirty fan can’t spread its air around the room. As a result, you see only its spinning but don’t get actual air. This happens specifically when the blades are too much dirty. There creates a thick dust layer on each blade. It doesn’t allow blades to spin speedily. That’s why it can’t generate enough air pressure and there remains hot temperature at your room. Proper cleaning the ceiling fan blades ensure giving cold air all-time without compromise. Let’s dive into the main fan blades cleaning procedures.

Use a small cloth

Cleaning with small rag or cloth is a popular way that you can apply to turn your fan into new looks. Take a small cloth and soak with fresh tap water. Never use a dry cloth as it spread dust here and there. Sometimes, using dried cloth can’t discharge dust completely.


However, soak the cloth before wiping the blades. Make sure you turned off the fan at least 20 minutes before. Because the running fan is hot. If you touch it with bare hands, chances your fingers will be burnt. After making cool the fan, wipe with the cloth gently. Don’t force to wipe since the blades will bend and there might create signs. Continue wiping till it looks clean. Between the cleaning, wash the cloth for frequent time to remove the sticky dust. This process won’t spread out dust. It’s a decent process of ceiling fan dusting.

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Remove dust after de-assembling each part

When your fan caught too much dust and there are very thick layers on blades. Cleaning only with a rag is not enough. In this situation, better to de-assemble each part. To do it, remove the fan from the ceiling or roof.Ensure it is not hot at all. Now, remove each nuts to detach every blade. Do it carefully so that the blade won’t bend.

Next, take a large bowl with filling water. Mix detergent with water until it becomes foam. Keep blades into the solution for an hour. Don’t keep the body. After an hour, take a small pot. Add water and 1 table soap detergent into it to make a soap solution. Now take a rag to wipe blades. Soaking blades for an hour helps to discharge hard and sticky dust that usually touch to remove.

You may use steel scrub to eradicate hard dust signs. Yet be careful to it because steel scrubber is sharp. If you force to scrub then the blades paint could be removed.  You should wipe it gently so that no risk of getting marks. Now it’s time to a clean the body. Generally, the body gets less dirt that blades. Utilizing only cloth and detergent water solution is enough to remove hard dust.

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Use pillow cover 

Practicing a pillow cover support you to clean ceiling fan without messing. Do you why. Just take a dirty pillow cover. We suggest to use dirty cove as the cover will be dusty too after cleaning.


However, wrap a blade with the cover. Make sure there is hanging extra cover’s cloth below to store dust. It meant you should not wrap it completely. Now take a small cloth and wipe each blade. Be sure to wrap cover before cleaning each blade.

Use ceiling fan duster

You would find several kinds of dusters made for ceiling fan cleaning. It’s better to use a handle lock system duster to extend the length along with an easy sliding facility.


Wipe the duster around each blade slowly so that the dust doesn’t spread on the air and fall on floors. Repeat this task at least 2 times until all debris gets vanished.

Use vacuum cleaner

Having the best vacuum cleaner useful both for cleaning floors and fans too. People prefer to use a vacuum cleaner to get a perfect cleaning ceiling fan without a ladder. For this, ensure you have a correct brush attached vacuum.

First of all, it requires to attach the brush to the connected stick accurately. Probably you will require to use a chair to clean if the rod is shorter. Then plug it into the nozzle. It should be enough tight to avoid sudden falling down while cleaning.

Start cleaning from the head of each blade. Trace it back to the heading edge until machine such the entire dust. After completing this process, you may use a water-soaked cloth to wipe. This practice will remove debris from the root.

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Wrapping it up!

Until you clean your ceiling fan, it is impossible to return the genuine air like before. We suggest never keep it dirt for a long time. Otherwise, dust settles permanently which is actually painful to remove. Better to clean fan minimum 2 times in a month when it runs for all day long Many people don’t pay attention to clean it in the winter season. This is not fair because though we no need to run the fan at this cold time but it acquires dirt a little bit. Try to clean it a minimum once in wintertime.

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