Best Manual Coffee Grinder for French Press

Certainly, you never achieve your desired French press coffee without the perfect coarseness of beans. Brewing coffee with perfect bean size allows attaining what French press taste you wish. Owning the best coffee grinder for French press deals with the perfect grinding in every shot. There are 2 types of coffee grinders in marketplaces electric and manual grinder French press. At present, people prefer manual type as they think this type endure the original taste of coffee beans. Though electric types grind beans fast, it loses the authentic aroma and taste.

However, we picked the best burr coffee grinder for the French press that will assist to achieve the authentic taste. Moreover, we talked on the buying guide and FAQ so that you get a complete idea about the French press coffee grinder.

Best Manual Coffee Grinder For French Press 







Skerton Pro

Ceramic conical burrs


burr grinder blades 

Hario Ceramic

Ceramic Burr Mill

Porlex Mini mill

Ceramic conical burrs

Zassenhaus "Santiago"

Ceramic Burr grinder

Porlex Jp-30

Ceramic conical burrs

ROK Coffee Grinder

Conical Burrs

Eparé Manual  Grinder

conical Ceramic burrs

Precision Manual Coffee 

Ceramic Burrs

 Best French press coffee grinder Reviews

Our first pick doesn’t compromise with taste and aroma. Meaning, this ceramic burr coffee grinder is correct to get the favorite coffee. Includes ceramic conical burrs to ensure accurate grinding. You get the right coarse form that usually requires for French press. Comes in burr design to deliver accurate ground beans. The adjustment mechanism will let you adjust its grind size as requirement.

A detachable handle positioned at the upper side allows spinning it manually. Means, you get a convenient rotating without any barrier. Secondly, you may detach the handle easily while want to clean it thoroughly. Built-in compatible burr shaft to grind with ease. As a stainless steel handle, no chance of breaking even in a rough usage.

Its non-slip rubber base keeps it stable on the ground during grinding. Even when you rotate the handle quickly, it never shakes. The ground beans storing jar is transparent that helps to see the inside ground beans condition and amount.

Do you love to acquire ground bean in multiple forms? Then this model would be a great option to get several kinds of bean sizes. Comes in an adjustable grind selector to adjust the grind to achieve the desired grinding.

Besides, it includes 18 click settings to allow you to command on the coarse forms you wish to get for brewing. To deliver you an ultimate grinding satisfaction, it produces 3 types of ground beans like coarse, medium, and fine.

Involved a detachable hand crank mechanism to reduce 90% of noise. You rarely will get noise from it where the electric type generates a lot of sound during operating. Ceramic burr is sturdier than stainless steel. You can use it for a significant time without trouble. Its full body is metal. That’s why it has very little chance of breaking or even if it falls on the ground, it won’t break or bean anywise.

Hario arrived in the marketplace with a standard durable black-colored structure. Stainless steel body offers you a long-lasting using facility. Having ceramic burr mills deliver accurate coarseness with keeping perfect aroma at every sipping.

Burr systematic mills also go for an extended period along with giving better services. As this is a hand coffee grinder, it never loses the innovative taste of the coffee. Its dies- caste handle made with aluminum that indicates extra durability. Other types of handle can’t go for a long like aluminum. You may recognize it as a portable coffee grinder since it has a compact design to carry anywhere. The small size allows you to store it in a small space. Rubber base keeps it strongly on the ground without shaking. 

This another stainless steel coffee grinder for coffee beans. It is more durable than other material bodies. It also includes ceramic conical burrs to grind powder to the French press. Comprised a steel handle with a handy gripper to rotate it suitably.

20-gram capacity is enough to serve a single cup of coffee. Many people use the same amount to generate several cups for those like the light taste. The handle is detachable. While you want to clean its every part thoroughly, you can remove it. You need to hold the body with one hand and use another hand to rotate the handle. You can do it quickly because its rubber base won’t disturb you at all during grinding. Once you purchased it, perhaps you might utilize it over a decade.

We don’t know whether you love to get an uncommon design. If you really like a model which has an attractive design with the best activity, then we suggest you consider this item. This model has 4 different looks according to the user’s demand. However, it involved a conical burr grinder to ensure a perfect coarseness to start your day with a genuine aromatic coffee.

The hand-cranked structure endures real taste. The handle is stainless steel with an egg-shaped gripper. While you operate it, your hand won’t be hurt as you can grip it conveniently to grind.  You acquire a faultless grinding in a short time.

On the bottom side, there is a door to empty the ground bean easily. No chance of remaining extra powder inside it. The whole body has a superb smooth finishing. We saw many people who liked it to have an outstanding showpiece appearance. Another significant feature is 25 years of crushing mechanism guarantee.  Choosing this model can be a great deal to achieve flawless French press with services.

Porlex is a famous Japanese company brand to produce heavy-duty coffee hand grinder. This model knows how to contract with the perfect grinding fast. Its ceramics conical burrs crush bean rightly within a twinkle of eyes. French or powder whatever you wish you can make through it.

The handle is stainless steel with a convenient gripper that support you spinning without getting hurt to the hands. It inside spring assist to achieve reliable grinding even though you grind for coarse brewing. Moreover, ceramic burrs allow you to clean correctly. Since a compact design, you may take it with your traveling time to enjoy a coffee outside.

This doesn’t have the typical look that commonly has to the other grinders. Yes,  this burr grinder comes in a great look with several advantages to provide delicious French press coffee. Users can operate with or without a step with a detachable removal washer. This feature provides more convenience too. A handle is located aside of this manual machine. It has a smooth black gripping handle to grind. The smoothness save hands from getting hurt or signs.

Bean storing jar placed at the middle position. Grinding strength starts from 1 to 12 so that you gain preferred forms. It produces a very low sound that an electric generate a lot of harsh sounds. Meaning, you get decent performance. Left-handed usability allows you to hole it strongly to rotate fast. Its base is 100% non-slip. How fast you want to spin the handle, you can do it since slipping-less base. Each part is detachable to clean it correctly.

Our last pick built-in 15 exact settings to gain expected grind to brew. All people’s taste is unlike. Someone like course, someone, medium, and someone favors fine. Even a person might need all forms in a particular grinder. For those people, this model can be a worthy choice.

The handy design supports to grip at correctly. As it has a compact structure, you can take to your travel time. No need for a large space to store this. Only a tiny space is enough to store it. It holds a maximum of 60 grams of ground coffee that is sufficient to serve a couple of persons at a time.

What the amount of coffee you ground, you can see through the transparent jar. Bur grinder retains genuine coffee tastes. While the need to rinse, simply, unscrew the bottom bolt. Both for regular and occasional usage, you may select it without thinking twice.

9. Homiry best manual burr coffee grinder

This gadget offers you fresh bean all time before brewing. Ceramic burr delivers potential grinding in different forms. It allows users to adjust 18 clicks until you acquire your demanding ground powder. Full body made with stainless steel, so no risk of being rusty and even no breaking issues.

There is a tiny door at the bottom part for emptying ground beans. A handle located upper side has one hand usability. If you want to have coffee at traveling time or when you are outside on camping, just take it with to get instant grinding.

It never creates harsh sound. Your aside person rarely understands that you are grinding. It works both for beans and also for crushing different kinds of spices and herbs. It could be a great gift for your mother. Hope she must love to see such a compact structure with efficiency.

best manual coffee grinder Buying Guide


Considering the most important fact. Only you know for which place you require to use it. If you want to use only in the house, doesn’t matter the size.  Moreover, for enjoying coffee outside, the small size is perfect to carry in a bag. Though you have to grind bean for frequent time if you own as small size.


Yet it’s good because grinding a lot of beans altogether unable to deliver authentic taste and scent. However, we recommend a mini coffee grinder to convey anywhere with ease. For home, pick a large size or select a model according to your demand.


Think about what capacity you need. Each model has an individual capacity. You have to finalize first for how many people you generate coffee. Like-

  • 7 gm. capacity deliver 1 cup
  • 20 gm. capacity deliver 2 cups
  • 40 gm. capacity deliver 5 cups
  • 100 gm. capacity deliver more than 9 cups

You can increase and decrease the amount depending on the taste.  Like, generate 2 cups of coffee with 7 grams if you like a lighter taste. For raw or medium taste, the mentioned amount is perfect. In a word, there is no hard and fast rule, it falls upon drinkers.


Check whether it makes noise while grinding. Many grinders produce an unbearable noise in using time. Try to check your grinder has less sounding chances. Although electric type generates sounds than grinder manual. Yet some hand grinders make sounds and you should avoid such type.


Stainless steel body goes for a long time where the other material has less durability. Avoid non-standard material used grinders. Besides, make sure at least the handle is stainless steel.

Grind setting option 


Only grinding beans in an exact size can’t give unlike the taste of the coffee. Better to pick the model that has a grind changing option to get multiple tastes. Further, check whether it is easy to change the setting simply.


Each company or seller provides a different warranty. The more warranty your grinder has, the more chance of concern free usage. Most sellers provide a minimum 1-year mechanism warranty. Better to look for additional warranty.

Advantages of a manual coffee grinder

Telling about hand grinder advantages is not a word because it has several benefits. At present, users like both electric and manual types. Despite increasing the demand of electrical gadget day by day, still now coffee lovers like the best manual burr grinder for having specific special features. In this section, we will discuss it.

Offer original taste and aroma

It is practically proven that hand coffee grinders provide genuine coffee taste with aroma where the electric grinder can’t. It happens because the manual type takes more time to grind beans. This is beneficial to give you a faultless taste. On the other hand, automatic coffee grinder grind bean fast. It creates more frictions that make beans heat and this temperature changes the taste and scent.


Manual grinders are cheaper than electric. Basically, it manufactures in a short mechanism where the automatic type comes in the additional mechanism that increases its price. If you have a tight budget then choosing manual save your money by giving perfect grinding facility.


Undoubtedly, manual burr coffee grinder works silently than the automatic system. As it grinds slowly, it produces very little sound. Oppositely, electric one works very fast with generating a lot of harsh sounds. If you have sleepers in the same room, possibly they will feel disturbed. Plus, for being a non-electrical gadget, you take it one place to another without bothering others.

No require electricity

Perhaps you have to a pay remarkable amount of electric bill every month. Would you mind if you can save some money through manual coffee mill? Possibly you won’t mind. Yes, hand type grinders save you from extra bill paying. In fact, you get 100% tasty and flavored coffee.

Likewise, you can carry your traveling time to enjoy a coffee outside. The automatic model requires electric power that would not be available in all ears. If you own the manual one, surely no objection to taking coffee out of the home.


Most of the hand grinder’s body is stainless steel. Some of them are a combination of steel and other materials. Anyways, steel made grinders ensure additional durability. Many people use had type over a decade without getting any trouble.

How to adjust manual coffee grinder 

Adjusting manual grinder correctly crush beans in expected forms. Until you can’t do it in the right way, chances you will miss the authentic taste, or even sometimes you can’t utilize the grinder. Let’s look over its adjusting procedures.

  • First of all, detach the top nut, handle, and rocking ring one by one.
  • Now grip the central bar and turn the ring.
  • Turn the ring counter in the right-handed position for coarse grinding and right-handed for fine forms.
  • Keep the locking ring once again to the previous position.
  • Set the handle like before and fasten the nut.
  • Once you have done this, no require to adjust frequently. You can utilize the same setting regularly without changing it.

Setting the perfect grinds

  • 13-18 clicks for coarse setting  - (Brewing styles: cold brew, coffee cupping French press and percolator)
  • 10-12 clicks for medium-coarse - (Brewing styles: Pour-over coffee makers, drip coffee makers, vacuum pots)
  • 7 clicks for medium - (Brewing styles: Drip coffee makers and Espresso Moka pots)
  • 4-6 clicks for medium fine - (Brewing styles: Aeropress, espresso machine, Siphone brewers, Bon mac and V60)
  • 1-3 clicks for extra fine - (Brewing styles: Turkish grinds and Ibrik)

Manual coffee grinder maintenance

  • While you notice your coffee is too bitter or stronger, coarsen the grind or decrease does.
  • Increase yours does if its taste is watery or weak.
  • Built with multiple removal small parts, keep it out of children.
  • Don’t force the handle to grind, it happens while the store is full of crushed beans. Just remove the ground coffee and run it again. Forcing might damage burrs.
  • Avoid spinning handle with the left hand.
  • Clean body edges carefully because it is sharp.

Best Hand Coffee Grinder For French Press FAQ

Electric or manual grinders what type should I choose?

In the house, you can use both electric and manual. If want to have coffee out of home, campaign, tour where electricity is not accessible. Then manual type is convenient. Moreover, picking the electric system provide a fast grinding facility with a large amount of bean crushing. Nonetheless, it can’t endure original taste like a hand-ground machine since it makes inside beans warm for over friction.

Can I use a hand hand burr coffee grinder for espresso?

Grinders in 15 grind settings allow to generating cold to espresso. Remember, it will take extra time to grind for espresso since it works on the finest setting. Better to make espresso occasionally.

How long will the burrs last?

Generally, it goes At least more than 5 years. Regular cleaning and correct use increase their lifespan.

How to clean my manual grinder?

  • Keep it in the water at least 20 minutes to loosen the sticky state.
  • User a soft scrubber and dish soap to wipe.
  • You may use warm water for better cleaning
  • Rinse in regular tap water
  • Dry and store
  • Clean minimum once a week

What grind size do I need for the French press?

The coarse form is ideal for the French press.

Which are best, burr grinders or blade grinders?

Coffee experts suggest avoiding blade grinders though you would get it at affordable prices. Blades produce overheat the change the taste. Besides, it can’t grind in expected forms. From this perspective, burrs warrants for accurate grinding sizes. We think you should not compromise with blades to attain realistic tastes.

How to know if my grind size is right?

Drinking coffee is not the task of grinding and brewing. There are several facts you need to know to obtain the authentic taste. Let’s look over the sizes.

  • Coarse looks after kosher salt
  • Medium looks after sans
  • Fine looks after more powdered than regular table salts and sugars
  • Extra fine after like a bit more powdered than fine forms
  • Turkish looks after full powdered or flour

Wrapping it up!

Having the Best Manual Coffee Grinder for French Press deals with several advantages than an automatic mechanism grinder. It has portability, noise-free operating, use without electricity, convenience, affordable all features that gave it a peak position in marketplaces. However, we highlighted the reviews, buying guide, FAQ, and necessary information so that you can grab the correct model for you. We hope you decided what model you would pick. Share with us which model you have selected, we will love to hear from you.

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