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5 Cheap Decorating Ideas for Children’s Bedrooms as Their Choice


Parents can do anything for their children’s happiness. Do you know you can see your kid’s happiness with some cool room designs in creative ways? Yes, children love decoration and creative things. When you decorate their room adopting some unique ways than other friends, they really love it. However, we will highlight 5 most creative children's room design ideas that make a child’s room like a dream house. But the important thing for whom you want to design as both the girls and boys have an individual preference.

Boys: They like a sporting related environment. There should have several sports items or playing materials and so on on their room.

Girls: Their preference is the opposite of a boy. Though many boys never mind having an untidy room except for some, a girl excuse at this point. They love a silent and tidy room where they can stay silently.

They like to play with kitchen gadgets like ta kettle, pot, coffee maker, cooker, etc. All the things are toys not real. However, let’s dive into the main topic. But we will describe the design ideas that are lovable by both boys and girls.

1. Keep the wall color blue or Pink

This is the most crucial consideration you can’t ignore if you wish to give an excellent design to your kids. Child experts always suggest choosing these colors to make a child room more engaging. In general, the green color seems like a symbol of strength. A boy likes this color than a girl.


Doesn’t matter if you choose this color for both gender. The baby girl wall decoration is conflicting than a boy. The pink color is more eye-catchy to a girl. Not only for wall color but also she loves the objects are pink in color. Yet you might suggest them to choose one from both the colors. Moreover, we saw many parents paint their kid’s room with these 2 colors.

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2. Make a small baby house in the room

Get puzzled? Let us say. Basically, it’s a unique idea that usually love most of the children. But if you can adopt these techniques. Surely, your child and your loving kids must love these kids room ideas very much. Its process is to make a type of small baby house with timber in the room. You can do it with the help of a carpenter.

You require to color it and keep one door to get in and out. Make the house size according to the number of children. In this house, they can stay, sleep, and even can study. After a few times, they can come out of the tiny house with the tea kettle to have tea while it is tea or coffee time.  It could be a technique to keep them within your eyes and giving them pleasure.

3. Design with the sporting item or natural things

Do you have a boy child or if you ask us how to decorate the boy's room? Then we suggest you decor with sports stuff. Yes, no way to make them happy without choosing the play room idea mostly for boys.

Meant, hanging, and keeping some sporting gears in their room beside most vital rooms stuff. Yes, a boy becomes so pleased if get such playing equipment. In details, they won’t play with the gears, it would increase the entire beauty. As example-

  • You can hang 2 o 3 football to the roof with a strong rope or metal chain.
  • Moreover, attach a couple of cricket bats on the wall that offers him the playground feel.
  • Place an antique wooden cabinet for cloth. 
  • Attach some cricket balls around the bats.
  • A big teddy bear beside his bed
  • Hang a self on the wall and keep the various type of sporting gears as he like most.

For the girl’s room, you have to design different kinds so natural objects that reflect beauty. Even try to keep what she likes very much. Generally, she could like-

  • Butterflies on the walls
  • Flowers on her reading table and self
  • Artificial kale on tub.
  • Put a Barbie doll or baby alive doll like an alive friend on her table or bedside
  • A set of toy cooking utensils and many more.

4. Cool design with natural thought

As the children get bored with the regular lifestyle. They have to study, homework, and exam. As a result, they rarely get more time to play or get in touch with nature. To give them a natural touching for all time, their room can be a worthy place.

Yes, you can make their room into a natural residence where they must get a relaxed feeling. To do it, you may use artificial grass in their room on the floors and walls. The grass looks like original grass that increases an extra beauty. Select the 2 wall side to set the grass from top to bottom.

At the other 2 sides, keep some indoor plants or artificial plants. Live plants contributes a bit to make air fresh. Meaning, it creates a good smell around the room and offers oxygen into the air. This idea might save you from buying dehumidifier since you achieve fresh air.

Keep the plants beside each furniture by keeping a short gap. As a result, the tree’s beauty will be visible correctly. Besides, you can art natural things on their reading table, bed frame, and other furniture. In a word, you have decorated the entire room until it looks like a small garden.

5. Make the room like Sea

Designing the room like a sea isn’t mean that it should have water in the room. It meant, applying sea shade around the children's bedroom. Not clear? Okay, let us clarify. It is virtually a decoration with multiple antique furniture that looks from the past.


Photo credit: Roomzaar

Kids room paint ideas give a room a charming environment. You can choose one or 2 sides of the wall to do sea green color paint. Just tell the painter to keep a seawater shadow on the selected walls. Next, choose other walls to art different kinds of sea objects trees, snail, conch, fishes, and the objects usually remain around the sea.

Now comes to the types of furniture you should pick. This point is also important to focus on since many parents do mistakes during furniture selecting time. However, after completing the walls paint, choose some antique designed furniture.

It does not mean old types, it means burnt brown colored types. Even you may select the furniture that has sea animals, trees, stones, water arts. Sometimes, finding out such art is difficult. But you can place a custom order to your desired artistic furniture.


There are numerous kids bed room designing ideas to make your children happy. The ideas shared in this article are not so expensive. Once you planned like this, you don’t need to invest frequently in a short time.

Moreover, you will see great happiness on their face instead of some money. However, if you have more ideas on children's bedrooms decorations, then let us know in the comment box. We love to hear from our readers.

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