5 Best Hamilton Beach Food Processors Reviews

Hamilton Beach is a famous food processor brand that manufactures world first-class processors. To help you get the best model, we analyzed the marketplace to provide a reliable Hamilton Beach food processor review that will help you to find out a great model from the Hamilton brand. Now you may ask why I will choose hamilton

 Essentially, this brand is eligible to lessen your food-making time when you have a short time. In addition, Hamilton beach food processors always come with excellent features and outlooks. It deals with super-fast food processing within a twinkle of eyes. However, we reviewed the 5 best Hamilton beach food processors with a complete buying guide so you can pick a convenient model.

5 Best Hamilton Beach Food Processor





Hamilton Beach 70820

Hamilton Beach 72850

Hamilton Beach 70450

Hamilton Beach 70423

Hamilton Beach 70740

Owning this versatile processor let you creating slices, shred, Puree, chop, and knead perfectly. You may choose it if you are really determined to get an exceptional model.  Even you can make different kinds of nut butter and cauliflower rice. Includes five attachments like an adjustable slicing disc, convenient storage reversible shredding disc, stainless steel S-blade, bowl scraper, dough blade. Having this kit offers superb food processing.

The quiet free operation delivers an extra advantage of blending food. Most of the non-standard brands make a harsh sound that is generally disturbing to the users. Taking this kitchen gadget generates shallow sound, so you get a soundless operation. To have two processing speed plus pulse function to turn-on/off, users can operate it precisely without messing. Eight cups capacity allows you to make enough food for all family members. Built-in scrapper to save time so you don’t want any extra spatula.

The good bowl sealed prevents liquid leakage during mixing liquid even in the high power mode. The BPA free bowl keeps your health safe. Not used any harmful chemicals to build it. Meaning, you may use this processor for an extended period without health issues. A large feed chute grasps the whole cheese block. There is no sticky state during pushing the cheese down as it gets fit into the funnel correctly.


  • 2 plus pulse function
  • Quiet operation
  • Stainless steel blade
  • BPA free
  • Easy assembly
  • Versatile processing
  • Have a large chute
  • Suitable for different purposes
  • Included 5 individual attachments
  • Large bowl capacity


  • Available only in one color

We don’t know whether you have a big budget or not to buy a food processor. This item is for those who have a tight budget but want to purchase the best one. Yes, it involved some extraordinary features that usually rare in other brands at the same price.

350-watt motor speedily crushes every ingredient within a few seconds. Moreover, you can grind nuts, herb, baby food, and many more.

The using procedure is so simple. There is no hard function that makes a user troubled. Stack whatever want, press to cut within a few seconds and release the button to stop. It comes in a modest press design and patented stack so consumers can assemble quickly.

What kind of elements do you want to process? It let you chopping almost all sorts of components to have a robust stainless steel blade. It holds up to 3 cups of ingredients at a time. Therefore, you could pick this model for a small family that needs a less amount of food every day.

A user can effortlessly remove the bowl, blade, and lid for fast cleaning. There is no want for any specific dishwasher cleaner to wash each part because you might use all types of dishwashers too. We recommend this product if you suffer from a small budget but demanding a good processor with potential performance.


  • Easy assembling
  • Simple stack and press function
  • Easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Good for everyday rough uses


  • Low bowl capacity

We are with another excellent food processor to get instant processed food. You get different kinds of mixing/chopping and reversible shredding/slicing disc to achieve and ultimate processing experiences. The blades/disc made of stainless steel that durable. Blades made from this material go for a long time and no risks of getting rust anywise.

The disc is apt for making julienne and matchstick-cut veggies. So preparing food with this cut vegetable is stress-free. It also prepares various foodstuffs like chopped nuts, harsh browns, salsa, coleslaw, shredded cheese. Its built-in blade can chop ingredients coarse to fine form, mix, puree food etc.

Includes a big bowl that holds 8 cups of dry ingredients. 2-cups liquid holding capability appropriate for making fruit juice, milk shake, etc. To have a bowl blade storage system, it keeps things cleaned. You can wash all the removal Hamilton beach food processor parts with the dishwasher.

To pour liquids through the chute, a clear food pusher would help to pour liquid according to the measurement (marked on the chute body). While needing instant on/off, just use the pulse setting.


  • Stainless steel disc/blade
  • In bowl blade storing
  • BPA free material
  • Storing in a small space
  • Pulse dialing function
  • Best for varieties processing


  • One color

4.  Hamilton beach food processor 70723

Truthfully, many of us want more than 8 cups for supplying food to a large family. Hamilton beach-70723 comes with 10 cups volume that is ready to produce 10 cups of elements at a time. It helps you making food for dinner, party, or for any occasion since having a large bowl capacity.

There are 3 options like slice-shred, puree/mix and pulse to chop food. Another button is for turning-off located beside the 3 buttons. You can certainly operate without locking and twisting for covering patents pending unique design.

A large funnel grasps a large cheese block; no sticky condition arrives while pushing down the cheese block. To put other ingredients, simply pull over the lid and stack easily. During you run it, it creates a very low sound so you infrequently you will be bothered by the sound.

A super sharp stainless steel blade knows how to chop food aptly. As soon as you press to process, it will turn the inside material into chopped. The cast-off materials are glass that keeps food away from smell changing. Besides, the glass jar indicates 100% hygiene. Manufactures provide a simple using guide that tells which switch needs to press for which blades.


  • Multiple functions
  • Silent operation
  • Stainless steel disc/blade
  • Glass bowl
  • Easy assembling
  • Verities food processing
  • Comprised large chute
  • Large bowl capacity


  • We still didn’t find any cons

5. Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Compact Food Processor

If you ask us which model is the bestselling food processor of the Hamilton beach brand, then our choice will go to this Hamilton beach professional food processor. A very processor machine is obtainable like this one.

However, this gadget lessens the food preparing time that typically can’t do the other brand’s processor comes at the same cost. Yes, you would get an amazing performance through it. Let’s look at the features that gave it the best Hamilton processor badge. It never generates insufferable sound during running or even the stainless steel blade turns food into chopped so no chance of making awful sounds. Not only these but also it works to do shredding large cheese block, pureeing pesto, dips, and veggies.

Remaining 8 cups accomplished bowl holds enough food items you can be server to the all-family members. Don’t think about whether this is hygiene or not since remaining 100% BPA free materials.

Do you like recipes prepared from cheese? Its large chute can hold small to large cheese pieces to make shredded within a minute.  Meaning, owning such a kind of processor offers shredded cheese in order that making diverse kinds of cheesy recipes.

People who want to process versatile food; they can definitely pick this item to utilize both as a vegetable and food chopper. On the other hand, a reversible disc is expert to shred/ slice tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, squash, carrots, peppers cheeses or shred tomatoes, potatoes carrots and more.

2-speed pulse mechanism let a user control the speed in accordance with the recipes they want. 450 watts powered motor spins the blade until you get the desired food shape. In fact, you might enlist this kitchen processor item to gain a noteworthy food processing experience.


  • Affordable price
  • Very fast food processor
  • 100% BPA jar
  • 8 cups large capacity
  • Best for shredding large cheese block
  • Versatile food making
  • 2 pulse mechanism
  • Stainless robust sharp blade/disc


  • Body is plastic but durable

Considerations before Buying Hamilton Beach Food Processor

Thinking about purchasing a food processor and bought it immediately, a big mistake commonly does numerous people. As a result, they buy it continually within a short period. However, we never want you to regret buying the wrong processor. For that, we would talk about some considerable facts that you should remember before making the final purchase.

Check blades/disc

Blades are the most vital part of a food processor. You ought to not overlook it if you didn’t purchase it yet. A good processor must have a sharp blade. It should be enough sharp for cutting every kind of vegetable, herbs, nuts, cheese, other dry ingredients, etc.

That means no need to buy quite a few processors for each specific task. Of course, it depends on you which type you would favor as like all in one or a single type.  Well, check whether the bald is stainless steel or not though most blades manufacture with this material but examining it is the first condition.


Nowadays, you will seldom find a food processor without the chute. Yes, a chute is another chief part that permits you to stack food inside the bowl. It also assists to push down big vegetables like carrots, potatoes, squash, cucumber, and cheese block.


Without the feed tube, there is a lid works for inserting and outing minced, sliced, chopped, shredded, diced, ground, pureed, and knead ingredients. Try to pick such a processor that has a large chute or funnel with a lid cover to add and outing ready food.

In reality, many housewives prefer only the lid system. Someone likes both chute and lid structure according to necessities. What model you would like absolutely depends on you. We suggest buying a model after defining for what purpose you purchasing it.

Motor power

More wattage designates more spinning and more spinning specifies extra fast processing and chopping many ingredients together. Remember, how much electricity will be consuming depend on motor power. More wattage spends extra electricity.

Likewise, low watt means consuming less electric power. Now think what you exactly need whether extra fast chopping or saving electric bills. If you ask us what we advise, we suggest you buy the model which has more watt. We tell this since it only consumes a little more electricity than a lower watt included motor.

Bowl size

There are different bowl sizes in diverse models. Try to define what size you require like 3 cups, 8 cups, or 10 cups. A 3 cups capable bowl could server 3-5 people, 8 cups allow processing more food and 10 cups provide more than 3 and 8 cups. 8 or 10 cups both are apposite for a small party, dinner, etc.


Most of the Hamilton beach models come with large and tiny bowls. Better to think for how many people meals you would prepare then elect a model.

BPA free

BPA is an industrial chemical that uses in the production of different kinds of plastic stuff. The bowl of the Hamilton beach food choppers constructed from plastic. It has a chance of containing BPA. However, check whether your buying processor is BPA free or not. Don’t forget to check these features or ask the seller about it. Secondly, the glass jar has no risk of BPA so you can easily choose the glass model without thinking twice.


Having a multi-functioned processor allows you to use it with more expediency. Some model has pulse buttons, slow and high buttons to operate the machine as requests. Plus, some models offer extra blades to slice, spiralize, shred, grate, and julienne.

There are also some models let an operator doing adjustment thickness/width of slicing. The additional functions indicate extra advantages though there is no astonishing mechanism, the presence of some extra functions could be great for food making with ease.

Simple uses

A good food processor from Hamilton beach must be easy to use. Meaning, there should not have any hard mechanism that a user can’t use. It wants to have simple bow/lid assembling mechanism. Make sure whether its dishwasher safety. Check also soft gripping handle, clear bowl, easy to clean etc. There are significant considerations you should not overlook.


1. Is Hamilton Beach a good brand for food processors?

Hamilton is a famous brand to manufacture great processors with striking features. No matter what size you would buy from this brand but all of their processors are experts to fill your food-processing thirst. For better knowing, you can check the customer reviews and ratings.

2. What is the price of this brand’s processors?

The price range starts from $19 to over $1000.

3. How to use Hamilton beach food processors?

  • Assemble the bowl of the food processor
  • Add ingredients in the right quantity
  • Make sure you locked the bowl tightly
  • Connect electricity
  • Process the food
  • Add additional ingredients (If have)
  • Remove the inside processed food
  • Clean, dry  and store your processor

4. Is Hamilton beach food processor dishwasher safe?

Yes, processors from this brand are 100% dishwasher safe. Even there is no risk of BPA too.

5. Can a Hamilton beach food processor make smoothies?

Hamilton is proficient in preparing your favorite smoothies. Try to use frozen fruit instead of using direct ice cubes.

6. How to clean Hamilton beach food processor?

  • Remove the bowl
  • Remove the sticky food as you can
  • Submerge for 30 minutes to loosen
  • Use a scrubber or sponge to wipe with dishwasher (Do it gently)
  • Rinse with cleaned tap water


Are you certainly want to get the best Hamilton Beach food processors? We highly recommend picking a model from this brand for achieving a new experience. Very few people switch to another brand once they started using the Hamilton brand. To get a versatile chopping facility no processors might not be flawless as Hamilton. What model did you choose? We would love to know the choice in the comment box.

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