10 Best Portable Electric Stoves

If you are a food lover and like to enjoy food out of the home like at parties, campaigns, then there is no option without choosing the Best Portable Electric Stove for better experience. It is a pretty choice instead of a gas stove as you can't use here and there like a portable stove. Did you think which is best? There are a lot of carrying able electric stoves that includes different kinds of features. But finding out a convenient one is hard a little bit. Now we would tell you about it. We described a complete review, buying guide, and FAQ. Let’s grab it.

Best Portable Electric Stove Table















Duxtop 9620LS LCD is one of the famous brand for manufacturing quality kitchen appliances. Duxtop includes a unique magnetic technology to transmit electric energy to all parts equally.

Do you want to know more what the benefit of this feature? It heats cookware instantly for cooking. Meaning, you can start cooking without keeping awaiting more. Additionally, technology saves 70% electric energy. Less energy consuming saves you from paying extra bills.

Manufacturers included a complete safety feature in it. No-chance of risk while using. Its power won't start unless you put any compatible cookware on the pan surface. As a result, there is no chance of any burning issues in coils and flames that offers you safe cooking.

The child lock feature ensures your children's safety, also provides 100% care for those who are new users. If you remain out of home or not near to the stove, you can turn on the child lock option so that they stay safe even after touching it. Can you imagine how important feature it is! Its pure magnetic energy eliminates overheat. Sometimes overheating damages such a gadget fast. From this angle, you are safe.

You can see your command on its given LED display. A simple digital button controller helps to maintain its activities according to your necessity. The timer up to 180 is another superb feature. Therefore, you can use it for a long time, like making a large amount of food require additional time. This gadget allows you to cook all meals thoroughly.

The 8-power levels and 1800- watt support to cook more than a few items. 8-temperature setting up to 460°F introduced it as a superior stove. At present, cleaning a stove is a concern for us. Because the stove is sensitive for washing roughly. Anyway, you don't require to think about it since it has a glass surface on the top that indicates you can wipe and bit rinse simply.

ETL certification recognizes its superiority. Almost all products of Duxtop 9620LS approved by ETL standard, which confirms 100% quality with the best services.


  • Attractive design
  • Added latest features
  • Comfortable to use
  • Quick heat up
  • Easy to clean by wiping
  • Risk protective
  • Energy Saver


  • Need to use carefully as the upper side is sensitive
  • The cord length only 3 feet

Our second pick offers you a superior portability to go for the outing. It is a most demanding portable burner at present for including specific features. Growing acceptance among the users because of having some enough functionality and an eye-catchy appearance.

Involved 18-temperature level and 17 power levels to produce adequate heat for cooking meals. Every temperature divided into 200 degrees, starts from 120-460 degree F. Likewise, the power levels begin from 200W-1800W.

If you wish to make snacks and more food, it assists you to make them effortlessly. Preparing multiple dishes by its temperature level is another benefit of making food. There is a touch sensor button in front to get your instructions. Simply press on each button to operate.

The 3-hours timer allows you to use it at the desired time. An involved LCD digital shows whatever you have commanded. Once happened any internal error, the error detection sensor shows on screen. As a result, you can shut it off instantly to avoid danger.

Configured with a large 7.5-inch diameter coil. You will be surprised after hearing its electricity-saving strength. Indeed, this worthy gadget saves about 90% power than any kind of electric cooktop. Less electricity consumption saves you paying the extra cost.

At the bottom part, a sleeve cooling fan works actively for keeping the application cool. Keeping cool a stove virtually keeps all its internal parts cool too, meant it would go for an extended time. Your food might ready 20%-50% fast than other stoves.

Its included protective bag guard your induction hob from any scratching or breaking. Authorized by FCC electrical standard of North America with ETL approved else.

For cooking different item, just set its power levels from 200-1800 watt. If you don’t put cookware on the exact place, the auto-pan detection shuts off unit power automatically. No chances to happen any hazard while forgetting to off the oven. You could elect it to determine a new cooking experience.


  • Came with latest features
  • Reliable to use
  • Fast Cooking
  • Quick heat up
  • More option to control the temperature
  • Convenient for rough using
  • Full security
  • Have a protective bag


  • May slippery if don't clean regularly.
  • The fan may fairly loud.

Looks pretty and belongs potential activeness. Yes, these kinds of skills go to this tool. This pretty item appropriate to use at outdoor campaign or office purpose. Personally, I take it with me during going on a tour. It is annoying to carry a big sized stove with us while we go for a tour. To remove your tension imusa brand arrived in the marketplace to remove all of the concentration about portability. As it’s contains a compact structure, users take it with travelling.

Very rare stove belongs a spin coil over a single electric stove. This mechanism allows a cookware to heat fast and a cooking skillet gets heat directly that make food quickly. A volume regulator knob distributes temperature to the pan equally.

The non-slip rubber feet retain the stove in the ground firmly. Every year numerous people suffer from slipping out their stoves suddenly because of the rubber feet is not durable enough for standing well on the ground. For including a table top electric stove structure, very fewer chances of slipping or overturn.

Built-in a power indicator light to see how much temperature use to cook. Knowing about temperature is beneficial to understand how much energy does a food consume. This is why you might see the consumption of temperature for each meal. The maximum operators gave positive feedback on this outstanding product for having the crucial features and space-saving design.


  • Pretty design
  • Fast heating
  • Need less space to space.
  • Quick heat up
  • More option to control the temperature
  • Able to making heavy food.


  • Consume electricity bit more
  • The fan may fairly loud.

Imagine you have to make food for several persons at a time. It’s a time spending, and you have to cook for various times. Owning this massive dutiful double burner helps to prepare more than enough food together. Its whole body made of iron to give enough durability. Don’t think whether its body will be rusty or corrosion since the body coated with the rust-resistant substance.

Do you want to cook two types of meals at a time? If yes, you can do it quickly for the remaining 6’’ and 7’’ burners. The included burners active for making food by supplying power on requirements. Both heating plates acquire heat equally. Though their size is different but knows how to cook deliciously distributing power quantitatively.

The tow plates heat the pan in a twinkle of eyes. Know, both hot plates for cooking don’t stream the same amount of heat. The plates dispense their heat on your command. Non-slip feet and electric countertop afford proper stability. Users also prefer this handy electric burner for hosting a large event.

Its primary burner contains 1000-watt, best for simmering or warming food. The other 700-watt burner adequate for boiling and frying meats; fish even can cook whatever you want. The additional notable features are its excellent performance aluminum cookware, cast iron skillets, copper pots nonmagnetic stainless-steel pots. Meant, allowing several kinds of skillets permits to make individual meals at each specific pan. All pans work faultlessly with this stove without sacrificing tastes.


  • Rust-resistant body
  • Usable for using large cookware
  • Usable for cooking in different types of cookware
  • Able to preparing heavy food


  • Need to know properly to handle.
  • May hot around the parts of burner for using a long time at a time.

We already said duxtup is a famous brand for manufacturing the best kitchen appliances along with induction applications. This oven is not out of them It comes in 120-volts, 15 amps electricity built-in feature. Convenient design with best works introduced it as a superior tool among the consumers. A digital sensor touch control panel fully programmable. Gently touch each button to operate it. These buttons are not the typical type, which looks like a touch screen.  

The included pressing child safety lock system safeguard your children from any electrical accident. Hold on the child lock button for 3-seconds to turn on this operation. Moreover, it constructed in a digital timer start 10 to 170 minutes.

15 temperature ranges (140°F to 460°F) allows for preparing food on demand. The unit power levels start from 200- 1800 watts that help to cook slowly and quickly. Another remarkable feature is the auto-detectable system. Admittedly, this is good for operators to avoid every risk. Pan detector shut off the unit within 60 seconds during there is no pan on that induction plate. This feature is virtually for those people who often forget to shut off.  

Low and high voltage warning technology protects you from unfortunate incidents. Got approval from ETL that specifies safe use always. Its catchy appearance gives you a looking pleasure. However, let us know if you liked this gadget.


  • Made with digital technology
  • Best for quick food making
  • Great user control panel
  • Able to preparing heavy food


  • Need wiping slightly for neglecting scratch
  • The fan may noisy.

This best double burner hot plate could be another obedient portable stove top you can enlist to your smart choice list. Almost it’s a kitchen gadget of Cuisinart brand. Perhaps, you know Cuisinart is a famous brand, especially in the US, for manufacturing different kinds of cooking appliances.

By the way, you should expend your money to a portable electric stove for camping that can increase your outing pleasure. This cooktop burner might be your top choice due to including significant activities. When you desire to get the best one that has durability, then this one is a better selection.

Its 1800-watt heating power can heat-up speedily. Built-in two burner cooktop facility that has 1300-watt power volume. This amount is enough for making from light to heavy food. The indicator lights show what you command. 4 non-slipping feet keep it firmly on the ground. Even while you use a spatula, it never shakes anywise. The secondary burner has a maximum of 500-watt power for preparing any kind of weight meals. Two temperature control divided into 6-setting to operate in unlike modes.


  • Save more electric power
  • 2 set the separate indicator light
  • Ease to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Able to preparing heavy food
  • Warm food fast
  • Used brushed stainless steel in body


  • Become greasy after using a few months, try to clean after each use.
  • The fan may noisy.

We want a unique featured product with a high external looking. This portable range can be your desired device, along with some excellent features included. The comprised micro crystal panel is 100% explosion-proof. So no chance of occurring any danger. The full-body can tolerate high temperatures, also the scratch-proof body that retains the product’s beauty. Wear resistance and easy to clean. An LED display with a hand-touching operating structure made it easier to operate. The functions you’ll set-up will display on the screen.

The additional feature is the auto timer. Auto timer shut off unit when it can realize there is no cookware on the plate. If you forget to shut off the stove, you don’t have to face any burning issue. This superior electric stove top has 12-power levels from 300-watt to 1800- watt.

What level amount do you need? Just set the power level and get decent food. The dividend temperature setting ranges are 104-430 degrees. The cooktop heat only the cooking plate, not the full body. From now, when you touch its other part without pleats, your fingers will b safe, no burning.


  • Durable for long lasting
  • Standard design
  • Ease to simply controlling
  • Make food instantly


  • Ease to carry on even in a small bag.

Cuisinart always considers his user's advantage. For this reason, they supplied this gadget. Owning the brilliant single electric burner ensures improved cooking experience. The body made with solid cast iron metal, you can call it a mobile stove top for having a compact design. 6-setting temperature control volume helps to reduce overheat. Overheating damage internal cooking device. The 1300-watt power strength accelerate rapidly and start process food fast/cooking food.

Its auto-pan detection technology starts working until you put any pan on the plates. If you turn on its power but place a skillet later, no risk because of pan finding skill. It can prepare food, even for a group: a power volume regulator adjusted in front of it to increase and decrease power. There are two indicators and ready lights on the left side, which informs you about your instruction.

It's the latest edition of your kitchen. And also, it will beautify your kitchen to have an eye-catchy shape. You may try this camping hot plate for outside, campaign, or parties. Therefore, you might figure out to enlist this one.


  • Well for using roughly
  • Smooth to handle
  • Able to prepare for several foods
  • Make food very fast


  • Maybe stained unless clean each use

Someone likes modern, and someone wants a traditional look. Obviously, this appliance arrived in the market with a classic look. But that not means this item is far from the latest features. This touch panel induction cooktop is comparable with another exclusive portable hot plate. It is easier to operate accurately with a smooth touching.

You no need to concern about breaking the button panel because the panel is more durable for using a long time. Its comprised burner becomes heat fast so that your cooking time can be reduced. Its power is 1800-watt that is just very decent for warm food in winter and also for boiling water quickly. The 10-gear power fulfills all your cooking desires.

The countertop fit for maximum induction cookware as like cast iron, steel, enameled iron, stainless steel, flat bottomed skillet, or pots which diameter is 4.7 to 10 inches. You will find a cooling fan at the bottom part so that the stove will not overheat. Also, the fan doesn’t create noise while working for cooling.


  • Best for preparing heavy meals
  • Easier to handle
  • Large diameter
  • Noiseless fan


  • Heavy to carry
  • Could be scratched for careless of using.

This appliance is also known as a versatile stove. You know, for using any stoves, you have to select the right size of the cookware set. But if you use this cooker, its magnetic technology will identify the cookware size, how much power it needs to cook well.

Then, the magnetic vessel generates sufficient heating power that distributes equally. Consume as much electric power as need, no extra consumption. Yes, This system stops extra electrical power from wasting. Included lightweight, compact for secure handling, proper storage facilities. This contains 120-volts, and 15-amps of electric power to deliver expected dishes.

The 1800-watt hot plate stove won’t keep you waiting as it makes food fast. Built with a digital timer that rises 1 minute to 170 minutes. Further, it came with 10-temperature ranges.


  • Handy for being lightweight
  • Quick food warming
  •    Fully compact design
  • Gives the best service if use induction compatible cookware


  • The fan located downside may create a bit noise
  • Best for cooking using small pots than large cookware. If use large pan stir food frequently

Portable Electric Stoves Buying Guide

When we go for buying anything, we ought to think about features, usability, durability, etc. Buying the best electric stove for out is not accessible if you don't know what you should consider to buy it. Let's check what things you should bear in mind before buying a portable electric stove top.

Heating power

Heating power is one of the most essential considerable things before buying an electric camping stove. More power ranges allow you to cook a lot of food. There are several kinds of electric stove portable in the marketplace as example Solid disks, radiant, magnetic induction stove, and electric coil stove.


The California Energy Commission said magnetic stoves are more potent for being heat and cook fast than built-in coil mechanism. Besides, fast heating reduces electricity also. Try to purchase after considering the thing.


Safety is another subject that has to check. The electric burner gives a signal when turning on. But some become overheated during cooking, and the heat reaches out of the heating plate. This is a reason for burning fingers if you touch any part of it. It is better to figure out the model that heat only the plate, not the entire body. Try to check about having an auto-pan detector. When there is no cookware, the oven shuts off automatically.

It will save your gadget from damages. Also, make sure to have a child lock system. You can limit its users that keep your children safe. This mechanism won't let kids playing with it.

Check power changing option

You may want to change power for different cooking purposes. If the item has a power switching capability, then it can use for boiling water, warming food, preparing snacks, a dense amount of food, and others.


Remember, the power can be changed in different modes on demand It doesn’t matter, the control panel might be a regulator or one-touch option. But for getting a modern styled, you can select the item that configured in a digital control panel.

Single or Double stove?

Think first how much food you need at a time before enlisting an electric stove? A single plate type good for cooking several easy meals. Oppositely, 2 burners electric cooktop allows making food in two different-sized pans together in a short time.

portable-single and-double-stove

Though you have a headache of carrying a portable double burner since it is more weightful than a single type. To take it everywhere, a mini electric stove is a canny choice. We suggest you to buy according to your food amount. For more means, choose double and for less food , select single type. Yet this decision absolutely falls upon you.

electric portable stove tops - FAQ

Which small stove is best?

Duxtop is the top-rated brand. Secondly, Cuisinart is also a well brand. Both are high performer and goes for a long time. IMUSA is a lightweight and handy too. Choosing the right one depends on the cooking amount.

Decide first for how many people you wish to buy then pick. Moreover, the enlisted model in this post all are top-rated and demanded models.

What is the best portable electric stove?

  • Cusimax Portable Electric Stove
  • OVENTE Electric Infrared Burner
  • Cuisinart CB-30 Cast Iron Single Burner
  • Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop
  • NutriChef Induction Double Burner Cooktop
  • Cusimax Single Burner Cast Iron Portable Stoves

These are well known as the best model in stovetop brands. But the new come brands also grabbing the popular brand position.

How do you use a portable electric stove?

Some specific steps require to follow to use a portable stove. There is a video below this article that can help you.

How to do maintenance a stove?

  • Always carry in a box, not in a suitcase or bag without covering.
  • Let it be heated before placing the skillet.
  • Don't get it to be drenched.
  • Make a break between each cooking to avoid coil damage.
  • Use correct pans or skillets, etc. Avoid carbon steel pans or metal pans as these materials are heavy.


Many people ask about choosing the right stove for them. Several users often claim that they had to buy usually within a year. Because the stoves did not perform as expected. We don't want you to suffer like them without knowing the buying factors. The mentioned cooktops above are absolutely convenient for using outside of the home. You can enrich your cooking satisfaction by the portable electric camping stove. However, if you have any queries, then let us know, we would love to hear from you.

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