10 Best Multi Surface Vacuum in 2020 – Reviews and Ultimate Buying Guide

The time has gone when people cleaned their floors with broom and rag. Moreover, it takes more time to clean the whole house. Even older people cannot apply the broom for their bone ache. My sweetie grandma suffered from this pain while she used such a broom. One day I gave her a best multi surface vacuum, after that day she has fallen out in love with the tool.

Almost the multi surface vacuum cleaner is a worthy choice for everyone at present. Because you no need to buy multiple vacuum at once for using different purposes. This multi vacuum

Can be your permanent cleaner with the services. Here we hunted 10 best vacuum cleaner for multiple surfaces that must fill your cleaning satisfaction. So let's see the best vacuum reviews for multi floors.

1. Dyson DC65 Animal- Upright Vacuum cleaner

Dyson DC65 brought significant changes than a regular vacuum. It's each part and feature made to run strongly to clean different kinds of floors, carpet, furniture, etc. For having a number of patented technologies it assures for enormous vacuuming.

The different setting mode let you eradicate hair, rough dust, carpet pile, etc with the stair stool and velour strips. Even it can move from normal carpet to hard carpet and turning back. The additional top-up tool twists into several angels and position for calm vacuuming in high reach location.

As opposed to, the reach under tool faultless for reaching most uncomfortable areas like under the mattress, sofa, cabinet, etc. The turbine tool does not jumble. Counter-rotating heads with brushes confiscate hair and grime from fabrics.

A radial root and cyclone technologies introduced it as a influential machine. This feature ensures that dust has been pulled out precisely from all sides.

Dyson has a soleplate to confirm constantly in contact with floors for remaining fixed plate base. In addition, it has a great range of motion and strategy that specify you can clean angle to angle except closing the machine, just need to push on and push out when finishing the onslaught.

In one word, the extra tools tangle-free turbine tool, flat out tool, soft dusting brush, multi-angle brush, stiff bristle brush, 2-in-1 combination, and Stair tool all are upraised it to an extreme hardwood vacuum for the consumers.

Things we like

  • Replaceable filter for using lifetime
  • Jumble free turbine tool
  • Run flawlessly on carpet to hard surfaces
  • Self-adjustable sole late that fit for better suction
  • Able to reach bumpy corners
  • 2 years warranty

Things we dislike

  • Small canister

2. Bissell Cross wave - Floor and Carpet vacuum

Bissell is another best vacuum to buy for diverse usage, comes with renowned and affordable prices. Exactly, Bissell is keeping their tradition by producing their own model on depending on their customers for giving best vacuum for the money. This is a combination of carpet cleaner along with water tanks onboard.

Whether you clean mats and carpet or any hard floor like tile or hardwood surfaces, you will get a supreme finishing from the sealed hard floors with power rating 4.4 Amps. In fact, vacuuming and washing both can be run at the same time. For that, you can save your time.

The dual multi-action brush roll built in an innovative microfiber and nylon brush which pick up dry wreckage at the same instant to protect you from double hardship.

The included two tank system allows you to use permanently fresh water and formula. Probably, everyone expects the different control setting, the smart touch control permit to show competency between hard floors area and rugs with one demand solution trigger.

Things we like

  • Setup with full varieties kits for all cleaning purposes
  • Deeply cleaning looks like professional
  • Double tanks to separate clean and dirty water

Things we dislike

  • Not as strong as a regular vacuum for dry cleaning

3. Dyson V8 - Best Cordless Multi Surface Vacuum

When you have a few times for cleaning to join in a new work, a recommendation you to select this item. For being lightweight (6 pounds) you can move it here to there conveniently. As well, the high rich area can be scrubbed simply by this superb item.

It runs in the direct drive from head to dislodge trapped dirt, through applying stiff nylon brushes deeply from carpet to hard grounds by dragging coarse seated filth. All activities track by the Dyson digital V8 dominant motor.

You may call it a best suction vacuum. For working fully 40 minutes in suction powerful mode while using a nonmotorized tool, 30 minutes fade free power mode with the lenient roller head cleaner and up to 8 mins of fade-free power in maximum mode. When going for use for the first time, you have to charge for 4 hours, and this is the seller recommendation too.

Fortunately, this tool originates with feature HEPA filtration to secure your health from allergic issues. The filter is washable for lifetime consuming and 2 years warranty is one more plus point. So this is best vacuum for allergies. If you ask what is the best most powerful vacuum cleaner? Then the answer is Dyson V8.

Things we like

  • Cordless to handle simply
  • 40 mins runtime in suction mode
  • Lightweight to carry everywhere
  • The fully sealed HEPA filtration system removes up to 99.9% of the dirt
  • The advantage of converting into the handled vacuum
  • 2 years warranty

Things we dislike

  • Short battery life

4. Robot rock S5 - Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

Now, you are going to be introduced with a robot vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors, tiles, pet, carpet area rugs and many more. That must reduce your unease. Yes, this is a great edition of vacuuming section. It based on the top in class technology of smart navigation maps of your home along with plans route and schedules.

It can cross over objects lower than 2CM to mopping without lapse and self recharge. Nonetheless, you need to pay attention to falling down from the stairs. Its synchronous sweeping and mopping system generate a sturdy wind to devour every piece of sand at a moment keeping nothing left.

The wiping system prevents hemming, leaving no water streak and water stain at rest. One movement is enough to thorough dusting. Its ultra-high 5200mah battery capacity with 150 minutes constant working period will make your house neat.

As well, it is the preeminent selection for a big house too and multi rooms, low-pile carpet, hard floor, wood floor and all types of floor. Note down, you are suggested not to use in dark or long pile carpet.

Things we like

  • Ultra power battery
  • Longtime run facility
  • Fit for big and multiple rooms
  • Best floor vacuum
  • Robust wind producing for well mopping
  • Better for hard surface and wood floor
  • Dissimilar and hard surface vacuum

Things we dislike

  • Impracticable in dark and long pile carpet

5.  Hoover Wind Tunnel Corded Upright - Hoover windtunnel cyclonic

Premium looks and active all are goes to this vacms. It is a power corded tools has enough long cord to use in the long rooms deprived of changing the power adapter constantly. The 15 feet cord obliging to reach higher positions.

Remember, it is made with 3 wind tunnel technology, create 3 channel of suction that force to remove surface debris and deep down embedded dirt. Its steerable system let you swabbing nearby the furniture, corners and other obstacles by simply twisting the handle to diverse directions.

Whereas you agonize from allergic illness, the 3 allergen technology blocks 99% of allergen atom commencing re-entering the air. All the filth reserve in the 1.2 liters capable cup which is adequate for preserving more dirt.

To keep your filter fresh, multi-cyclonic action engineered will assist to drop filter-clogging dirt out of the airstream. So this feature will run the gadget for a long age.

Likewise, the multi-floor brush rolls flexible from carpet to hardwood per press of a key. You can enlist this superior weapon at your chosen list for gaining a smart solution.

Things we like

  • Involved 3 influential skill wind tunnel effectual for cleaning floors and types of rubbish seamlessly
  • Multi cyclonic option and neat filtration divert all contamination out of the airstream
  • Active for removing hard dust
  • 12.5 inches width nozzle expedient to grip

Things we dislike

  • May face something issue with brush roll but very rare

6. 9587AM X5 Upright vacuum- For hardwood floors and carpet

Sebo X5 is well acknowledged vacuum cleaner brand for enduring the fabulous expertise to supply impeccable vacuuming. A plenty long power head about 15 inches and three on board tools like as dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, and crevice which lets cleaning in different settings on request.

Another most likable things you must like is its indicator lights. Do you how to get advantage from the light? Essentially, the light will send you a warning when some part doesn’t work exactly or off.

Hence, you might be clever to catch out the trouble with ease.

There is particular stationary light, a worn brush indicator light brush adjustment indicator lights, a brush barrier pointer light, and a clog light that pledges auto shut off once the dust bag is occupied.

The supplementary surprising stuff is 40-inch cord, this is absolutely paramount for the large room or even for a medium sized house, and automatic height adjustment setting feature make any spaces top to bottom tidy.

Now let's focus on the HEPA filtration option. Probably you knew about HEPA methods, surely it obstacle allergens from surrounding. You won't require to concern on throwing the filled dust in bin frequently due to 1.4-gallon dust bag. The bag is enough sized to digest ample trash at once.

Note down, this Sebo provides 5-years motor warranty, lifetime belt, 3-years on non-wear parts and 1-year labor warranties. What the best multi surface vacuum it is! Isn’t it?

Things we like

  • Several indicator lights with auto shutoff.
  • Large filter bag, HEPA filtration
  • Height adjustability automatically
  • Long Cord 40inch
  • 5-years motor warranty
  • 3-years on non-wear parts and 1-year labor, lifetime belt warranties

Things we dislike

  • A little more expensive

7.  Shark Navigator Deluxe - Best vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet

A lightweight vacuum lover can preference the Shark navigator since being a best lightweight vacuum cleaner. Aren’t you the lover? If yes then this hardwood floor sweeper would be a canny choice for housekeeping. We are telling because it is fittest to show its great performance both in hard exteriors and mat, etc.

At the cleaning time of sensitive surfaces, the brush roll shutoff button supports you to off the brush rolling that save your treasured tiles. High pull power works until swallow the whole wreckage from the root.

Shark provides you for using without brush to pick bigger objects. It seems to be the best vacuum for pet hair, different purposes, involved a 5.5-inch tool to consume the weapon with versatility. Once more, pet hair, debris every tiny object is nothing to this item to clean. The dust bag is enough big to stock rubbishes.

You can switch back to the brush once you need to catch dust and dirt. To increase the vacuum cleaner versatility, they include a dusting brush and a 5.5-inch crevice tool. There is also a pet power brush engineered to pick up pet hair and deep-clean debris from all surfaces.

The dust bag is large capacity and, in low traffic areas. The vacuum originated with a 5-year limited warranty on the motor and non-wear parts. May think for this best multi surface vacuum 2019.

Things we like

  • Strong suction power
    Brush roll shut off
  • Quality Pet Power Brush and dusting attachments
    Great rating and price
    5-year warranty on the motor and non-wear parts

Things we dislike

  • Floor brushes may essential to replace after a while

8. Bissell Clean view Upright - Multi surface

Bissel approached in the market place with a powerful suction and innovation brush design to remove most surface debris based on visual test BTP0221. Assuredly, this technology performs aggressively to mop the shrill to coarse substances.

A robust multi-cyclonic system will help you to perform last long that annexation dust similar an enemy. Plus, it's suction aptitude captures dirt swiftly and put in the belogging bin.

It has multi-level filtration with a washable filter, helps to decrease domestic dust and allergens. So there is no chance you get to touch such illness. In case, you may love this best light vacuum, you may consider this gadget for yourself so that for carrying on to everywhere deprived of sacrificing power.

Furthermore, you could use the tool in Carpet, Sealed hard floors, Low Pile Carpet, Stairs, and Upholstery even as bare floor vacuum. Extended 25-inch cord consents to reach every single area. You will get your potential services with this instrument.

Things we like

  • Powerful suction and innovation brush
  • Multi-level and washable filtration
  • Allergens protection
  • Convenient for several types of surfaces

Things we dislike

  • Does not work in 220V

9. Best Hoover Power Drive- Best hoover for carpets and floors

Here is another delightful hoover to discuss for numerous floors dirt elimination and working crosswise pretty much for numerous pet hair. This weapon maneuvers around the furniture and in tight spaces effortlessly.

The brush roll designed with such quality which can grab deep down embedded dirt deeply excluding trap and wrapping hair around it. You will need to turn on for optimal carpet cleaning and turn off while go for prevention scattering of debris on hard floors.

For your pet dusting, it could be a good selection. Similarly, you will get the finest mopping of your messy cats, dogs or other pet. Too, there are multiple pet tools for removing stubborn dirt and unexpected pet hair or even for a complete house clean.

Things we like

  • Easy maneuverability for having swivel steering
  • The brush roll can adjust on several surface mode
  • Large dirt container
  • 5 years warranty

Things we dislike

  • Short cord hose 9 inch

10. Shark Navigator - Shark vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet

This Shark hardwood vacuum and various surfaces navigator arrived with lift away press button to lift the canister away to clean hard and low reach areas. Where you are incapable to reach, this best rated vacuum must help to wipe the spaces.

Anti-allergen, HEPA filtration blocks 99% allergens of dust inside the machine. Any kinds of furniture like sofa, bed, the stool can be cleaned by it. The dust cup capacity is 12 dry quarters easy to acquire dirt.

You also get a pet power brush, dusting brush, and 5.5-inch crevice tool, and all are most essential for a complete vacuuming.

This has an upholstery accessory with a roller that twists when attached to the wand and vacuum is on.

This is decent for the stairs as well. Also a very long, extendable tinny wand that means to benefit clean below couches and large equipment.

Things we like

  • Relaxed to maneuver
  • Great suction talent
  • Lift away facility
  • Easier to empty

Things we dislike

  • The canister is a slightly smaller

What should you consider before buying the best multi surface vacuum?

The Size

Before buying multi surface vacuum cleaners, thinking on sizes is the first fact before buying a vacuum cleaner. You might use it at every part of your house, but bigger size will not fill your potential cleaning.

Moreover, infrequently you may need to carry the cleaner to the garage or even in the car, a small vacuum is a perfect choice that will help to carry here and there without compromise.

Plus, storing problem is the other fact to store. So you can pick a small vacuum depending on your storage capacity.

Think about wet and dry cleaning

This is truly unexpected to see your floor is covered with water. You may have little child or pet if they mess the water so how disgusting it would be? Also, the wet floor might be the reason for sudden slipping out basically in titles floor.

Yes, it is almost a common matter for every house. But for having such a house vacuum cleaner that built in dual functionality can absorb any liquid from the floor or even engross dry dirt. A wet functioned vacuum talented to digest liquid prominently.


Well, power capability machine distributes the power to different directions. The vacuum can input the electric power maximum of 12 amp from the external current source. This is grander to buy that contains these features or try to choose near to this capacity as much as possible.

The second think about the air watt. More wattage produces supplementary air pressure to pick up heavy dirt that indicates you can use the tool for cleaning the carpet as the carpet encloses hard to dust. So recommend buying at least 200 air watt.


When the filter needs to change then you have to change it often. Therefore, a changeable filter might be your clever choice to replace the filter as required.

You will find companies who produce vacuum with washable and changeable filter. You should not make the fault of finding out such a company who provides replaceable feature exactly.

Generally, several brands suggest replacing when you should change it. Know maximum time it might be happened about in 6 months when the machine drenched with dust.


There is no option except choosing a revolving vacuum for the rough dust. We emphasize on this since non-revolving brush not expert to vacuuming accurately. Further, revolving brush continues rotating on the floor that indicates proper scrubbing to do unsoiled.

One more thing, make sure to select the spinning off option, otherwise, you may sacrifice your loved floors by scratching for over revolving. Just turn on the rotation option while essential to clean bumpy dust.

Corded or Cordless

This is another vital fact before selecting a best multi surface vacuum.  Lack of such thinking can throw you in tension after buying a vacuum. I’m telling because of many people regret later buying one oh! Why I did not purchase cord or cordless! Somebody seems cord would be the cause of electrical incidents.

But it totally depends on your requirements. Really, a cordless vacuum easy to carry everywhere whether you take cord you won’t get the advantage. Nevertheless, various people pick the cord one just for using at home. So think again and again lest you should regret.

Bag, container capacity

The picked up dirt and liquid deposited in a bag, but some are best bagged vacuum some are bagless vacuum cleaner. While the bag fills with dirt you just need to transfer the dirt in the bin. Although some specific has the feature of seeing the deposited dust level, that’s why you should purchase a clear container system to see the dust level. Otherwise can purchase an upright bagless vacuum cleaners.

HEPA filter

The HEPA (high-efficiency particular air) filter is the finest selection for allergic people. This is simply many of suffering from allergy for getting a touch of dust, pet hair, and pollen. This technology fit for saving you from the allergic problem and protect you from sneezing when you go for vacuuming.

You requisite not worry about any kinds of allergens if HEPA filter equipment belongs to you. For it eliminates 99% of allergens affections from the round.


Those can do varieties work you should select the one. Purchasing separately will spend your money. So try for taking a vacuum cleaner for carpet and hardwood floors and other exteriors.


Check every individual part of the vacuum you are going to buy. The maximum company provides 5 years warranties with rest issuing warranty 1-2 years. Then the motor and other parts contain individual warranties, so make sure which parts have how many warranty.


How often to replace vacuum?

Typically, the cheap priced vacms you couldn’t use for the long term, yet can use more than 2 years. Besides, the best value vacs serve you about 7000 hours that near to 10 years that’s enough. While the motor gets damaged, you may need to change. However, it is better to change between 3-5 years. I’ve seen a few good vacuums ran for 5-year plus.

What is the best vacuum for pet hair?

Some vacuums come with the emphasizing on the pet hair and different floors. Try to know that has the potentiality for using on a pet even deep-seated animal hair. 

How often should you vacuum your mattress?

You should vacuum your mattress twice a month. If you are unable to do then try to at least 1 time in a month. This habit saves you from dusty diseases. Leran more... 

Our Verdict

Perhaps you have just read all the features from the vacuum reviews. Now turn to make a decision which one is convenient for you from all the sites. From the consumer reports, all these are the greatest performer for making your house neat and clean. Learn more how to use a vacuum cleaner?

Yet, the mentioned Dayson brand might go to your choice list. You are recommended to purchase it for having some excellent points, the self-adjusting head cleaner is among them. 2 combination tools in 1 made this beneficial to well maneuver at the ground.

As opposed to, the Sebo is an extra alternative to have a varied suite of constructed in technologies. Basically, choosing a best HEPA vacuum, onboard cleaning tools indicator lights, automatic shutoff high capacity dust bag, and 40inch cords, all the feature introduced it as an outstanding vacuum ever.

Thirdly, Shark Navigator is the best multi floor vacuum for exception structures. Lightweight, abundant suction power activity converted it a best vacuums. It runs quietly, the brush roll shutoff. A big dust bag with low price facilities along with 5 years long time warranty, these are eligible to choose this item.

Finally, what is appropriate for you, totally depends on your demand. Which is able to provide your potential vacuuming, you should purchase that.

Buying a thing frequently is no an expectation for us, that’s why attempt to think first about the product that you are going to buy. That’s why there are the best vacuum brand to help you for picking the best multi surface vacuum, just you need to reflect first which are perfect for you. Let me know whats the best vacuum and you nominated, please!

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