Best Way to Store Garlic for a Long Time

Garlic contains remarkable health benefits with making food tastier. To get its brilliant advantages, you should know the best way to store Garlic to use it for the entire year. Yes, it contributes significantly to both heath and cooking. When your food doesn't have a single spice, you can feel it or cannot. But missing of Garlic makes your diet tasteless, and you can feel it instantly. Garlic is the most vital spice in cuisine around the world The health benefits of Garlic is excellent. People from ancient time has been using as a spice and medication too.

It works like an antibiotic. We need to use it all year to increase food taste along with living well. If you don't know about storing it, then you will miss its brilliant advantages for all time. Before going how to store Garlic, we should know which types of Garlic should be selected.

What types of garlic should you select to store?

When you decide to store fresh Garlic, bear in mind all the are not perfect for preservation. Some are over moisture, and some are so dry. Over moistening acquire nasty soon. On the other hand, before storage, over dryness reduces nutritional value, excluding the purpose of making powdered. Check the condition, including the head of Garlic. Before stocking, dry in the regular sunlight about 2-3 hours.

After drying in the sun, see its outside color. Deep white color indicates its goodness. Light color means its wetness. Hence, keep in the sun for 1 hour more again to be sure. If there is any dirt on Garlic, remove carefully. Don't remove external papery skin anymore. It is a natural protector of it. This paper warrants how long does Garlic last.

Make sure before the preservation of Garlic, the bulb and clove are fresh. The above things are considerable enough when choosing to store. The 6 process below is more popular and usable for stocking. People follow whatever they prefer. Now, Its turn to see the procedures of the sock. Let's see-

1. Store in room temperature/ how to store Garlic from the garden

This method has been using from the olden time, mostly when there is no fridge. Still, now it is a valuable technique to store unpeeled Garlic for using the entire year. You need a mesh bag according to the following amount you require. Select a suitable place where light and air are available. Then load the bag and hang on a position. This system is the best to store Garlic fresh for a long time and guards from insects without spoiling.

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2. Can You store Garlic in the fridge? -Process

The answer is 'Yes.' Freezing Garlic is the most common thing at present. Cloves garlic is also can be stored in a refrigerator for the long term, though some people think freezing is not better than non-freezing. However, how can you freeze Garlic? If you can freeze it correctly, its scent won't lose.


First of all, paste the clove in blender or food processor after peeling and rinsing appropriately. Add 3 pinch of salt with it. The amount of 3 pinches salt for 1 cup crushed Garlic, use salt as much you need. Take an airtight pot or jar. Some people use ice cubes plate too, I think it's not good as it has no lid. That's why chances of losing flavor a bit.

Furthermore, your fridge will be filled with the scent. When opening it, you will get a bad smell. Now store the paste into the pot and close the lid tightly so that no smell comes out. Keep in the fridge.

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3. Dry out process

The other way to preserve Garlic is drying out. Drying garlic method takes a little space while you have a vast amount, it is such a way that keeps the garlic safe through drying out its inside water. Two-steps are given below for this process- In a food dehydrator, you can dry in a short time. Just peel the garlic cloves and cut them in half lengthwise.

Put them in the tray of dehydrator machine, set the heat option until it becomes wholly dried. While it would-be something brown and crispy form, store in a glass jar tightly. However, if you don't have a dehydrator, how can you dry it? The other way is using an oven instead of a dehydrator.

Place the stripped clove of Garlic on a heatproof dish and bake it at 140° F (60 C°) maximum for 2 hours or until dried entirely. Store in a glass jar.

4. Keeping Garlic in oil

This process is beneficial in two ways. Firstly, for garlic storage and secondly, the used oil is similarly useful for screen and cooking because of the oil absorb garlic vitamins.


For doing this, take oil (Mustard oil or Olive oil) in a glass jar. The mustard oil benefits just superb. Add some peeled garlic cloves in the pot. Okay, you did it well. Note down, when you need the garlic, use a spoon, don't hands. Else, the chances of rotten.

On the other hand, this oil is healthy for skins. You can use it for dry skin problems, itching, rash, etc. It has other skin benefits too. You may apply the same process with honey instead of oil just for eating, not for use at cooking.

5. Making Garlic powder

At the point of number 3, I have shown "how to dry garlic?" You may store the dried Garlic without powdering. Nevertheless, the powder is long-lasting than dried Garlic. To do it, use either coffee grinder or any food processor. I usually use a coffee grinder. It helps me to provide a full powdered form, not a coarse structure. Anyway, Grind in till it becomes powdered garlic, then store in a glass or plastic jar.

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6. Garlic pickles

This is the last method you can follow. There is nobody who doesn't like pickles. Yet if you are not familiar with garlic pickles, you should learn to make. To store for an extended time, just prepare it. The pickles will increase the quality of your fried rice dishes along with any curry. You have to crush before using in cooking food. This crushed Garlic makes the food more delicious. In your spicy food, the pickle can be used easily or can add to salad. Consequently, make it and apply to make food tasty.


Finally, Probably you have knew the process of storing garlic with the healthiest method . These procedures are effortless. But remember, consuming too much impact on digestion and create acidity. Those have an allergic issue, they should have it after consulting with a doctor. Leave a comment if you have any queries on the topic. If you have more idea, share with us. We will love to get your valuable ideas.

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