Cuisinart DCC-3400 Review of 2021

Cuisinart DCC-3400 knows how to generate a perfect coffee. It is such a coffee maker model to provide the actual coffee taste and aroma without compromising. Users of this gadget liked it very much for having outstanding features.

It has a 200°F temperature capacity to boil the water fast. The bold setting option allows extending extraction length to offer a rich aroma. Includes a bright blue LED light to control conveniently. Auto-programmability for 24 hours delays brewing time to provide coffee at a specific time. Let’s look at the more significant features.

What Would You Get in Cuisinart DCC-3400 Coffee Maker?

There are several mind-blowing features of this Cuisinart 12 cup programmable coffee maker that will blow your mind. This is the best from usability, convenience, price, looks, and so on. Our Cuisinart DCC-3400 coffee maker analysis would help you understand why you should own this coffee generator.

Brew pause

The brew pause option is a significant feature for those people always busy all day long. This activity is great to get 1 cup of instant coffee before completing the whole brewing process. Can you imagine how vital feature this is!

This is important while you don’t have sufficient time but want to have a hot coffee to increase your stamina. Being busy after having a cup of coffee gives you extra energy as coffee has excellent health benefits.

Just pull out the carafe and pour coffee. Then replace the carafe at the same place to continue the entire brewing. While you pull the carafe out, the machine will pause the brewing process automatically. So no chance of constant brewing that could be a cause of coffee wasting. This DC-3400 Cuisinart coffee maker works in a specific system without messing.


To get such a brewing capable coffee maker, you have to invest more while choosing the other brand. From this viewpoint, owning a Cuisinart 12 cup coffee maker comes within the best value. Truly you rarely get such features in an ordinary coffee machine like the Cuisinart brand.

12-cup thermal carafe

The carafe keeps coffee hot at least for an hour. You no want to re-heat to serve for the next persons. It has a great design that increased the beauty of the whole machine. A thermal carafe endures inside coffee hot for an hour than other types of carafes.


12 cup capacity is enough for the server to a small party. However, it makes 12 cups at a time but doesn’t lose the real taste. Its non-heat handle permits you to grip it conveniently. No chance of sudden slipping out and it doesn’t become hot anywise to deliver excellent handling benefits.

BPA free

BPA is a dangerous industrial chemical use to manufacture numerous kitchen gadgets. Cuisinart DCC-3200 is 1005 BPA free. No risk of health doesn’t matter how many years have you been using it.

Simple control button

Includes a simple control button to operate with more efficiency. You can access the whole button option to grab all the involved feathers efficiently. The button has bold, clean, 1 to 4 cups selecting option, auto-turn on, brew/off.


If you require only 1-4 cups of coffee at a time, it can provide via the appointed option. The bold option offers you a stronger aromatic fast. You never lose the authentic taste of coffee through this Cuisinart coffee maker.

The auto programming feature allows you getting coffee at your desired time. It starts brewing at your commanded time. Meant, you get a ready coffee cup to start your day.

Charcoal filtration

Would you like to generate coffee without ensuring proper health safety? Not at all, no one want such an unsureness. However, it added the charcoals flirtation system to prevent contaminated coffee making.

It prevents chlorine and different types of contamination and calcium- carbonate creation from the inside brew chamber. You can replace the filter after a long time usage without replacing the whole machine.


Cleaning the coffee maker manually is a painful task. But you require to clean it regularly to gain the real essence of coffee. Using the self-cleaning option to clean Cuisinart coffee maker is not a challenging task for the remaining self-cleaning option. Press the button to clean thoroughly. It saves you time and hardship.

LED light

An LED light helps you to see what you command through the button. It delivers clear signals on what happens inside this maker. Good visibility and instant result showing is another remarkable feature that you can’t ignore. The light is enough sturdy to goes for a long. Indicates it won’t break or damage even while the machine falls on the hard ground suddenly.

Perfect coffee temperature

You need to have a coffee maker comes in 200°F to get actual brewing. Unfortunately, most of the coffee makers don’t come at this temperature. Cuisinart DCC-3400 such a coffee machine that belongs 200°F temperature to generate coffee in ideal hotness.

This high temperature never leaves coffee ground un-melted. That is why you achieve the most delicate brewing that delivers a perfect smell and taste.

Nice outward appearance and showerhead

The showerhead permits for reaching water around the grounds. It allows extracting coffee ground faultlessly to make coffee tastier. Its outer looking is just fantastic, like a coating of stainless steel.

This structure and built-in material let you use it for an extended period even without any mechanical issues. It will enhance your kitchen beauty too, where the other kitchen appliances can’t do.

What Would You Miss in the Cuisinart DCC-3400 Coffee Machine?

Yes, you read accurately. You have to miss some features if you own it. But these are not barriers to achieve your desired coffee. In this review, we love to clarify all about this Cuisinart brand coffee maker.

Heavy thermal carafe

Its thermal carafe might seem heavy, but most of the user doesn’t care for the heaviness. They expect a suitable maker. For this, a bit more weight doesn’t disturb them.

Would you suffer from this?

"Not at all. Perhaps your goal is to gain perfect coffee. If you have a bit more weight, hopefully, it won’t be a barrier to generate seamless coffee."

Non-adjustable brewing temperature

It can work up to 200 F without adjusting facility. Meaning, while you turn it on, this will be heated up to 200 F, and you can’t change the temperature. You have to make coffee at the same volume.

Would you suffer from this?

"From the viewpoint of coffee experts, 200 F is ideal for extracting coffee ground correctly. There is no chance of leaving the extra un-melted ground. This ensures delivering authentic taste with flavor. So, you may give up the thinking of adjustability."

Our Verdict 

A few cons can’t defeat the original qualities of it. We gathered the customs ratings and feedback to find out what the users exactly bear in mind about this machine. Honestly, we didn’t find any reason that can reject this item. Essentially, this is the best Cuisinart coffee maker among consumers.

How to Use a Model DCC-3400 Coffee Maker?

There are several steps you need to follow to use this model or any Cuisinart models. Right usage allows you to use it for a considerable time. However, regularly using without keeping it inactive deliver pure, tasty, and aromatic coffee all-time.

Step 1: Prepare the machine.

Ensure whether your coffee maker is cleaned. Place the machine on the level surface. Placing in a level position helps to soak ground bean thoroughly by water.

Step 2: Add water

Lid the carafe lid to add water. You find the measurement on the carafe body. Determine what amount you want and add.

Step 3: Fill the reservoir

Open the reservoir lid to pour the measured water from the carafe. Using care is optional; you can pour water utilizing another pot. After pouring the required water, place the lid tightly.

Step 4: Preheat your carafe

This is an important task. Pour hot water in the tour carafe to preheat. This technique assists you in keeping coffee warmer. Now pour out the water to place it to the slot.

Step 5: Prepare the filter.

In this step, you need to take the filter basket out to use a new or disposal filter. Don’t use the same filter for frequent time. Try to use a new filter for each brewing time.

Step 6: Add ground coffee

Make sure you took fresh ground to achieve authentic taste. Having a coffee maker built-in grinder gives you fresh ground as it grinds bean before starting brewing. If you use only a coffee brewer, try to grind 20 minutes ago before brewing.

Use two tablespoons of ground bean for 1 cup of coffee. To make a bitter or light taste, you may increase and decrease the ground beans.

Step 7: Start brewing

Now adjust setting and temperature on requirements. You should not rush to get coffee before brewing correctly. It will make a beep sound while your coffee is ready. Wait until hearing the sound.

Step 8: Pour and drink

Now, your coffee is ready to drink. You can have it instantly or a few moments later as DCC-3400 keeps coffee warm over an hour.

Step 9: Clean the coffee machine

While brewing is done, clean it thoroughly. Take out the left coffee ground from the filter. Use the self-cleaning button to clean it in less hardship and time. Using the used ground to your balcony garden as a natural fertilizer is a smart thing from balcony decorating ideas.

Note: Getting the perfect coffee is not a matter of only using a coffee maker correctly. It’s a matter of fresh ground too. We suggest you consume fresh ground or grind bean with a perfect coffee grinder or use a coffee maker integrated grinder to sustain original freshness.

Cuisinart DCC-3400 Review at a Glance


  • 9 inches wide, 7.75 inches deep, and 14 inches tall.
  • 9 lbs. weight
  • Un-removable water tanks
  • Comes in a glass carafe
  • 14 cups capacity
  • It has a carafe temperature controllability
  • Has multiple colors


  • 9 inches wide, 7.75 inches deep, and 14.25 inches tall.
  • 9 lbs weight
  • Un-removable water tanks
  • Comes in a thermal carafe
  • 12 cups capacity
  • Doesn’t have a carafe temperature controllability
  • Obtainable in the Stainless Steel color

Let’s wrap it up!

A determined person who is anxious to get the excellent coffee, we recommend this DCC-3400 model. You can own it in a cheap investment with various features. All the included features are essential to contribute from a different side to give an incredible taste.

Do you think only this Cuisinart DCC-3400 coffee maker review certifies the excellence of this model? Honestly, Cuisinart is the dominating brand in the coffee maker industry.

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