8 Best Lightweight Strollers for 3, 4 and 5 Years Old Kids

We don’t like to see your tiredness for keeping your kids in your lap for a long time. If you let them walk, often they become tired too. Carrying such kids on the lap is difficult. Even letting them walk also makes them tired that parents can't tolerate since they never want to see their children's pain.

If you have children within 3 years to 5 years, choosing the best lightweight stroller for 5 years old or 4 and 3 years old can be a great option to reduce your hardship and giving them relief from being tired. However, we have picked 8 top-rated strollers for 3 to 5 years kids. Here you would get reviews, buying guides, and other necessary information to fill your all queries on this topic.

Lightweight Stroller for 5-Years-Old

1. Jogging BOB Revolution PRO Stroller

Would you like to get a portable stroller to transport anywhere aptly? We recommend this model as the best choice for your loving kid. It provides enough stability with its locking swivel front wheel. So no risk of crawling while you keep in an exact place. This is durable than another non-standard stroller for having an aluminum alloy body.

You can use it for notable time for several kinds without troubles. Looks like a mountain bike that ensures smooth riding even on the rough and stony roads. The air-filled tires support while the stroller crawls suitably. The tires keep a balance between the kid’s weight and the road so that it never turns upside down suddenly.

Included a hand brake system with an adjustable handlebar to offer the downhill controlling facility. You can reduce the maximum down hilling risk if own this type of baby stroller.There is no hard adjusting difficulty to assemble each part. Just pack out the product and assemble it easily. One hand adjustability with 70-degree downing from vertical position gives an extra advantage of modification. When need to pack, 2 steps folding ability offers decent portability to carry anywhere with ease.

The extra-large UPF 50+ canopy gives your kid a reliable shelter. It delivers a comfortable journey during the summer season to have a ventilated padded seat. Your baby won’t feel hot for a good ventilation facility. Appropriate for Britax and bob infant car seats during utilizing adapter of bob infant car seat. But you have to buy it separately.

It allows a maximum of 75 pounds weight that is quiet enough to convey big kids. Thus you are not wrong if you call it a stroller for big kids. Make sure your child's height is a maximum of 44 inches. However, it could be a great choice to gain a convenient strolling.


  • Downhill control
  • Easy folding to carry anywhere in a backpack
  • Easy adjustment
  • Several recline seat position
  • Ventilated padded seat
  • Included parking and hand brake system
  • Suitable for preschool kids and infants


  • Missing bumper bar
  • Could seem heavy

2. Appletree joovy double stroller

Joovy stroller comes from a well brand that is made with ultra-light graphite material. Comprised stand and double sitting capacity. Doesn’t matter if the child is too younger or older. Involved a universal car seat adapter that gets a match with most of the brands. It includes large canopies. Made with 600D nylon fabric to warrant for durability. The canopy gives perfect shelter from sunlight.

For being a ventilated canopy, your kids won’t feel uneasy about warmness. Moreover. There is a gap behind the stroller to pass air easily that keeps your kids cool in the hot season. 3 position front seat recline offers good usability. Meaning, kids can walk, sit, and stand cording to needs. It is caboose rear seat friendly which can add a forward-facing rear seat. This feature helps to stand your too young child.

This best lightweight double stroller has a good looking where other models don’t prioritize on designs. As soon as your kid gets it, they would love to rid it. Thanks to the 4 superb active wheels to run it smoothly without shaking. You might need various essential things with a stroller while remaining outside. To keep this thinking, the manufacturer attached a large carrier with side bags. It can hold a lot of necessary things altogether like a water bottle, towel, extra pant-shirt, food, drinks, etc. It’s a decent selection to give ultimate comfort to your kids.


  • Offer maximum comfort
  • 3 position standing, walking, and sitting
  • Super active wheels for smooth crawling
  • Lightweight
  • Stroller for 5 years old and baby
  • Good appearance
  • Double stroller structure
  • Included universal car seat adapter


  • Slightly less stable
  • Require 2 hands to fold

For carrying a kid a stroller should have decent maneuverability. This stroller you better maneuverability. It tolerates a maximum of 75 lbs. weight. This weight capacity is perfect for those children who are 5 years. If the kid more than 5 but has less body weight and less height, they also can use this stroller.

The user recognized it as a jogging stroller especially for kids of 4 to 5 years. You gain various remarkable features like satisfying performance, convenient use, easy carrying, etc. there is no difficulty to assemble parts. A new user can adjust each part within a short time effortlessly. Its 16-inch and 12-inches front rear wheels know how to maneuver well. No shaking or vibrating attitude won’t disturb your passengers at all as the wheels make a balance between riding the child and stroller.

Secondly, you can lock the front wheels to achieve better stability. Once you locked the wheels, no chance of moving. Comprised a rear-suspension mechanism to deliver smooth riding. Comprised swivel front wheels to achieve better maneuverability. Users can lock wheels for more steadiness. It protects riders from harmful sun rays. Easy to fold using one hand in less effort.

As a compact size, its portability deals with relaxed storing and carrying everywhere in a backpack. Parents get ultimate comfort through the height range along with the handlebar. Its built-in pad is the removal for washing with washing. In a word, its performance will blow your mind.


  • Durable design
  • Smooth riding
  • Good looking
  • One-hand folding
  • Need less space to store


  • Normal foot brake
  • The seat seems uncomfortable during an upright position

Lightweight Stroller For 4-Year-Old

4. UPPAbaby Ani Orange G-LUXE Stroller

UPPAbaby G-Luxe is the best lightweight stroller for travel, a stronger umbrella stroller with a lot of features. Comes in one action brake that is another notable feature. The frame was made in an aluminum profile that made it adequately durable. Perhaps you know aluminum is a lightweight material that goes for a long time.

Nevertheless, its easy-open structure allows you to open it fast. No matter if you are in a hurry and want to expose it quickly. Simply open and keep the kid. What canopy height do you need? The built-in height-adjustable canopy holds big and weighty kids. It is modifiable to change the height according to want. Also, it saves kids from sun rays along with protection from the drizzle.

Both short and tall parents can grip the handlebar expediently. Sao, they no want to tend forward or keeping the hand in a too high position. Though the seat cool to sit there is no option to attach the car seat. Often you need to remove the seat pad and fabrics to wash. No matter if you wish to detach both of them since you can remove them simply. Furthermore, these are machine washable too. The 5.75” double spilled wheels give high performance by maintaining a balance on the uneven path. It never makes any harsh sound while maneuvering. Just run very smoothly with a slight pushing.


  • Easy installation
  • Best for traveling to have extended sun canopy
  • 3 unlike recline point
  • Double spilled wheels
  • Good for tall and short children


  • Hard to clean
  • No option to attach the car seat

5. Winfield Graco Verb Lightweight Baby Stroller

Winefield Graco provides smooth riding. It knows how to carry your child securely. It allows all types of Graco click connect toddler car seats. It has suspension locking spin wheels to confirm better steering. Your children acquire a multi-position reclining seat option to ride as demand.

Featured in click connect mechanism to receive cozy riding by connecting infant car seat firmly. Configured in-tray, storage, and cup holder to carry essential belongings.This feature is crucial to carry numerous stuff while wandering. A large basket allows you to keep essential things like food, drinks, clothes, etc. Get 3 to 5 harness grows option with your children.

Do you like to keep your children calm on the stroller? Choosing this model can be the finest choice for having a music system. While trey listens to music, they would like it. As a result, they won’t move. Further, it has a night light to eradicate dark at the night. It offers an easy one-hand folding capacity. On the other hand, carry a strap with a self-standing fold affords sound movability.


  • Smoother riding
  • Locking system front wheels
  • Electric light and music
  • Removal bassinet
  • 2 toys to entertain kids


  • Heavyweight
  • Available only one color

6. Jogger City Baby Tour Stroller

The jogger can a canny choice for those who wish for the best baby stroller but don’t have a lot of budgets. Yes, you can grab this best stroller within a smart budget. No need to make a very high amount to own it. However, this budget-friendly stroller is 14 lbs. it tolerates a maximum of 45 lbs. It’s an optimum option for preschool and infant kids specifically worthy for 4 years old child. The seat is comfortable to hold your kid comfortably.

This compact stroller is stress-free to fold in a few seconds. It is apposite for maneuvers on sidewalks, airports, bust terminals, and other public spaces. The wheels are manufactured to run on different types of roads without vibration. One held fold system is another remarkable feature. It allows you to fold the stroller by utilizing one hand while your other is busy holding something like holding your toddler. Only a slight press is enough to squeeze seamlessly.

Parents can add a car seat to turn it into a travel system stroller. It confirms more convenience during travel time. A large under-stroller basket stores essential stuff that is usually required while out of the home. However, the kids always love the engaging color. This model is red. If you own it for the dearest children, they must love it.


  • Superb brake system
  • Parking brake included
  • One-hand fold and backpack storing
  • Stronger handlebar gripping for better controlling
  • Lightweight design


  • Missing cup holder
  • Slightly difficult to adjust the harness

Lightweight Stroller For 3-Year-Old

7. Pockit lightweight stroller for toddler

Many parents don’t like to have a big stroller as they feel the pain of covey it around suitably. For those parents, this is one of the smallest strollers in our picked list. It has 2 steps folding design. Though it’s small in size provides supreme performance. Manufactured with 100% solid materials to make it enough durable. It can hold infants to 3 years old child without making itself too heavy to maneuver. There is an under the basket to keep numerous needed objects.

Double spilled wheels run smoothly on the roads. It balances itself while crawling on a bumpy path so that your baby does not tremble. Do you want to take it on a long trip? Don’t think twice, just take it with your short or long journey because its compact structure permits a user to carry it everywhere. You can store at the car’s back part, celling self of a train, and on the shelf of a plane. This portable baby stroller is configured in a protected belt to confirm faultless security.

The defensive pad can set up with unlike height along with untied and secured for comfort. Use just one hand to steering forward. The front spin whales are lockable. This means, it never moves if locked the wheels. The rear-wheel parking brake system let you braking when needs. A canopy over the head protects your little from sun rays. This pack-and-go stroller fittest to provide decent performance with great movability.


  • Removal and washable fabrics
  • Easy folding capacity
  • Adjustable harness structure
  • Pushing using one hand
  • Travel-friendly stroller


  • Small canopy
  • Middle positioned paddle that could be painful to handle

8. Ultralight Jogging Joovy ZoomStroller

We won't finish our review with an amazing stroller that comes in numerous mind-blowing features. Its 3 large rear wheels suspension maneuver smoothly on any rough path. You just need slight pushing to move forward. Swivel front wheels locking keep is stable until you unlock wheels. The aired tires bounce a bit to keep a balance between the stroller’s speed and bumpy roads. So your kid attains well maneuverability and smooth riding. You get a large under basket storage bin to store so many important belongings.

5 points modifiable harness system deals with kid’s security. Having the adjustable seat mechanism helps your toddlers sitting in a reclined and straight position. Even sitting on the extra-wide seat has good visibility for Childs. The air-craft graded aluminum frame goes for a long period. Though we listed this item in 3 years model but no objection if you use it for up to 7 years old kids.

All the removal fabrics are cleanable with water and soap. Additionally, it requires less space to store. Just need to fold, pack and go. When going on a trip, simply keep at the car back part. Available in colors gray and blue-red combination. Choose which color goes to your favorite.


  • Wide seat to get good visibility
  • Included running leash, parent organizer
  • Front wheels lock system
  • Compact folding to instant going
  • Durable aluminum frame


  • Missing hand brake
  • Harder braking system

Buying Guide of 3, 4, and 5 Years Old Kids Stroller 

You shouldn’t finalize a stroller only by seeing its outlook. There are several factors you should consider before buying a toddler stroller. We have described the factors that you should focus on before making the final purchase.


Wheels are such part of a stroller without them you can’t run the stroller anywise. You will find different kinds of wheels in marketplaces like aired, small, swivel from wheels. Better to choose an aired wheels configured stroller. We recommend this because this kind of wheels run smoothly on bumpy grounds. The smaller size works well on the city road. Swivel type offers improved maneuverability with giving additional stability. No problem if you choose wheels without aired type. There is a slight difference between them not much difference.


The canopy should be easily foldable and large to protect kids from sun rays. Being a well-ventilated canopy is another condition so that the seated passengers won’t feel discomfort for warmness. Further, a big canopy let your kid sit happily. It also protects them from wind, rain, over sunlight, snow, etc. So pick a large and cool foldable canopy stroller.


Checking the brake system is one of the important considerations while you wish for purchasing a stroller. Check whether your stroller has well parking brakes. It provides extra safety by the front wheels locking. Some wheels require a single bar stroke to activate.

Some work through 2 foot-functioned tabs. Don’t buy the model could be a cause of pain while utilizing with bare feet and with light shoes. For your information, numerous cheap lightweight stroller configured in hand functioned brake like a bicycle. Some contain rear wheel brakes or front hand-worked brakes. Pick a suitable model.


Try to look for a lightweight framed stroller. Generally, the large-sized stroller has extra weight. Yet some frames are made with graphite and aluminum material. These types of frames are super-lightweight. Even you can carry everywhere with less effort.

Reversible seat

This feature allows you to change your kid’s facing direction. This important factor to look for as most babies like to see the surroundings through parents want their children to look only straight.

Adjustable handlebar

Handle adjustability let parents adjust the handle as height requirements. It is beneficial to buy a modifiable handlebar stroller to increase and decrease the handle height according to the parent’s height or who pushes the stroller. So parents acquire more user satisfaction.

Storing basket

Most baskets remain under the stroller. A basket is important to store several essential things. You now want to use an extra bag to keep something for the remaining such basket. Make sure the basket has large enough to put various gears altogether.

Removal fabric parts

Your stroller should have removed fabric items to wash. A kid makes dirty the stroller frequently. So you require to keep it cleaned and hygiene. That’s why washing the fabric removes dirt with germs.


This is the most crucial factor you shouldn’t ignore though many of us don’t care about this aspect. However, try to check whether you buying a stroller that has a sticker on the body. Certification indicates approval of the product’s qualities.

Try to look for the sticker that certifies its wellness. Truly many companies don’t belong to this authorization. But checking all the potential features is adequate to get a suitable model.

Other accessories

Numerous strollers manufacture in music, night light, a rain cover, bunting winter climates, snack and cup holders, stroller boards, extra toy attachment to entertain the kids. Try to choose a model that has additional functionality with extra features so that you may use it with ultimate pleasure.

The Types of Stroller

Different kinds of strollers come for individual purposes. Each is used for a different purpose. In this section, we will discuss the types to help you understand what type is appropriate for you.

Jogging stroller

It’s a great choice to run with the baby. If you want to do jogging out of home, this stroller allows running with your kid in the stroller. A jogging stroller is apt for running on uneven terrain. It balances itself while you are in running on any bouncy paths.


Its 3 oversized wheels and swivel front wheels assist to remain in an exact place sturdily. Some model built-in hand brake mechanism to stop instantly. The brakes also help to slow the stroller downhill. For having large wheels, it is heavy than another type of stroller. Expert suggests using it for those babies who are more than 8 months. Make sure you bent belts tightly so that your child does not fall.

Lightweight stroller

These stroller types are known as the umbrella stroller or travel stroller. Its compact design let you folding effortlessly with packing fast. Need less effort to fold for carrying anywhere. You can store in a small space where other strollers unable to store. Those parents travel frequently, no stroller would be worthy like this type. We suggest owning it to get superb portability. It is available at, unlike prices according to weight capacity, features, durability, built-in material, and many more.

Double stroller

Do you have twin babies or kids closer to age? Then we recommend this stroller type to get ultimate strolling happiness with 2 kids at a time. There are 2 structures of the double system strollers like lightweight tandem stroller (Seating before and after) and seating next to each other system.


You will find also changeable type strollers that seem one seat but you can add the second seat for another kid. To use a double stroller for twin babies, make sure you picked a stroller that supports 2 car seats at a time.

Stroller for all purposes

People call a purpose stroller an everyday stroller. Thus this type usable for walking around, going to trip, and visiting parks. It includes most of the features that usually have on the other types. As it utilizes for all purposes, it is heavy to carry from one place to another. Moreover, you need more effort to fold it. Its price starts at $100. The prices mainly depend on belongings features. If you want such a stroller, ask the seller to show this type. This model has goodwill as the best lightweight stroller for 5-year-old and kids below 5 years.

Travel stroller

With a travel system stroller car seat, you can attach it right to your car seat. You get 2 advantages from it like you no require to get up your baby to transfer from the car to the stroller and using from birth. If you are a travel lover and want to travel with kids. Choosing this stroller lets you enjoy the outing with your loving children.


When should I buy a stroller?

It’s better to buy a stroller when taking your baby out of the home. Experts suggest buying a lightweight stroller for newborns, no other strollers. Don’t buy it before 8 months of infants. If your kid is 3-5 years old, you may choose an umbrella or jogging system stroller. Don’t buy jogging types for newborns or infants.

Do I need a lightweight stroller?

Lightweight strollers are practical for buses, subways, and cabs. A lightweight stroller is more flexible to fold easily. You can also carry it everywhere as the less weight won’t disturb you. For newborn babies, the lightweight type deals with extra maneuvering benefits.

Are the 3 and 4 wheeled strollers good?

You can maneuver a 3 wheeled stroller smoothly. It is perfect to control even with 1 hand. Its large wheels are apt for off-road though less stable than 4 wheeled. Oppositely, you have to pay more to buy 4 wheels. Need more space in the car too. It provides additional stability than 3 wheels. So which type delivers the potential performance that is fit for you.

Do strollers expire?

Not really. A user can reuse the stroller. To use a second-hand stroller, try to check whether it’s all parts works well. It should not have damage at all. A stroller loses its value when it is completely damaged. Meant, not in good condition to further use.

Are they comfortable?

Sure, it is comfortable both for the passengers and the pusher. It reduces the walking hardship of a child. Parents don’t need to keep their kids on laps. A stroller holds a baby securely. No problems if you run it fast. Its belt holds kids tightly. Kids never feel uncomfortable to remain soft seat. The pusher can adjust the handlebar height according to the height. A soft gripping handle won’t hurt your hands. So we can say it is comfortable.

How many pounds can an umbrella stroller hold?

It depends on the manufacturers and models. Yet the standard weight capacity of an umbrella stroller is 35 pounds. Nowadays, many companies increasing the capacity of up to 50 pounds.

What is the best lightweight stroller?

We picked the best lightweight stroller on our list. We examined the customer's feed bank and their rating to find out some outstanding models. In our lightweight stroller reviews, the strollers you can see all our top-rated. Owning a model from the list could be a worthy choice.


Don’t compromise to buy an appropriate model for your kids. At present, buying the right stroller for 3, 4, and 5 years old kids is not easy since there are flooded models in marketplaces. It’s a challenge to get a perfect one depending on your child’s age. You want to consider the buying factors before the best lightweight stroller for toddlers of 3, 4, and 5 years old.

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