10 Best Whole House Dehumidifiers Review

The excess moist air certainly impacts our health that can be the reason for several illnesses. It also damages walls, create black marks on walls, grows mold, creates dust mites, changes furniture shapes, etc. Nobody expects too soggy air as it is a thread for living well.

Though we cannot control our outside weather at all, but we can thoroughly control the inside weather if we have a whole house dehumidifier to remove over moistening inside the house.

There are 2 types of home dehumidifiers like the small size and for the whole house. The small size works only in one room or a little space. Oppositely, the whole-house size performs for the entire house flawlessly. In this post, we picked 10 individual reviews for each dehumidifier model, a complete buying guide, necessary information, and FAQ. We hope this article can fill all of your curiosity about the dehumidifier.

10 Best Whole House Dehumidifiers





 Ivation 70 pints

4500 ft

AlorAir Crawlspace

2200 ft

hOmeLabs star energy

3000 ft

Aprilaire 1850 pro

3000 ft

Dri-Eaz PHD

7000 Ft

Vremi dehumidifier

1500 ft

BlueDri BD-76

7000 ft

TOSOT dehumidifier

4500 ft

BaseAire AirWerx

300 ft

AlorAir Commercial

2300 ft

  • Coverage area: up to 4500 sq. ft
  • Dimensions: 15.4 x 10.8 x 23.2 inches
  • Dehumidification pints per day: 70

We picked a smaller unit and a compact tank as our first product review. It holds 1.3 gallons of water that comes especially for the low budget holder. Many people suffer from tight budgets but desire a good dehumidifies at an affordable price, they can choose it within a tight budget. A low amount does not mean less quality. This product configured with high quality.

Now focus on its features. You must get a rapid moist draining benefit from it. While noticing your house full of extra moisture, simply turn on the machine to make the entire house out of soggy.

It comes in a pump that offers a continuous humid draining. You must pass a perfect day except feeling clammy. It generates 70 pints, it converts the contaminated air into a decent air and spread around the house.

Not only this but also this machine suitable for both bathroom and basement to keep the bathroom stuffs safe.. It indicates, it can cover a small space along with covering a large area with its high humidity power. The extra extensive coverage capacity up to 4,500 sq. Feet allow recovering almost a large space. Thus, your whole house sustains a good atmosphere.

Secondly, it built-in four caster wheels; it allows you to move everywhere. The wheels are smooth, no greasy feeling during you move it one place to another.

On the other hand, you can set time by its 24-hours timer integration while requiring a specific pre-time setting. You get the security of overflowing water. Yes, it has an auto safety shut-off feature that keeps you far from overflowing water. Plus, its auto-restart feature keeps it awake during a power failure. The programmable humidity levels let you set your desired level.

An LCD display shows functionality to ensure what is going on or not. The adjustable turbo and regular fan speed, air filter, auto-defrost, digital control features specify its superiority. Its remaining air filter is washable and reusable. So, you no require to worry about buying new filters frequently. The 6 feet 3 pronged power cord is long enough to use keeping away from an electric source.

If you look for the best portable whole house dehumidifier with ultimate dehumidification, we highly recommend this IVATION Dehumidifier. You will get portability to carry anywhere, long-lasting working service, standard looking, and many more.

It achieved top ratings from consumers. Most of them provided positive feedback. It could be an ideal choice to get a predictable airy condition inside the house.

Things people liked

  • Great dehumidification power
  • Manifold programmers
  • Standard pattern
  • The Best portable dehumidifier
  • High humid remover
  • 6 feet long cord
  • LCD display

Things people disliked

  • No hose
  • Coverage area: up to 2200 sq. ft
  • Dimensions: 15.8 x 24.8 x 13.8 inches
  • Dehumidification pints per day: 90

A basement of a house gives us extra room space. But while it becomes dumpy, you get a nasty smell from it. Your furniture can be deformed, and there create a soggy odor around it. How can you get rid of it? Truly, you could get relief from this condition if you own a perfect dehumidifier for the house.

To escape from this risk, if you might choose AlorAir dehumidifier undoubtedly. It has 2200 sq. Feet space covering facility. Eradicate every bad airy damp. If you have an average-sized house, then you can choose it, even it is reliable for the basement.

It can remove 90 pints of water in a day. Thus, you get fresh air. It works in some specific mechanism like the water permits through the machine and uses a hose to be emptied. You just require to place the included hose above the sewer pipe. No need to worry about the tank is full. You can manage the setting easily. To get a pleasanter experience, you can purchase an extra remote for controlling it.

Another notable feature is portability. You know movability allows you easy moving here to there with less effort. It has 2 gripping handles over it. You can hold, or 2 people can hold correctly to move or lift over.

It purifies the air from the hard reach areas where a general machine cannot reach. Perhaps, you know there are various low standard dehumidifies in market places that cannot reach to hidden areas. Therefore, you never get the expected result via a non-standard brand, as this model can do. Plus, you no need to adjust the setting to get a decent air. Its default setting gives what you exactly require.

Moreover, users often claim their machines consume too much electricity. This is the bothering cause of paying extra money in electrical bills. It also consumes electricity a bit more. Would you mind if you get the best service instead of paying a bit more electric bill? It has an excellent design. Various exceptional features with the pattern grabbed the user's satisfaction.

Things people liked

  • Extra pints in a day
  • Modern design
  • Extra remote to control
  • Reach hard reaching area
  • Excellent for moist basement
  • 5 years warranty
  • Provide instant customer service

Things people disliked

  • Consume electricity a little bit more
  • Coverage area: up to 3000 sq. ft
  • Dimensions: 15.4 x 11 x 24.3 inches
  • Dehumidification pints per day: 35

Do you like to sustain an ideal humidity level in the big basement? If yes, then this model is an appropriate choice to fill your expectation. Dehumidifiers with a large area covering capacity are pricy. Users often do not get proper service to have a low-class model. From this point, we suggest you pick this model since it has a large area coverage skill that you can achieve in a cheap budget.

It built-in a pump to drainage humidity robustly from the air to keep your inside air pure. This model prints 35 times a day to assure better refining. The water tank holds 1.8 gallons of water. Coming in safety feature keeps you worry less while using it. Included auto shut off capacity to stop overflowing water, which is not available in the maximum low-quality model. No need to concern about overflowing when the tank is full.

Cast-off with a hose to prevents the leakage of water. Essentially, it covered with Teflon tape to make it more secured. Try to use 5/8 inches drain hose to get constant drainage. Be careful about installing the unit where has an evaporative cooler to keep the machining process regular.

This turbo model works sturdily to eradicate moisture very fast. If you return home after a long time vacation, chances the inside air will be dumpy. At this moment, you need an instant air purifying. Therefore, this model is an excellent choice for immediate actions. Involved handles support to move it anywhere.

The wheels are very smooth assist in moving one place to another conveniently. Simply push to move forward and pull for backward. It built-in moderns button though some of them have manual buttons.

The touchscreen button let you press smoothly. When it loses power, it won't be lazy. It will restart automatically after losing electric power. Its washable air filter and defrost control are the great features that might enhance your user experiences. Users can set a timer for scheduled operation. It got certification from Energy Star and UL. Authorization from UL means you require less electric power. Enhanced service but less electric bill. What a great dehumidifier it is!

Things people liked

  • Auto shut-off
  • Extensive coverage
  • best cheap dehumidifier
  • Turbo mode Handle and wheels
  • Built-in pump
  • UL and energy star certification
  • Washable filter

Things people disliked

  • Without drain hose
  • Coverage area: up to 3000 sq. ft.
  • Dimensions: 35.5 x 12.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Dehumidification pints per day: 95

This is another powerful best whole House Dehumidifier in this list. It comes from the US region. The user loved this model very much for having some excellent features and outlook. You will get a durable service without a tiny error. You would forget when you have purchased it last.

However, if you suffer from excessive moisture, no tension since this ducted dehumidifier contains high power of moist removal capacity. In general, we face several weather conditions outside that influence the interior parts of our houses. For this frequent weather changing, try to pick it to announce a battle against humid.

In other words, it configured with 95 pints in a day. Can you realize how powerful dehumidifies it is! Doesn't matter how much moisture you have at your house; it removes all excessive damp within a twinkle of eyes. Refining 3000 square feet basement is nothing to it. Its power reaches corner to corner to diminish moisture. While you suffer from bad odor, mildew, and an explosion of mold. Turn it on and get a purified air around the house.

Built-in corrosion-resistant aluminum coils to defend the unit from ice buildup. A control panel with more options located over to set up the unit. This mechanism allows passing the air freely. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a pump. To get built-in a pump, simply skip this model.

  • Now let's focus on its drainage process.
  • Level the unit with changeable feet.
  • Next, attach with an involved hose.

Make sure to attach the adapter correctly so that it can collect moisture directly. Possibly, you need to replace the filer only once in a year. Less maintenance is enough to get a decent service. No require to pay extra attention to upkeep.

Moreover, this is the best ducted whole house dehumidifier to work as a part of the HVAS system and a standalone unit. As a plus point, you will get 5-years of immediate services warranty.

Things people liked

  • Large area coverage
  • Involved hose and adapter
  • Long time warranty
  • Corrosion-resistant coil
  • Flat feet
  • Several mounting options

Things people disliked

  • No built-in pump
  • Coverage area: up to 7000 sq. ft
  • Dimensions: 17.6 x 12.5 x 22.0 inches
  • Dehumidification pints per day: 75

We don't know whether you are looking for a super-powered dehumidifier. But we can declare, this model will be a brilliant air purifier at affordable prices. We say this as it covers specifically large areas like up to 7000 sq. Feet. Those have a large basement but worry about dehumidifying, this model mainly arrives for them. It deals with 75-pints in a day. This amount is not less when you wish to complete refining. No nasty odor create from the day you started using it.

Moreover, a dehumidifier without a hanging belt is painful to keep on the ground. You don't need to worry about keeping on the ground. To make it more user friendly, manufacturers made with the hanging plan. It has a hanging strap to store by attaching with the roof.

Users will be able to hang to the rooftop or any upper object. Once you did, you get relief from moving frequently. A user can place in the ceiling when he/she has little ground space. Its digital control panel support to control humidity. A new user could know how to set it up fittingly. Operators can remove the water tank when becoming full. Though it has no hose, but regarded as the best buy dehumidifier.

It included two upper holding belts to grip correctly. You won't feel pain in your hand's palm while moving one place to another or lift over in free hands. Have a display on the front side to get alert from functional activity. As it is a gray color, users need less cleaning. You know gray color cathches less dirt.

Its buyer will get 6 years coil, 6 years compressor warranty, and 1-year labor parts warranty. You can use it for an extended period without damaging worries. Click on pictures or buttons to check feedback from consumers.

Things people liked

  • Cover large spaces
  • Usable in ceiling
  • Long time warranty
  • Durable parts
  • Handy
  • Expected service for house, garage, and shop
  • Automatic pump
  • Extreme bad smell eliminating

Things people disliked

  • Pricey a bit more
  • Coverage area: up to 1500 sq. ft
  • Dimensions: 16.1 x 10.4 x 19.9 inches
  • Dehumidification pints per day: 22

Vermi is a top-rated dehumidifier with a low price also with less sq. feet, which have small space covering skill. Its 22 pints eradicate humid from the smaller area. It got authorization from the energy Star authority. This certification accelerates the power of air moist humidifying.

It consumes less electric power to work. You are safe from paying more electric bill. Nowadays, people prioritize design too. The old pattern dehumidifier is losing its appeals gradually. That's why it has a lovely style with excellent services. The wheels are very smooth; you can move by pushing gently.

While you use this, it won't stick at grounds. Included a cooling fan to keep the equipment heat less. The fan generates no sound during spinning. Undoubtedly, your de-humidification experience will be better.

What level of setting do you want? Simply set the level to acquire your potential moisturizer. You have to set 24 hours cycling timer until the tank is full. Once the container is full, it shut off automatically. So no concern about overflowing water and shutting manually.

It is cast-off with a drain hose outlet to drain. Not manufactured with the attached hose. You have to purchase extra. You should utilize this machine regularly if you realized your inside air is dumpy. The dumpy air creates terrible odor and humid, that is another cause of allergens. We suggest this model allergenic safety. It reduces allergens and notably lousy odor from the air. Secondly, the turbo mode accelerates fan speed from normal air to high wind.

Things people liked

  • Extreme bad smell eliminating
  • Durable
  • Long time warranty
  • Handy
  • Energy-star certified
  • Excellent outlook
  • Auto shut off
  • Turbo mode for accelerate fan speed

Things people disliked

  • No hose
  • Coverage area: up to 7000 sq. ft
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 17.6 x 21.5 inches
  • Dehumidification pints per day: 80

Dri-Eaz is the most precise model for those who dislike compromising to get an excellent and super powerful dehumidifier. If you think this is just a dehumidifier for the whole house, you are wrong. It is a commercial dehumidifier that covers large areas like the entire house, office basement, garage, and shopping center. Most of the large basement owners choose this one.

Well, it has 7000 square feet coverage capacity that is enough to cover all kinds of average-sized houses. Those people have burst pipes and basement leak, then they can choose it for rapid residual moist removing. It requires 17 liters of water in a day to provide worth performances. It built-in below 2-feet length to keep on compact grounds. Suitable in bathrooms or even stair spaces.

You can transport here to there conveniently like a vacuum cleaner. Remaining 2 belts placed over the machine ensures smooth gripping. No one will get hurt while holding the entire device to carry. These belts confirm flexibility by providing smooth conveying.

A new user might know its functionality. There is no hard mechanism that hampers user-friendliness. It removes heavy impure air in a twinkle of eyes. In fact, the place is closed for a long time, it creates a nasty scent. Even it takes a long time to remove the rude air.

For those spaces, this house dehumidifier works accurately. Though its price is high, the sellers provide notables services. Its style grabbed many user’s attraction. Sea green and the gray color combination made it a highest rated Whole House Dehumidifier. Thus, you may fall in love all over again with this fantastic equipment.

Things people liked

  • Large spaces covering configuration
  • Thrilling bad odor removing
  • Compact design to transport
  • Soundless workings
  • Water removal capacity
  • Instant air purifying
  • 100% excessive moist removing

Things people disliked

  • Expensive dehumidifier
  • Coverage area: up to 4500 sq. ft
  • Dimensions: 14.8 x 11.4 x 24 inches
  • Dehumidification pints per day: 70

TOSTO 70 is another budget-friendly dehumidifier for those people who desire an complete air refinement. Though it is affordable, but never compromises in work better. It always confirms high performance. Configured with 4500 sq. feet coverage volume. People like this average coverage amount since most of them have average-sized space.

In a day, it decreases 70 pints of extra moisture. Doesn't matter if you have small houses, a large basement, and a little shop. It is eligible for those mentioned spaces. Its comprised fans range is 48, 50, and 52 that works in low, medium, and high power. All 48, 50, and 52 generate a volume of sound individually.

Catches moisture through the front grill and discharges via a pipe. It contains an internal pump and a drainage hose to lead the deposited water to the sink within fifteen feet. This machine extracts more than a ton of corrupt moisture in its lifespan.

The total procedure takes very little time to complete. This superb equipment fittest for smaller to the large room too. It arrived in a new energy testing method to warrants less electricity consumption. Where another model consumes extra power to work well, then this model utilizes less power with converting a healthy air.

An upgraded involved compressor also contributes to saving energy. For your home, this is a smart option as you have furniture, books, and other instruments. Over humidity spoil the objects. You cannot use them for a remarkable period since having too much humid inside your home. You might get a threat less atmosphere while you own such equipment.

While you face power outage issues for hazards, it restores the lost power setting. Its front part makes an aesthetic sense. As a compact design, you may enlist the best home dehumidifier for your next buying.

Things people liked

  • Built-in hose and pipe
  • Long coverage
  • UL and energy star certified
  • Compact design
  • Less power consuming
  • 3 fan ranges
  • Power outage start over

Things people disliked

  • Make heat a bit more
  • Painful to connect hose
  • Coverage area: up to 300 sq. ft
  • Dimensions: 13.8 x 15.8 x 23.7 inches
  • Dehumidification pints per day: 120

This dehumidifier contains various noteworthy features like remote operation, pump, and dent resistance. This construction introduced this equipment as great stuff to diminish soggy of the whole house, sealed crawled area, and basement humid.

The remote operation capacity allows you to run the equipment efficiently. It covers up to 3000 square feet also eliminates enormous moist with 120 pints in a day. It got approval from eTL that means it allows convenience, efficiency, and protection.

Containing 2 firm handles let you move it around on demand. The moving facility let you transporting anywhere where need reduction humid. Only require 18.8 gallons of water to run. You can save 60% electric power through it, which is not available in all dehumidifiers.

Its memory starting feature added an extra fantastic benefit for users. The inside humidity of your house is changeable. This machine suitable to work with the condition to work. It mechanically turns on and turns off depending on moisture levels without your manual pressing.

When it lost power, it starts working instantly after getting power. No worry about turning on the power yourself. The adjusted Hydrophilic Aluminum coils usage si super power to provide long-lasting performance. Simply keep and level a hose over a drain. Plugin and finally set your desired humidity. AirWerx operates by a remote. Therefore, make sure for spaces where remote detecting and monitoring are available.

Farther, consumers get sheet metallic housing to guard the interior parts from any damages except denting. Lastly, it affords a 5-years long time warranty so that no concern will arise during you use it.

If you’re RVirs, then we recommend you to choose this best dehumidifier for RV. Many people use it for dual places like RV and home.

Things people liked

  • Durable construction
  • Manufactured for modern houses
  • Auto turn on and turn off
  • best price dehumidifier
  • 2 gripping handles
  • Large coverage
  • Quick humid reduction
  • cETL certified
  • Hydrophilic aluminum coil
  • Long term warranty
  • Remote functioning

Things people disliked

  • Heavy to carry
  • Coverage area: up to 2300 sq. ft
  • Dimensions: 22.8 x 13.7 x 17.3 inches
  • Dehumidification pints per day: 85

Our last pick must give you enhanced satisfaction. This model expressly intended for commercial and dry residential facilities. Even it is more genius that protects your home equipment extremely agonize from humidity. It is the best dehumidifier for basement, Crawl spaces, and the whole home. Though heavy to move, its 2 rigged handles allow to move it suitably where need to decrease moist.

In a day, it pints 85 times to cut too much moisture. AloAir commercial made with coated coil along with stainless steel side plates that confirm enough corrosion protection. Its full body configured with waterproof materials. So no chance of injecting water inside the machine. The electrical circuit board is rubber-coated, if it submerged into the water accidentally, no possibility of electric shock.

This is an energy-efficient dehumidifier that operates in low heat 33 degrees F°. Still, the temperature range reaches up to 105 F°. 2300 square feet handling feature ideal for the average-sized spaces and basement. Moreover, it involved additional features like telling the current moisture level and temperature.

A scheduling timer helps to pre-set times, hot valve gas defrosting mechanism, 19.6 feet lengthy power cord keep it away from the electric connection. A condensate pump works for draining extra moistness, 20 feet hose for additional drainage, cleanable air filter to generate inside air healthy. Have an LED display to show what's going on inside. You can check the customer's rating and feedback before buying.

We highly recommend selecting this model to get a complete air solution. Some types generate unbearable sound that snatches your night sleeping. It doesn't create any harsh sound.

Things people liked

  • Low temperature operating mechanism
  • Used digital technology
  • Defrosting control
  • Filter is washable
  • Less sound
  • Quick dehumidification
  • Durable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Waterproof design
  • 5 years warranty

Tings people disliked

  • Heavy to move around

Buying Guide Dehumidifier - Whole House Coverage

You have less chance to get a correct dehumidifier unless you consider some mandatory factors before buying. Yes, there are a lot of models that come in different models and various features. Some are good, some are worst. We have described some vital factors in this section so that you get your preferred dehumidifier.

Coverage area

Different model has different coverage capacity. Which model would be worthy for you, it falls upon on you. In detail, if you have a small house, then the tiny coverage machine can serve well. Remember, all large coverage model can't provide better service since low pints. A small size those have extra pints that help to control excess humidity. In this list, the AloAir and TOSOT might give a supreme level of dehumidification. Yet confirm first about your having space then jump to buy.


Next, focus on the budget. All models couldn't be budget-friendly, but a lot of models also affordable, just a matter of finding. First of all, make a layout which featured in the dehumidifier do you want. After that, classify each model according to the budget.

Then check each included feature. Once you got all features though in a low amount, don't worry. Often you have to sacrifice a few advantages due to a tight budget. Increase your budget to achieve a high featured dehumidifier. In this article, we have highlighted some specific model prices under $500 and over $1000. You may consider one accordingly desired permanence and budget too.

Airflow capacity

Cubic feet per minute or CFM indicates the amount of air generates by a dehumidifier at a time. Like the aprilaire whole house dehumidifier model contains 160 CFM. It is suitable for smaller spaces. Heavy-duty machines like AlorAir can decrease excessive humidity. Anyway, notice the airflow capacity to achieve better air purifying.

Check noise level

A dehumidifier use fan for cooling purpose. It creates noise while running. The sound varies on sizes and speed. It seems louder as a fan, compressor, and pump all work at a time. A well-branded item applies noise reduction technology, although various non-standard models don't belong to this technology.

Nevertheless, check the noise level that you can measure in decibels. If it doesn't exceed 60 decibels, that means good. Plus, check whether it has an adjustable fan speed setting. This setting allows to reduce and increase the fan speed. Low speed generates less noise, oppositely higher rate generates harsh sound.

Wheels and Handles

Both the wheels and handles play a vital role in operating a dehumidifier expediently. You may need to take your dehumidifier one room to another room. That's why its wheels need to be free so that they move loosely. Jam wheels consume more hardship to push the machine. Even it create signs on the surfaces.

Secondly, focus on handles, handles also let you move here to there. Usually, most of the models built-in 2 handles. These handles should be soft so that your hand palm won't be hurt anywise. Make sure both handles and wheels have sufficient durability.


Defiantly long time warranty permits you to use your dehumidifier without worry. You saw in above that few brands offer this in specific components like the compressor, pump, and other mechanical parts. Some seller provides unlike servicing after selling. But the important thing whether you got parts replacement or servicing facility. Aprilaire brand offers 5 years of long time service commitment.

Secondly, Aloraor also provides 5 years compressor guarantee. In fact, maximum brands give over selling check up on compressor. In total, make sure your buying dehumidifiers have more warranty.

Control panel

Those dehumidifier built in a digital panel let you operate suitably. It shows feedback about each activity. You can do setting, watching the current temperature, humidity level, warnings, and reminder through the display. In our list, the Ivation and AlorAir also built-in the touch screen button and digital control panel. The panel response fast as soon as you touch it.

Programmable humidistat

A faultless dehumidifier integrates with a digital device. The device realizes the existing humidity levels and restarts mechanically to modify levels. Farther it detects any deprogramming you have command through set point. After that, it turns off instantly to avoid accidental cases.


ETL and UL such a kind of certification that specifies the excellence of a dehumidifier. Be assured you purchased this certified model. Farther, Energy star is another certification. It indicates 15% less power saving than another type. 15% saving in a month in a total of 180% in a year. Save money in a large amount.

Shocking security

A whole house dehumidifyer should come in full security to avoid electrical shock. The high amount of humidity takes entry to the electric board circuit. Then it generates rust that leads the board to the damage.

The model-like Alorair 190PPD and Ivation both provide enough security since its boards wrapped with a rubber strip that inhibits rust and water.

Even if the machine remains under the water, no risk of electric shock. In other words, look for stainless steel side plates included, and epoxy coated coil which prevents corrosion. From this regard, AirWrex 120X is fittest for a hollow resilient house.

Variable speed

It offers you more control over the noise. You know when the fan rotates at high speed, it generates loud sound. Low speed makes less noise. That's why notice on multiple settings optioned so that you can increase and decrease the fan speed to keep the generated noise in calm. By TOSTO70 you can minimize the decibel level in 48 that produces shallow sound.

Hose and cord built-in

All the dehumidifiers are not built-in hose. You might seem pain buying an extra hose. This is not so important when you saw all features are excellent in a machine without a hose, then you should compromise it. Though a hose assists you passing the extracted moist to the drainage option. If you determined to get a tube, check whether the machine includes the hose or not.

Next, the Baseair, Aprilaire 1850, and Airwrix 120X these models included the long hose and cord. A long cord helps to keep away the dehumidifier from the connection. Having an adapter reduces overheating to run the equipment for a long time.

Auto defrost

Cleaning ice makes a user bored. Auto defrost keep you calm from ice cleaning. Because it prevents ice from producing along with corrosion at low temperatures. Aloair 190PPD, Airwerx 120X such a kind of model avoids building ice. Moreover, you can use at crawl and basement low temperature.

Auto shutoff

It confirms your safety. When you achieved your desired humidity, it shut off automatically, which saves extra electricity consumption. Some types work on the tank. Once the tank is full, it will shut off mechanically. This feature limits overflowing the water while the tank is full of water and evade accidental electric shock.

Washable air filter

There produce a high amount of humidity liable for allergens, mildew, and mold. This is why look for a washable air filter capable dehumidifier to pass air freely. The washable facility is excellent instead of buying new filters regularly. It prevents clogging and accelerates air circulation levels.

Restart automatically after a power outage

This mechanism resumes operation and restores the setting you have set before after the power outage. You may call it memory starting, which means it recalls the last setting done by you.

Timer and light indicator

Time allows a user to set a specific time to work. It commands the machine for how long it would extract moisture. You don't need to check when it started and turn off. A light indicator delivers a signal of the tank full along reminding when you require to replace to wash your filter.

why do you need a dehumidifier with Whole house coverage?

The dehumidifier eliminates the entire problems related to excess humidity. It works for the whole house at a time. Therefore you no need to purchase one by one for each room. The benefits of a dehumidifier for wholes-

Improve air quality

We can’t deny that our house contains a huge of unseen moist and even harmful toxins in the air. It makes the air unhealthy too.

If you use the best-rated dehumidifier for the whole house, it removes the excess moisture to keep the air at a healthy level. It also removes dust lice and molds bacteria to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Eliminate risks of mold growth

Having mold thrives in the air can be causes of several respiratory illnesses or unhealthy. The moist level should keep below 50% to avoid the progress of mold (According to the CDC)

Remove the dust mites

Mites are another reason for making us sick though we cannot recognize them at free eyes. When a dehumidifier eliminates excess moisture, it also removes dust mites to keep the air 100% harmless.

Protect your furniture from deforming

Humidity is not only harmful to your wellness; nevertheless, it also a cause of changing shapes of your home furniture. Furniture made from wood, timer, laminate board, or other woody materials significantly impact by moisture. Often excess moisture disfigures their shapes. This humid removal machine guards the objects.

Offer additional comfort

Often we feel uncomfortable though our room heater and the air conditioner works. Do you know why this happens? Primarily, it occurs due to spare or a little moist. The dehumidifier cut the excess humid to make the entire house fresh airy. You feel complete relaxation.

do i need a whole house dehumidifier for specific signs

Though using a best whole home dehumidifier assures your health safety with keeping another stuff in a good state. Yet, you can realize when you need it after noticing some specific signs. Let's discuss-

Feeling objects watery. When touching any objects inside the house, you will feel oily or watery. This case is rare as it happens while remaining humid at an intense level. You will find water signs around the walls. The signs look like twisted ropes. For white walls, it seems gray or black signs.


Rooms that haven't a ventilation system. Mostly, rooms with attached bathroom produce extra moist. Again, a bathroom without a window creates humid. These kinds of rooms at a high risk of moisture. A home with a few windows than requirements produces humid. At this time you must need this air dehydration machine.


Changing furniture shapes gradually. Especially wooden furniture lose their shapes for high moist. If you notice then use this equipment. Very small signs on located wall spaces suffer from humid. It creates a mildew smell. You might choose a right model if you live in an apartment there is no ventilation system. Plus, its surrounded area is full of another apartment. Humid grows rapidly in this closed environment.

Best Whole House Dehumidifier FAQ

What does a dehumidifier do?

It eliminates the excess humid and dust mites from the air of your room and house. Removing moisture reduces the risk of illness even save furniture from moving shapes.

What size dehumidifier do I need?

It absolutely depends on your requirements where you live. For a large apartment, pick that one has more coverage area, pints, quantity of gallon of water holding capacity. The small house requires less coverage. But buying an average size gets a match to all sized living spaces since most of them are regular size.

How much does it cost to run a dehumidifier 24 hours a day?

The whole house dehumidifier cost depends on the size of the unit. Generally, a mini dehumidifier costs approximately $25 in a year. Sometimes it varies on compressed electricity saving technology. Large units cost approximately $350 in a year. Here is an example help you to understand costs.

  • Monthly cost for 24 hours $48 in a day
  • Monthly cost for 12 hours $24 in a day
  • Monthly cost for 8 hours $16 in a day
  • Monthly cost for 6 hours $13 in a day
  • Monthly cost for 4 hours $8 in a day

Where should you place it?

Use where remain humid in a high amount. Be sure not to keep it at a fixed place when you have several rooms. Try to use it for each room. You can do it as it built in holding belts and wheels. Otherwise, the different model includes hanging system. If you own like this, hang on the ceiling to absorb moisture from around.

Are dehumidifiers worth it?

Of course, it is worth if you find the right model. Searching a worthy model is not as tough as a new buyer thinks. It comes to absorb excess humid from the air. Nevertheless, a new buyer falls in trouble to think which model would be faultless for him/her.

How to maintain a whole house dehumidifier?

Proper maintenance let you utilize a dehumidifier for a remarkable period. Changing the filter pad is one of the significant maintenance tasks. Try to replace it once a year. After a few months of gaping, check for any leakage issues. If found leakages, fix immediately.

Are all types make noise?

Truly, most of them generate noise during work. You can keep the noise in a tolerable situation by the fan speed adjusting setting. Low speed produces less sound oppositely more speed generate more sound.

What does it mean by ‘AHAM’?

It specifies the Association of home appliances manufacturers. It checks a dehumidifier in a controlled atmosphere with relevant humidity and temperature. 80° temperature and 60% humidity certify correct dehumidification, energy efficiency, and all over the best dehumidifier.

How to clean a dehumidifier?

  • Detach the removable parts
  • Wipe its outside parts smoothly with a rag
  • Clean out the tank
  • Wash the air filter
  • Vacuum
  • Separate and clean the bucket filter
  • Wrapping it up!

    In this post, all the mentioned items come from the best rated whole house dehumidifier category. You can choose your preferred one from them. Make sure to check each size. You should pick tie size according to your apartment, basement, and crawl spaces. Extra-large size is a brilliant choice while you have a large space. But for small space pick a small size.

    You should not buy a giant size dehumidifier for whole house if you don’t have a necessity. Remember, a big model utilizes more electrical power. We suggest TOSTO 70 internal pump configured model.

    Contrarily, the vermi is a budget friendly model. DRI-EAZ has large coverage of 7000  sq. feet, you might select for a large basement or apartment. Ivation 70 pints also an amazing brand to perform powerfully. Our all picked item is powerful and user-friendly and tested to certify its excellence. However, we hope this post clarified all of your queries on the whole house dehumidifier. If you have more questions, let us know. We will be glad to hear from you.

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