10 Best Shower Chairs for Elderly in 2021

Using a shower chair in the bathroom enhances the pleasure of taking shower. There are countless shower chair brands in marketplaces but not sure all manufacturer makes the best shower chairs for elderly. From these flooded models, it is virtually challenging to pick a convenient one on demand. 

However, our team is dedicated to suggesting you the best product after doing complete research based on user’s reviews, rating, FAQ, and many more. Here we categorized two types of shower chairs like for elder people and commode shower.

Best Shower Chair for Seniors

for all ages



  • Padded arms 
  • Adjustable height
  • Aluminum frame
  • suitable for small tubs
For disabled



  • Smooth wheel to move
  • Long sitting space
  • Extra flexible 
  • Involved Wheels lock

Key features

  • Removable padded arms
  • Height Adjustable back support
  • Aluminum frame
  • Used rust-free materials
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Easy assembling

The old person desires modifiable chairs that he/she can adjust to requirements. Many elder people dislike using arm-structured chairs because they claim that they cannot move their hands properly. This model can be a decent choice for those like arm-designed chair or could be the best shower chair for stroke patient if you have such person. The important feature of this chair is the changeable arms. The padded removable arms are comfortable and keep the elder safe from slipping or falling on the floors.

Having this arm separable system chair let him\her to use the chair with and without arms that means it allows even to move hand conveniently. It could be more comfortable to move the full body. Another second feature that will blow the elder’s mind is adjustable backrest height. You can change its back height on request.

To prevent the deposit of water on the seat, there are drain holes so no chance of storing water on the seat. No worry about the sturdiness since the full-body is made of aluminum, anodized frame that prevents rust even in case you use it for a long time. No need to utilize any tool to assemble it. Simply unbox and setup without anyone’s help.

Key Features

  • Separable Padded arms
  • Adjustable height
  • Anti-slip rubber legs
  • Built in padded side handles to lift over easily
  • Also suitable for small tubs

Our second choice will give the finest comfort for coming with numerous noteworthy features. You can easily separate every part to clean and making it more expedient. The legs covered by anti-slip rubber to protect from sudden sliding. You know there occur various accidents in the bathroom by the chair sliding. From this perspective, you are safe if you own this model.

Its backrest is adaptable. What height do you want? You can adjust the height, which your elder wishes. Plus, this heavy-duty shower chair comes in sturdy materials that preclude rust. There are some holes on the seat to avoid storing water while bathing. The lightweight body let you move it with ease. Cool assembling allows you to assemble the entire frame without tools.

Key Features

  • More secure and long-lasting
  • Comfortable wide seat
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Modifying height
  • Rust-resistant frame
  • Good for different types of tubs

A shower chair for disabled or older people should be more secured than the other types for providing maximum safety during taking a shower. Choosing this heavy-duty chair offers safety with durability. It can hold up to 300 pounds that is sufficient for those who are heavy. It doesn’t wobble even whenever an overweight elder sits on it. In fact, it will not shake anywise to have a wide seat. Meant, using this small shower chair for heavy person deliver a charming service and worthy for both fat and thin elders.

Users can adjust the back support height in which position they feel at ease. Sellers provide 3 handles to grip easily. The anti-slip rubber legs give additional support and decrease the chance of sliding. No matter if you have small or narrow shaped tubs, it’s also faultless for all types of tubs. Includes 2 handles you can install on any flat surface to grip for getting extra security. These handles provide the older people adequate support by easy gripping. Simply get it and assemble within minutes.

Key Features

  • Hygienic design
  • More secured
  • Padded arms included
  • Adjustable height and arms
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-slip rubber legs
  • Rust-resistant aluminum frame

This model ensures required safety with the 2 padded arms. Its design is typically different from other models. There is a half-round cut design in front of the seat that prevents water build-up. The arms give a relaxed showering for being padded type arms. The modifiable back height-changing feature allows you to adjust the height.

The arms are detachable to modify as requirements. You can take away the back support to turn it into a shower stool. Anti-sip legs prevent sliding and do not shake while a user moves frequently. Made with rustproof aluminum and molded plastic to defend against damages and corrosion. In a word, to get the highest showering pleasure you may pick this model.

Key Features

  • 5 level of height adjustment
  • Transfer from a wheelchair to the bath seat
  • Extra flexible
  • Long sitting space
  • Water draining holes
  • Seat height adjustable
  • More stable

It is apt for easy transfer from a wheelchair to a bathing seat for shower to make showering more enjoyable. Users can change backrest height up to 5 inches. Each level has a 1-inch difference from the other level. Meant, several modifying measurements let a user using it with expediency. All the seats are extra flexible. Once someone sat on the seat, he/she will get extra comfort that usually rare in a non-standard bathing chair. 4 anti-slip rubber legs are amply stable. It does not matter if there sit a heavy person. It won’t tremble even for a second.

Key Features

  • Height adjustment
  • Wide shower seat
  • Tipping and anti-slip
  • Durable and lightweight

This is another height adjustable shower chair with arms that comes in diverse features. Users can easily raise the back supporter height between 13” to 20”. Meaning, it is apt for both the taller and short adult persons. The seat covers the full buttock no matter how fat the user is. Sitting in its wide seat is more comfortable than a tiny sized seat. Four gray anti-slip rubber in every 4 legs lessen the risk of sliding. It keeps the chair strong on the surface. As a result, you never feel any shaking or any chance of tilting.

Moreover, for being lightweight, you and the older can move it around the bathroom. There used 100% aluminum that is durable and lightweight. Apart from being long lasting, its frame is rust-resistant. Therefore, this ideal safest shower chair could be a big deal for your senior person.

Best Commode Shower Chair for Elderly

Key Features

  • Smooth wheel to move
  • Padded back seat and seat
  • Involved Wheels lock
  • Waterproof seats
  • Movable on any floors and carpet
  • Additional security

The rolling shower commode chair is the most prevalent model for those people who have a problem with using the toilet and standing for a long time to take shower. It is very easy to move here to there by the smooth wheels. Configured in padded vinyl waterproof seat and back seat to make the shower more relaxed and feeling ease on the commode.

It allows you to utilize it for a lengthy period without damaging for remaining waterproof seats. For better security, there is a wheel lock mechanism to stand in an exact position without trembling. This stability keeps you safe all-time even this is undoubtedly the perfect shower chair for disabled persons too.

Key Features

  • Fully aluminum construction
  • Easy assembling
  • Vinyl toilet seat
  • Rust resistant
  • Swivel casters

This model built-in 100% aluminum frame made it a lightweight shower chair with a commode structure. Involved 4 smooth wheels to transport around. There are 2 padded soft arms so the user can keep hands for more time without pain. Included vinyl toilet seats along with 125-qt commode bucket you can remove while want.

Additionally, the commode has a cover/lid to keep it close when not in use. The back support is removable so a user can attach or remove the backrest according to preference. 2 rear locking devices afford extra security. That indicates no wobbling while using it. Moreover, you get expected stability on the toilet and shower time. Its assembling process is just cool. Only you can assemble it with the given brass push buttons without calling an expert.

Key Features

  • Best for patient
  • Foam handgrips
  • Attachable basket
  • Included splashguard
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Heavy-duty construction

Medline shower and shower system chair warrants for an enriched toilet and showering practice. This chair organized to make lateral transfers here to there. The 2-swing arm allows you to use it with more accessibility. There are two wrapped foam handgrips give a painless gripping facility. You can remove the attached basket/commode while need to clean. For being lightweight, you may convey it anywhere you require.

Therefore, you won’t be wrong if you call it a portable shower chair. The complete body constructed with heavy-duty materials. No risk of getting corrosion even in case you keep it to the touch of water for a long period. It might keep beside the bed too that is an incredible advantage of this chair especially good for disabled people. Swing arms let a user easily get in and get off. So selecting this model can offer you an ultimate showering and toileting pleasure.

Key Features

  • Multipurpose shower chair with arms and backrest
  • Swing-away footrests
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy transfer
  • High-performer wheels
  • Rust resistance

If you get a shower chair using for several purposes then we hope you will like this shower chair with wheels system. Yes, this is such a shower chair can fill your desires of multi-use. Users can use it as a transport chair and shower commode chair. It actually works with a detachable pad that easily fits on the commode seat to turn it into a carrying chair. A bucket with a lid included under the rear seat, which has an easy slide out and in structure.

However, it not suitable for use over the toilet but it certifies a better toilet and shower practice. Covered quick release drop arm to get in and out fast. Likewise, the variable swing-away footrests permit a user to keep the foot at the position he/she wants. Its wheels are super smooth to roll over any surface. It works very smoothly. No sticky conditions arise when moving the chair. Its frame never attracts rust anywise. In addition, its heavy-duty built-in materials are long-lasting so you may use it for a significant time.

Key Features

  • Suitable for both transfer and commode
  • Aluminum frame
  • Height adjustable
  • No exposed hardware
  • Extra supporting seat

This is another top pick built in transfer bench and commode combination. Meaning, if you buy it then may use as a commode and transfer shower benches. It’s a superb model that lessened the cost of buying 2 types of chairs. Constructed with solid aluminum that prevents rust no matter if you use it for over a decade.

It includes 4 rubber-coated legs that stand on the floors strongly so you won’t feel shaking. It offers you an obedient performance all-time. A cushioned seat and bracket ensures better relief.

Changeable back support allows you to keep it at an appropriate position so the user can recline with ease. A standard commode/bucket located behind the seat is removable. When require to clean, simply slide out, clean, and slide in to keep at the same place again.

Best Shower Chair for Elderly Buying Guide

First, buying a shower chair is not easy from the flooded brands in case you don’t know some considerations before buying. To get a convenient one, you should focus on the factors whenever you buy a shower chair for the elderly. Let’s know the factors.


The frame of a shower chair must be aluminum. This material prevents rust and makes the chair very lightweight so you can transfer everyplace. Note that the elder person cannot move a heavy chair. If you purchase a lightweight aluminum-framed chair, he/she can move it with less effort. Moreover, it also goes for a long time. So better you purchase a chair which frame is made of aluminum no other materials.


Thinking about arms is another chief thing you should not ignore. When buying a shower chair with arms, make sure it covered with soft foam to protect hands from hurt. Many shower chairs come with adjustable arms. This feature certainly allows you using with more convenience. For better get in and out, you may elect a swing systematic arms chair for an old person. Check whether the arms are adaptable or not if you really want to have a great relaxation on the chair.


The legs of a shower chair ought to be stable. Having anti-slip rubber in each leg specifies whether it is steady or not. However, most of the chairs manufactured with rubber slips. Yet we suggest you check it.

Easy Assembling

Your buying shower bench or chair should have an easy assembling facility. Check first what assembling system it has. You should look for a chair that you could assemble alone, no need to get help from others.

Drainage holes

Without correct water drainage system, there build up water on the seat and it is bothering. Therefore, check the shower stool or chair seat has numerous holes to drain water.

Adjustable backrest

For added comfort, a chair built-in backrest gives extra comfort. Further, older persons want extra relief on the chair. If you buy a shower chair with back and arms, you can modify its backrest height and arms to sit with more relaxation.

Smooth wheels

For the shower chair with wheels for elderly, check whether its wheels are smooth. The wheels should run on different types of tiles and carpets. Wheels of a chair are the most key parts as it tolerates both user and chair weight.

Bathroom Shower Chairs for Elderly - FAQ

What is the best shower chair for elderly?

A shower chair with a handle is an ideal choice for older people. These types of chairs consist of handles on both sides that give a user more comfort. A shower wheelchair is also a decent choice for disabled or old persons. If you have a loved one who cannot walk correctly, try to give him/her a shower chair with arms and wheels. Otherwise, a commode shower seat or chair gives your elder more benefits.

When older people need a shower chair?

It depends on the physical condition of the elder person. You can consult a doctor who can suggest to you when need a chair. Most of the time, when a person cannot stand for taking shower in the bathroom; they might start using the best shower chairs for old. In addition, those seniors are unable to sit on regular commodes; a chair built in the commode is fit for them.

Wrapping it up!

An elder person doesn’t feel pleased in all kinds of shower chairs. He/she definitely wants a suitable chair where he/she can sit restfully to take shower. The elder people often cannot sit on regular-sized commodes. In this case, a commode chair might help them. Better you decide first what type of chair you need then jump to buy a best shower chair for elderly people. Do you need more suggestion on choosing a right model, leave a comment below so that we can recommend a best model..

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