Can I Use a Blender Instead of a Food Processor?

Though both the blender and food processor mainly work for processing different types of food ingredients, yet there is a difference between blender and food processor to process some specific ingredients. Many people get confused to think “can I use a blender instead of a food processor” In this article, we will clarify this topic and highlight their information in detail so that you may realize what are the purposes of a processor and a blender. Along with usability for using one instead of another.

Difference between food processor and blender

There are a few difference between the blender and food processor. To use blender instead of a blender, you should know what are these actually.

What is blender?

The blender machine comes in more motor power than a processor. Though their main aim is to process food ingredients, form mechanically and efficiently they are slightly unlike. Its blades are not as sharp as a processor has. Moreover, it’s blunt yet they can blend different types of beverage items, sauces, and smooth purees. You can make varieties of fruit juices by it.


They also come in feature of preparing purees items, frozen cocktails, baby food, smoothies. It doesn't have chunk or funnel option that you can use for shred large cheese blocks and vegetables. Their main purpose is to blend hard and heavy objects. While you require rice powder, grinding turmeric powder, blending chilies, ginger, garlic, or any spices, you can do it through it. Though you get the advantages in a food processor too a blender provides a rough using facility with extra durability.

What is food processor?

It has less power capacity than a blender. As its motor contains less power, the blades spin slowly. Luckily, you get very sharp blades/discs in it. The blades are stainless steel so can offer enough durability. Less chance of bending even when you use roughly.

It also a multi-purpose device that can meet all kinds of food ingredients processing demand. It works as the best processor for nut butter. Meaning, users can prepare nut butter from different types of nuts with less effort.


Food Processor

For shredding large cheese blocks and veggies, it’s a perfect choice that fills your shredding requirements. Do you want to process herbs? owing this gadget allows you to do it. Not only in a blender, but you can also blend a bulk amount of spices like cinnamon, cumin, black cumin, onion, garlic, ginger in a food processor. Nevertheless, a blender is a good performer than a processor to do such a task.

Do you think using a food processor is worthy? Yes, for specific ingredients, it is an ideal choice like for chunky ingredients like cheese blocks, cabbage, cucumbers, squash, pesto, texture sauces, etc. Thus, for what elements you should not select a processor of food? Basically making any liquids drinks with a food processor is not suitable.

Using a blender offers the best liquids like iced coffee fruit juice, brain making, drinks, or smoothies. Many people use a blender as a iced coffee maker with grinder and produce iced coffee. In a word, try to use a food processor to prepare juices or sauces with dense or hard elements.

Why use a blender instead of a food processor?

If your query is “what can I use instead of a food processor”, then this section is for you. There are several kinds of elements that can be processed in a processor. Nevertheless, you can process the same objects in a blender too. No need to have both the appliances individually to do the mentioned tasks.

Cheese Shredding

If you require instant cheese blocks shredding, a blender can assist you like a processor. Cut the entire cheese into pieces like 2 to 4 inches. Place inside the blender and turn on the switch for 20 seconds. If you get your desired consistency, then okay. If you want more consistency. Continue it 2 times or till you get your preferred density.

Preparing baby food

Add some pieces of vegetables into the jar. Turn on and wait till get as you expected. Making pastes of fruits for babies is possible through it. Follow the same process as processing vegetables.

Make breadcrumbs

Take some dried bread and make them into 2 pieces. Keep inside the jar and turn on the machine. Don’t accelerate the blending power since only level 1 volume is enough for making breadcrumbs. It might take 20 -30 seconds.

Crush ice

Place a couple pieces of ice cubes and turn on. Do blending to acquire perfect chopped ices. In this task, you can keep the volume level high as ice cubes are the solid object. Make sure you attached the blender bowl’s lid tightly, the ice cubes might come out during blending if the lid remains unfastened. Try to use the blender has a stainless steel jar. It’s secure from breaking while blending any hard objects.


Achieve a perfect pesto at home with a blender. Simply, add ¾ cups cheese, extra virgin olive oil, 4 minced garlic cloves, ¼ cups pine nuts and 2 cups basil leaves in the jar. Blend till it is creamy and smooth

Tips to use a blender for processing processor’s ingredients

1. All types of blenders in the marketplace are not suitable to shred hard cheese block and crush ice cubes. Because all models don’t come in high motor power. Make sure you have a robust powered blender at least 300 watts.

2. Most of the blenders manufacture in 3 speed modes slow, medium, and high. For making breadcrumbs, keep volume slow, use the medium option to blend spice or a bit hard objects, and for ice cubes and cheese, using high volume offer a good blending.

3. Try to use a stainless steel blender jar to blend hard ingredients so that it never breaks. It provides your betters after.

4. Never keep the machine turned-on for 1 minute without break. You should break a minimum after 30 seconds to keep the motor safe.

Can you use a blender as a food processor?

Rom the discussion, possibly you got to know that a blender can be used as a processor according to the type of ingredients. Not sure whether you can blend all types of ingredients but there is specific food you can process in a blender.

So, it’s better to try ingredients one by one to discover what food is processable in it. Remember, a smart cook never waits for the best food processor. She/he knows the substitute a food processor with blender. Just need to do some adjustments, controlling, food types, and food amount. Honestly, it’s an eligible assistant to take responsibility of your kitchen tasks.

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