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10 Best Tea Kettles Suitable for Stove & Electricity


I’ve been seeing since my childhood, my family members always used to drink tea for two times in the morning and evening. Still, my mother dislikes to compromise with a tea kettle to make excellent tea. That’s why she bought a tea kettle to get perfect tea. Using a convenient kettle was her secret of making tasty tea all time. Without a cup of tea, I think it's a mourning day. Are you laughing? I told exactly what I feel if I can't drink tea in a day.

Not only me, but also many people can’t pass a single day without having tea though most of them are not careful about what type of kettle they are using. The kettle we see in the market all might not be appropriate. Also, several are unhealthy to use for an extended period.

You don’t require to think about it at all since we’ve picked 10 top-rated tea kettles that offers you a new experience of making tea. This tea kettle reviews, comparison table and an ultimate buying guide would enrich your knowledge about the tea kettles.

best tea kettle Table comparison





Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

High grade Glass

Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

High grade Glass

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

10 tea kettle reviews

This gadget is an outstanding performer to generate a couple of perfect tea. The glassy design keeps its shine even in rough usage. The other features are-

Used standard materials to manufacture

This induction stovetop kettle came included 3-liter ounce capacity. Constructed with premium surgical grade stainless steel along with aluminum and iron for long-lasting. Configured in 5-steps plate constructions in the bottom that keeps the water hot for a notable time.

Premium tea infuser

You may want a single cup brewer anytime. The whistling best teapot has a premium stainless steel strainer that is seamless for brewing a single teacup without losing tea leaves.

Designed for secure handling and safety

Added extra functionality with a decent plan. The handle and spout lever is soft, attached non-slip touch silicon to make it handy. It will not give you the chance to get a burn to your hand while full heat.

Heat water in a short time 

There is various steels kettle that takes more time to heat water. This thing is faultless for heating tea water in a twinkle of eyes. Some kettle made with 2 or 3 layers only, but there are 5-layers of stainless steel, iron, and aluminum shaped into a capsule bottom. It forces the water to heat up speedily.

Toxic resistance

It is 100% Teflon and BPA free, as well as a non-toxic tea kettle. You shouldn't take any risk of buying something that you can use continuously. Several teapots contain hidden chemicals that pollute tea. But note down, this item is absolutely free from dangerous chemicals so that you use it without anxiety.

OXO is an old fashioned tea kettle with classic finishing make sense of formal looks. Not only that but also it has some outstanding features that created its demand to the consumers.

High grade brushed stainless steel

High steeled product refers to prepare anything earlier than other materials. It also supports to protect kettle from rust. It ensures durability and safeguards your tea pot.

Large lids

Including a large lid allows you to fill water effortlessly and washable thoroughly. The large-lid is apt to pour water and to rinse suitably.

Loud whistle

Sometimes you can be busy with other activities after putting the kettle on the stove. No need to go near the pot again to check the water temperature. When the water would be hot or ready, it provides a signal via whistling loudly. Meant, you would hear the sound, no matter where you are.

Heatproof handle and spout

Its silicon touch point keeps away you from burning. In high heat or lower heat, its handle never gets heat either way. Therefore, not essential to use an extra rag to lift over.

CISNO can change your tea making knowledge with its additional features. It looks too standard as well as configured for preparing several types of tea. Let's check its other features-

Brew any kinds of tea

Some kettle is not an expert to generate diverse types of tea. But know, this electric pot can create different kinds of tea even can brew ground coffee bean without coffee maker. Meant, you will get the benefits of making coffee and tea in this single tea kettle. It contain a active infuser. The infuser virtually allows you to lift over and to keep on the lower places. Comprised an opening lid to take aroma if you want to know whether your tea is creating aroma.

The extra benefit is the mesh strainer, it prevents spot tea leaf from brewing into the water. Meaning, this is essential for the loose leaf with a teabag.

Multiple temperature control

You can rarely achieve a different taste in the tea if you don't apply different temperature water. It is vital for brewing leaf tea. This gadget is smart to create temperature from 105° to 212° F. A digital control panel on the handle allows seeing temperature anytime. The keep-warm function holds the heat for 60 minutes accurately.

Large capacity & fast boiling

Perhaps, you may need to prepare tea in a short time. Then we say this electric kettle came for you. 1500-watt included power is sufficient to boil water within 6-8 minutes sooner than microwave and stovetop tea kettle. 7-liter sized jar holds 6-7 cups of tea for the guest or friends at the same time.

Advance safe & healthy

On the other hand, got FDA approval. Indicates 100% BPA free so that you never get odor or lousy smell of plastic from the tea. A soft gripping handle to protect your finger from the scale.

LED Indicator & easy cleaning

Added an LED shows you the result of auto shutting down promptly. You no need to check it manually. The other plus point, you can pick the kettle from any angle because of owning a 360-degree rotating based design.

Figure out a teapot kettle associated with a great looking enhance your thirst for having tea. With this sweet garden roaster color, users get a traditional appearance, and even it looks like a showpiece when you store it. Smoothest screen decoration with multiple superb paintings gave this model a top-selling tea kettle item. Though its body contains a smooth finish but easy to wash thoroughly by a few rubbing using dish wash.

Tight-fitting lid

Its tight-fitting lid certifies for keeping the steam inside of tea. Steam is essential as it provides you a fantastic aroma during sipping on the teacup. The lid confirms more tasty drinking at each sip without feeling watery.

Comfortable handle

Having a large handle covered with soft silicone, which is useful for holding except getting hurt. The handle is black. Another color's grip might be fade for a high time using, but the black handle is the right solution while you wish to have the same color.

Whistle feature

A whistle calls you while your water is fully ready to brew tea leaf. No require to wait for seeing when the water will be prepared. In the gap of boiling water, you can complete your extra works without standing beside the kettle. After listening whistle, add tea leaves.

Matching for additional garden rooster dinnerware

Most of the dinnerware we use is garden rooster colored. This kitchen appliance model is fit to get consistency with various dinner set to serve. Your guest will not be able to identify that you served them into a different set as all dinnerware looks like the same.

If you hope to catch a brilliant design and color, then this item will fill your claim. Having some silver color striped design with a fantastic viewing introduced it as a modern kettle for tea. It has a 1.2 L-capacity that is a faultless edition for any kitchen. With the electric kettle reviews,  we would describe what made it a superb gadget both for tea making and water boiling. We collected these features.

Fully detachable base

Its removable base is safe to utilize it efficiently. Meant, you can remove the kettle from the plate after preparing tea. At the required time, set the pot on the plate to boil water to make tea, coffee, or instant soup. Wait until it gets ready. Consequently, there is no risk of getting shocked by electricity as having an instant removal option after receiving prepared tea.

Auto shutoff & quick heating element

1200-watt built-in heating element heat water faster than a stove. The auto-shutoff is safe since you may forget to turn it off. As a result, the inside water dries up and might be happened any danger since this is still on.

One touch LED switch

Has an LED switch at the bottom of this kettle. When you need the water to boil, simply place the jar on the plate and switch on the power. Meant, push the LED button down.

Gooseneck Spout

Consider this model if you love gooseneck kettle like me. Have you ever thought, why would you ponder this configuration? Basically, a long spout looks like a goose neck suitable for over pour. Using a short spout unable to offer proper satisfaction of pouring tea. A long spout supports to control overflowing.

You would say "wow" after seeing its superior design. Champagne color and attractive design with excellent features gave it a peak position in marketplaces. Let's focus on the features.

Drink safety

We all aware of our health. On thinking of health, this gadget comes in 100% free from Teflon and BPA, which certifies drinking security. Applied the best grade stainless steel to manufacture in it that works actively against rust.

Suitable for several stoves

No matter you could have an electric ceramic stove, electric stoves, induction cooker, halogen stove, but having such a best stainless steel tea kettle let you use on several types of ovens. People also call it induction kettle. Note that, during boiling water, don't use the full flame as this is made of stainless steel. If you do so, chances its handle will be hot. Try to use it in less fire.

Detachable anti-hot gloves

With keeping the customer's demand, attached an anti-gloves to the kettle. Use the gloves before touching the hot kettle. It is quietly safe for any burning problems. While water is thoroughly hot, don't touch the kettle with free hands anywise. If you do, chances your fingers may get burned.

The whistling kettle (Auto)

Possibly, you already knew how important a whistling is. An auto whistling teapot provides information about your ready boiled water. Whistling, at the exact time, tells you to add tea leaves. Its multi-layer thickened body makes it extra durable and safe from any risk. Exploits heat fast in a very low flame.

Cuisinart tea kettle grasped a strong position in kettles industry. Cuisinart CPK includes some brilliant features for the user. The features are-

High heating power capability 

Sometimes you may indeed need to generate tea fast. Having a low powered kettle wants extra time even to make inside water hot. For which, you might be waiting for a few minutes that may be painful too. However, this pot contains 1500 watt/110-volts high power to heat water promptly. Get instant ready tea while having less time in hand.

Six preset heat setting

This kind of feature is more supportive. When you want different conditions of temperature, you can set by it. What temperature do you need? Just command to get the desired tea.

Keep warm tea long time

After putting off stove fire, this can retain the full temperature up to 30 minutes. It ensures to give you a full or more cup of tea. Thus, no need to think about to boil water again.

LED indicator light & 2 minutes memory function

All the buttons have an LED light separately to ensure which function is running. Whatever you need only press on the button. A blue backlit water window, removal/washable as well a scale filter its extra features.

2-minutes of memory function allows you to set up the activities deprived of instruction again. To make it extra convenient,  it made by a 360-degree swivel power base cordless.

Boil-dry protection

You may forget, you are boiling water in the kettle. Don't worry, this teakettle will be shut off automatically before the inside water dries.

In number 8, we are with another best glass tea kettle that allows you to see its inside water condition. It has a 2-step r top and bottom silver design. There is a glass jar between the two silver steps. This creation made a great appeal to the customers. Comes in modern technology that increased its petition.

Premium Quality

This has a high-quality glass pot than other glass water kettle. For using high-grade glass, it is fit for competition with a stainless kettle.

Large capacity

The more retention capacity helps to serve several cups of tea at a time. Little water capable kettle is boring for boiling water again and again. Remember, this item boils water with lots of bubbles and steam within 5-6 minutes and gets ready to make tea, coffee, pasta, oatmeal, soup, etc. You can use it as a water kettle.

Indicator Technology & auto-shutoff 

It made including bright LED lights to perform during it is heating. The automatic tea kettle shut off automatically within 30 seconds after boiling water completely. These systems offer perfect safety to you.

Maximum safety

Your safety is first, and work is last. Thinking about this safety, This safest tea kettle built with heat resistant handle and anti-slip grip to give users enough security. That's why you don't need to worry about sliding out from your hand and get burn. This one made with food-grade silicone, 100% BPA free, which saves water from contamination. Polluted water increases water diseases.

Hassle-free using and cleaning

360-degree cordless revolving glass body flawless for accurate measurement. Also comprised cordless technology that will give you hassle-free pouring. You can clean it thoroughly after each usage.

This gadget came with the same features, whatever the consumer desires. Because it arrived base on a heavy gauge stainless steel body.

Heat resistant Bakelite handle

Bakelite is a chemical that used for coating on the handle to keep you far from getting any sign of burning. The black handle reduces the risk of discoloring.

Built-in whistle system 

It alerts you through whistling when the water is entirely ready. A loud whistle sound is not intolerable but active for giving signals.

Enough water capacity

You can serve tea to a party at a time for having a large 3-liter capable water jar. Boiling water for pasta, soup, or other purposes is more accessible since it holds more water. A steel layer base faster to boil water quickly.

Durable constructions

Durable stainless steel constructions retain water's warmness for a long time and keep its exterior beauty after using a long time. There is a push open/close button on the spout to push during pour tea.

This is tea kettle that whistle and came in 9 different colors like a yellow, black, white tea kettle, red tea kettle, etc. There is hardly seen 1 pot for tea that has multiple colors in the market. Still, this colorful kettle configured in altered color classification. If you ask for its quality, we would say just superb. Some brilliant features with great looks gave it a top position. What are the features?

Removal lid

Removal lid construction allows removing lid during fill water.  At pouring and cleaning time, the cover won't disturb you at all since you get a wide space to pour water.The lid made of stainless steel that certifies extended usage. The full-body designed of stainless steel with porcelain exterior also.

Thumb-press Spout

A comprised spout works via thumb-pressing while need. Tip on spout with the right-hand thumb to close and pull as same way when whistling for ready water.

C-handle with a comfortable grip

With the included, C-handle would get a better gripping. The sturdy handle accommodates to hold the handle firmly. Besides, an excellent finished grip protects your hands against hurt.

Whistle system

At present, the maximum kettle has a whistle, it is not out of them. You will be alert by hearing whistling when water will be ready to serve. After listening signals, keep the stove's fire in low volume. Meaning, the water ready to brew tea leaf, no need a high fire volume to brew tea leaf. These are the 10 top rated tea kettles in our list. Some types brew only tea leaves, some do both tasks. Just pick the model according to your desires.

tea kettle Buying Guide

Did you think ever about the considerations before going to buy the best tea kettle with useful features? This thinking will give you assurance to use the product conveniently and pleasingly. It is annoying and excess money spending to buy kettles repeatedly in a short time. Thus, before buying, know some particular factors that you should consider. First of all, we want to describe the types. Fundamentally, there are 4 types of kettles like-

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Glass tea and
  • Copper tea kettle.

Stainless made of is better than a metal type. Here, we provided an article below about the tea kettle buyers guide. There are some major things you should consider before choosing the best kettle.

Heating Speed

The kettle may be electric or non-electric, the main concern is its heating speed. Quick heating makes the tea quickly without waiting for you. Make sure it contains coating layers both for electric tea maker and non-electric teapot kettle. More layers allow heating water very fast. Mean that it boils the inside water quickly.

Another remarkable thing is the ability to retain temperature. More retaining capacity keep inside teal hot long. Less capability sends you again to the kitchen for reheating. Be sure whether it keeps inside's tea hot at least 15 minutes. Secondly, focus on heating speed. Quick heating gives you ready cups in a short time. Never go for cheap where you might get the best item even if you raise a little money.

The signal for boiled water

Here is another noteworthy thing before owning a tea kettle. When keeping pot on stove to boil water and forget to shut off the oven, the water dries up inside. Then there is a possibility of burning issues.

A glass teapot type shows its internal condition, but when you have a stainless, copper, metal, or other material models, then how can you understand what's going on inside.

Assuredly, owning a whistle mechanism kettle alert you when the water is boiled, and then you can add tea leaves. Thus, don't miss to check whether your buying tea kettle is whistled system. This technology is available in the most tea kettle model, yet it's better to check again.

Automatic shutoff

This factor compatible only with the large, either small electric teapot. Sometimes you may forget to shut off when the tea is ready. But if you don't turn it off, your gadget might be damaged. Hence, what's the solution? If you choose an auto-shutoff type, then you can stay far from dangers or getting damage.

Handle Hotness

Every year, a notable amount of people burn their hands by touching hot tea kettle handle. Multiple handles become heat for boiling water. For this reason, when you would touch the handle, it can burn your hands. Better, consider buying a kettle that provides burning safety security.


Choosing the size falls upon you. Small size is better if you want only 1-2 cups of tea. But now, maximum kettle manufactures in a large capacity that can make a couple of cups. The smallest electric tea kettle requires less space to store. Though large shapes requires a bit large space than small but appropriate for generating more tea.

For travelers, finding out a portable kettle would a canny choice. Think about what purpose or for how many people would you buy it? The small tea kettle is also a brilliant selection for carrying outside like for campaign, an outside party, etc. Confirm you have enough space to store. It is better to check space not only for a kettle but also for other kitchen appliances.

Rust-resistant & healthy

Check whether it is rust resistance. Corrosion is a reason for damaging it.  Most users complain, their kettle becomes rusty after a short time usage. Although this is a common problem, it can be used for a longer period if you purchase a good one. Check these-

Food grade

Try to buy kitchen kettle built-in high food-grade elements, it keeps your tea from any bad smell.

BPA free

BPA is a chemical that is used to manufacture most of the kitchen appliances. It's a toxin that is harmful to the human body. So, we suggest you buy a 100% BPA free kettle. The models reviewed above are 100% BPA free.

best rated tea kettle FAQ

Which tea kettle brand is best?

Zipolli, OXO, Mueller premium, and Chef's secret is the famous brand. Farther, KitchenAid tea kettle , and MR. Coffee is a tending model to the users.

What are the benefits of a copper tea kettle?

Cooper can retain heat for a long time. So tea kettle made of cooper keep inside tea warm for more hours. Furthermore, it goes for an extended period. There is very little chance of breaking issues. Additionally, copper electric kettle requires less time to generate tea. Both manual and electric is available in cooper.

Does stainless steel tea kettle lose its shine?

This is a rare case that the stainless steel kettle loses shiny looks. Proper cleaning retains its outer glossy looking. Suggest not to scrub roughly, only scrub with a soft sponge smoothly to clean.

How to clean inside of tea kettle?

  • Pour half cup of baking soda into the kettle.
  • Add water till the upper edge.
  • Boil the baking soda and water mixture.
  • Shut off the flame and let the water to be cool.
  • Next, scrub inside it with a scrub or sponge. Do it after ensuring the pot is heatless.
  • Now remove the inside water and add 2-cups extra water.
  • If found stains, then add detergent and scrub again.
  • It will be removed.
  • Rinse and wipe with a clean cloth.


These are the most important things you should consider. Owning a convenient model is not hard, it's a challenge. However, Which is your favorite one? Leave feedback in the comment box. We'll update our list according to the consumer's report so that people get the best tea maker always.

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