10 Best Vegetable Slicers Review and Buying Guide

A vegetable slicer definitely is an efficient assistant in your kitchen. When you are busy, slicing would be easy with a slicer. This has arrived at your kitchen for reducing your hardship to slice vegetables and fruits in a short time.

There are some food choppers that becomes blunt, sharpness and lazy quickly in a short time to work correctly. We have picked the best vegetable slicer for you so that you can get an excellent performance on demand. We hope these clever cutter reviews will help you to find out a best one from here.

Comparison Chart





5-ultra sharp stainless steel blades

7-stronger stainless steel blades

4-cones blades for different slicing

4-changable sharp discs

4-different sized inserts

veggie noodle & ribon blades

2-ultra sharp german blades

6 different sizes inserts

4-sizes square blades

4-different discs

Vegetable Slicer's Review 

While most of the kitchen chopper are fighting for giving their best quality, then this mandolin slicer has appeared to defeat all another normal slicer through its high quality along with a great design.

The easy using method will give you a nice comfort. It has 5 ultra-Sharp stainless blades give you superb slicing.

The 420 hardened surgical blades are more powerful for slicing any kind of soft or hard vegetable in a twinkling of an eye.

You won’t be late anymore when using it for this ultra-sharp blade. You may think about your health for using it. But don't worry about this hand food chopper 100% BPA free.

We know BPA is a chemical that uses for making any industrial kitchen appliances. Durable reinforced ABS plastic also used for giving 100% safety.

The other important thing is its slicing guard. This is compatible to hold up vegetable and fruits. When the cutting onion vegetable would be tiny sizes then you can stick the piece in the middle point of the guard.

There is no need to hold the piece by hand. The guard also saves you from any danger like cutting fingers during slicing. After all, it came on users demand.

You should not waste your hard earned money on any normal slicer. This 7 stronger blades chopper best rated and usable chop wizard from others. It is guaranteed to chop vegetable in fantastic shapes. This has extra blade caddy storage.

Your meal's plate and guest's serving plate might be more attractive if you keep some salads into them. This has a nice salad slicing design.

Potato chips plus another instant item can be sliced easily with it.
The slicer can hold large vegetable and fruit (max10 inch long, 7 inches wide) item for slicing.

You should know it is 100% BPA free. The high-grade plastic used to make. There is no chance to get illness by bacteria for made with approved materials.

If you wish to slice vegetables with perfect fruit slicer, cheese, delicious salads, pizza, desserts and much more then this slice shooter fills up your demand. It is specially made for the making above the things besides other purposes.

Its funnel interchangeable cones blade perfect for ripple, thick, medium shreds and super shreds instantly. It is called a perfect salad/fruit cutter.

Your regular slice can be delighted by it. The sharp and active blades are more talented to cut out vegs quickly. There is no complicated method to set up. A large food chamber fit to hold more veggie at a time.

Set the cons slightly which one needs. The extra-large vegs and fruits chamber up. Keep any sizes slicing things for getting an expected slice.

The black color slicer machine will keep you tension free to clean it thoroughly daily. It has white color too.

Who does not like to use the flatly designed slicer, this box or container chopper for them. You need only 1 press after keeping vegetable on the food vegetable dicer.

This tool may be used as salad chopper. Its 4 interchangeable blades help you chop and slice nicely. The 1.2L container is able to store all sliced item without using an extra knife and cutting board.

The heavy dutiful 420 stainless steel blades good for smooth, crisp cutting, grating. There are different shape blade plates as like cubes, slice and veg grater.
A soft grip handles better to back and frothing. You can cut potatoes, cucumbers, carrots even soft veggie in the tomato dicer more safely and effortlessly.

This compact hand chopper totally FDA approved and BPA free. For having cool structures it quite eases disassemble for cleaning. This 7 piece planned great to be favorite for all kitchen master.

The OXO mandoline slicer is a modernly structured slicer, It is more comfortable for the users for its surpassing design and good performance.

It has a V-shaped blade that best for slice firm vegetable and soft fruits. Its included 4 slicing thickness is 1.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm. The wavy and straight blades cut in crinkle, julienne for French Fries, julienne strips.

Besides, it can use it as an onion slicer. A food holder involved in it. It is secure to safe slicing by protecting fingers. The holder also keeps the food from sticking on the runway.

The turning knob for well-being and non-slip feet for care. This best mandoline and food holder are top rack dishwasher harmless with hand washable blades.

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We all love pasta and spaghetti meals, particularly at dinner. To make any kinds of spaghetti is exhausted for you.

This excellent spiralizer helps you to enjoy tasteful nutritious vegetable meals easily. It is a handle slicer.

When other slicer work around the same system this may use by way of hands except keeping on any palaces. The suitable slicer has a wider funnel to produce a couple of slices.

This has extra sharp blades for precision cuts in any forms. The two treated stainless steel blades cut any vegetable thoroughly. The blades have 2 sharp to choose from, guaranteed not to rust and lose sharpness to save time.

It is pretty handy that can be placed or a small drawer. This item included with a vegetable peeler, cleaning brush, storage bag, and vegetable spiralizer.

Besides, it is dishwasher safe. It may be a fascinating gift for your mom, friends or only be a gadget as your kitchen slicer.

Some people don't know how to slice an onion? That's why they cry unintentionally during onion cutting time for onion vapors.

This onion chopper will save your tears. Not only onion cutter but also potato, tomato and whatever kind of squash vegetable become chopped in a moment. The tools have 4 cups or 1.2 capable space that keep fresh your best vegetables until cooking.

Its built-in blades slice perfectly soft and hard vegetable just 1 pressing. 2 ultra-sharp German-420 stainless steel discs chop/slice vegetable smoothly.

The entire material of this item has a high reinforced food grade standard quality. It has a cleaning brush, a recipe e-book with a lifetime warranty.

On another hand, BPA free, ABS for superior break resistance quality made it outstanding slicer to the users.

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This non-slip vegetable slicer can save your 50% slicing time. Gorgeous looking with great features all are included in it. The 6 interchangeable blades give you professional shaped slice and juliennes.

Its slicing ranges are 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm slice, 3.5 juliennes 1.6 mm grater insert and 7mm julienne. A hand safety guard ensures your hand's protection.

A hand safety guard ensures your hand's protection. You can storage unused blades in its own caddy for more security. Simple to clean after every use reins with running water only. Al the parts dishwasher is safe.

The heavy strong stainless steel used to build for long lasting. 100% BPA free for health protection. So, it would be better to knock out the old model and take this one to get superior advantages.

This tool is your perfect assistant. Its design something different than the above machine. It has exceptional features among consumers. It has four sizes square sized blades like ¼, ½ and 3/8.

All are them these fit for making different sizes French fries and cut carrot, potato in any shapes.

Advanced 304 steel blades and Anti-Corrosion material used to make this machine that ensures maximum service and long-lasting. The body made of iron along with the handle aluminum so, there is no chance to break out in any way.

Both of them provide durability and stability for their lifetime.
The handle intended ergonomically, which ensure safe cutting, effort saving too. It sends interior ingredients to sharp blades to cut.

You no need large space to place it, its small structure suitable for small space in the kitchen. The sturdy legs deliver more steadiness while rising the veggie cutter on any surface.

This mandolin kitchen tool came in 4 attractive colors from Germany. Hard ABS plastic frame plus slip-resistant rubber feet remove the risk of slipping out when using.

It has a food holder to hold food for cutting. Its other benefit is to save your hand from holding any danger.

Its blades are surgical stainless steel 3 insert- 10 different cuts. The 4 different shapes are shred, julienne, cube, and fantastic French fries. Your cuts would be modified by its push button and thickness adjustment.

The blades can cut ingredient from both angles by back and frothing. When not in use the insert blade holder has zero security position covering.

These provide fully simply control and protection. This may be your eligible helper as your kitchen mandoline.

What should I consider before buying a vegetable slicer?

The days have gone out when we used a typical knife to cut, chop and slice our vegetable. It took more time to cut fruit, vegetable with the decoration through a knife. There was a risk also for cutting hands while using the knife.

But a slicer and chopper come to say goodbye to general knives. We see also vegetable and nut chopper separately in the marketplaces. However, we think always before buying a slicer for it's good or convenient for us.

You should have some essential knowledge before buying a slicer. If you consider the below things we hope you will get the best slicer.

Which one do I need electric or manual?

This decision totally depends on your choices. A manual slicer doesn't need electric power without your hand's power. You have to do only backing and frothing to slice.

But be careful not to use except food guard, because your hand always near to the blades. Food guards protect your finger to get touch the blades.
The electric chopper, slicer is different for one reason.

This is needed for electric power to run up. Just need to hold down food on the blade, the cut things will deposit under. This kind of slicer takes a few times to work than a manual food chopper.

There is no huge difference between electric and manual slicer. Choose which types you prefer.

1. Number of stainless steel blades 

It is the main factor for a slicer or chopper. Basically, this comes to cut ingredients in different sizes. If the machine has few blades it will not provide several sliced shaped.

While one of the blades gets blunt then other blades can be used if you have various blades. Although the blunt problem is rare. Now check it's built-in materials. Try to buy stainless steel bladed. Maximum slicer’s blades made via it.

But sometimes it may not be. So be careful of it. Because at the time of your cutting, this blade cut speedily and never be rusty.

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2. Dishwasher safe

Definitely, it is must to clean your slicer with a dishwasher. Regular water, not enough for cleaning perfectly. The only dishwasher can return it's shiny looking after cleaning. It also removes harmful bacteria from the tool.

3. Container & chamber capacity 

The container size is an important factor. A large chamber can deposit sufficient chopped onion or additional ingredients at a time than low capacity.

4. High-grade plastic & BPA free

This is the most important thinking issue for buying slicer. High-grade plastic won't attract any bacteria. Its durability is long lasting.            

There are many chemical uses to make any commercial plastic products. BPA is one of them which is unsafe for the human body. So make sure the slicer is totally BPA free. It ensures your health security.

​​FAQ on vegetable slicer machine

Does a vegetable slicer reduce hardship?

Yes , you can reduce your 70%-80% hardship of slicing by it. Saves time and gives veggies nice shapes.

Are Spiralized veggies healthy?

Veggies keep us healthy but it need to retain nutrition. While you spirailized veggies with a slicer it retain 100% nutrition. You get nutrition in spite of using spiralizer.

Does its blades become rusty?

Not at all, as the blades are stainless steel, no chances of getting rust. Even it goes for a long time.

What veg can be Spiralized?

  • Butternut Squash
  • Cabbage
  • Bell Pepper
  • Apple
  • Beet
  • Broccoli
  • Celeriac
  • Carrot
  • What veggies can you noodle?

    • Carrots
    • Cucumber
    • Turnips or radishes
    • winter squash
    • Summer squash
    • yellow squash
    • Potatoes
    • sweet potatoes
    • Broccoli stems
    • Beets


    All the above things you should consider to buy the best vegetable slicer. Due to lacking a thing you will be deprived of an advantage. Make sure all the mentioned things are available in the buying slicer. All the considerable things have in the above mandoline slicer reviews.

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