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The Best Food Processor for Nut Butter Reviews

Do you think getting the perfect nut butter depends only on the right ingredients? Note that it also depends on an appropriate food processor. Indeed, those people really love to eat nut butter, they never want to compromise with its taste. They choose the best food processor for nut butter despite having an existing one.

Preparing it delicious is their final destination. Can you ensure all food blenders are apt to offer tasty nut butter? "No." The specific model comes only for processing vegetables, spices, herbs, etc. like vegetable slicer. Some are special to make butter from nuts. Not meant you have to buy different types at a time.

Various models can process all kinds of food, you get "all in one" facility in an exact model. In this post, we reviewed them, provided a buying guide, FAQ, and other vital information about the peanut butter machine or good processor so that you may get the right type.

10 Best Food Processors For Nut Butter




Hamilton Beach

Braun FP3020

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC

Hamilton (70730)

Chopper LINKChef

Breville BFP800XL

Ninja  72 Oz

Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY

Hamilton (70725A)

Cuisinart 088

Hamilton never compromises on manufacturing the faultless kitchen processor. This model is fit for giving you a seamless nut grinding without keeping any coarse form. Its superpower motor has a robust spinning capacity that processes ingredients very fast. Only one press is enough to make nuts into powdered/butter. You can use different nuts like peanut, almonds, walnuts, and a large quantity at a time. This means it requires less time to offer perfect nut butter in a short time.

Very few machines have such a power provides you with processed food in less time. Luckily, when you add liquids like water, vegetable oil, and other oily liquids into it, its blades never be sticky. As a result, the butter gets its full perfection. No chance of having particle form after grinding. If you want to get several types of nuts into the butter altogether, just press the button for one time.

To get full powdered, press for 2 or more times until achieve desired form, not particle form. Well, you already read useful features of it. Are you thinking about its bowl capacity? Don't worry, includes an 8 cup bowl to offer you a bulk amount of food at a time. Moreover, shredding cheese is another facility. Some processors don't come in a funnel. This type cannot shred cheese at all. Owning this model allows you to shred cheese as it built-in a tube over.

You require to push ingredients to the downside, and the shredded cheese will be deposited it the jar. Secondly, veggies, pureeing, and dips can be processed in a twinkle of eyes. Having reversible discs fit for shreds and slices different types of ingredients in the right shapes.

Configured in 2 speed plus power. Low speed allows you to chop soft kinds of stuff. The high speed makes soft to hard ingredients into what shapes you wish. This feature is more crucial to make several recipes. Anyway, you will get a super-powered helping hand once you choose this model. Its BPA free material ensures your health safety. Did you select it, we are waiting to know.

In our second review, we picked the most excellent and demanding Braun food processor. People also call it a peanut butter maker for an expert, especially for nut butter making along with other purposes. It can slice, chop even knead and whisk. It's really an outstanding model for maximum consumers. Comes in Europe with German technology that indicates a superb performance by its 600-watt motor power. At the required time, the power can reach up to 900 watts.

More power capacity warrants for perfect and quick component processing. What a brilliant model this is! Attached a citrus juicer to offer you another significant advantage. This feature gives you instant citrus juice. Comes in a dual control system. Dual controllability is essential to grind different types of nuts from subtle to particle form.

Perhaps, you know each recipe requires mainly processed food. Remaining double speed provides separate speed for the individual item. Meaning, you get prepared food in unlike shapes and fast or short time. On the other hand, configured in a pre-set sped functionality. You can set the speed before turning on to achieve quick processing.

The built-in blades are powerful enough to slice and chop nuts. Even while you want to grind coffee beans, you no need to purchase an extra coffee grinder for coffee beans, as you can use for both purposes. What amount of dry food do you want to make? Its 12 cups dry food capacity offer a decent grinding. For wet ingredients, it has 9 cups capability. Both quantities allow you to acquire enough food.

While you run it, no harsh sound will disturb you. Silent working technology reduces the extra sound creation label. Therefore, use it without making someone annoying. Less energy consumption saves your money. Where the other model consumes a bit more electric energy, this model is out of them. It requires very little power to work.

Made in a compact design to store in a small space. We see numerous types of food processors have a large structure. Though they work well. Nevertheless, customers claim that they need more space to keep it. From this angel, its dimension is quiet good for easy storing. All parts are dishwasher safe, cleanable with every dishwasher.

During cleaning, you can detach its every section for better rinsing. This model grabbed notable features to offer the highest facilities. Choosing it specify you assigned a new helper for your cooking house, isn't it? If so, then let us know.

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC is an ideal choice with verities of food preparing facilities. There are several cutting forms like grinding, chopping, pureeing, and blending. You can add unlike nuts items altogether to make butter. All indicate the best elements cutting to prepare different recipes. Meant, using for all purposes in one model.

Contains a superpower blade that works in an auto-reversing behavior. Its sharpness confirms better chopping like pureeing, veggies, and herbs. Made of stainless steel to ensure enough durability. It never gets rust even after an extended period of usage. There is no chance of remaining uncut objects inside. Even the hard elements get sliced very fast. The blade's edge is slightly curved.

It offers the influential chopping for various spices like onions, garlic, ginger, baby food, herbs. Blend yummy nut butter and mayonnaise, shredding cheese, and different objects. 250 watts motor power doesn't care what components are inside the bowl. Whatever it gets around, it cuts them flawlessly. Its bowl capacity is 24 ounces. You know this capacity is suitable to provide the bulk amount of butter with other ingredients.

An attached handle with the bowl allows you to lift over and move correctly. Though its bowl is full, no chance of slipping out from hand as you can grip it tightly. There is no hard functionality to operate. A new user doesn't need to know how to use a food processor since its mechanism gives her/him a comfortable operating facility. Consist of touchpad controllability to run efficiently.

All parts are certainly dishwasher safe to clean with dishwasher. You won't get any plastic smell from foods. Included BPA free materials so that you can use it without a health warning. Have a healthy food processor recipes book to help the new housewives.

There are numerous recipes that a user can learn. 18 months limited warranty keeps you tension free. Consequently, it's a smart selection as your reliable helper who is dedicated to giving you juicy nut butter.

Do you want to process soft or hard nuts to prepare butter and food in a short time? This is an excellent gadget expert for the finest chopping, slicing, cutting, shredding? To do such a thing, we highly recommend this kitchen gadget to fill your expectation.

Featured in a bowl scrapers to bring ingredients near to the blades so that might get a better result. There are a lot of food processors where you require to move elements with a spatula by removing bowl lid. With this item, you can do it even while you are on a processing mode without removing the lid. This facility saves your time, too, as you are allowable to use the scraper except for stop and take out lid.

10 cups capacity bowl assist in holding a large number of elements at a time. Users can cut a whole cabbage altogether without frequent stopping and emptying. Do you wish to shred a large block of cheese? Possibly you answered "Yes'. Covered a large feed funnel or chute that grasp almost every kind of big cheese blocks.

You just want to press to the downside, and grated cheese will be deposited in the bowl. Need very less time to prepare cheese with less hardship.

Do you need to slice apples, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, firm cheese, pepperoni, etc? To slice the mentioned ingredients, consider this item since it has reversible discs to achieve desired cutting.

Comprised a 450 watts powerful motor to boost your chopping experience. Yes, this volume is quite enough to provide the best result as well. Double speed controlling technology applicable according to food ingredients. Users can use low speed for chopping peanuts and soft type elements and high speed for the hard object.

Built-in multiple blades for chopping all kinds of nuts, all types of spices, herbs, meat. Convenient also for mince fruit and works as a vegetable slicer, sauces, puree, grating cheese, and many more tasks. For being BPA free, it confirms your health security while using it. Its blades are washable in the dishwasher. It's a complete edition of the food processor industry.

Many people prefer to buy the best mini food processor. Basically, a large type requires more space to store. Those people need less volume of butter making from nuts or has less food for processing, this is such a best nut grinder that is apposite for them.

Though it is a Best Food Processor for Nut Butter in small size, it can chop components quickly. Do you know how? Necessarily, includes a 250w robust motor, especially for blending, chopping, pureeing, and mixing almost all kinds of ingredients accurately and speedily.

It affords the instant meat chopping, onions, cabbage, salads. No risk of blending frozen fruit. Simply, bring out from the fridge and blend. Its stainless steel blades are powerful enough to break hard objects without getting damaged.

Having a pulsing button confirms ultimate control over your machine. It helps to keep original textures of ingredients so that you always get flavored food. It allows preparing veggies salad, tomato ketchup, and any meat mincing.

For preparing a small volume of nuts butter, add nuts into the jar, then add other elements. It is suitable for small quantities. Before choosing it, make sure what amount of food you require. As you know, this is a small-sized food processor, you want a small space to keep it. Compact and lightweight designs convenient to store in a corner space for the regular practice.

When operating it, its rubber fit holds it to the ground firmly so that it can't shake anywise. A transparent lid shows you what's going on there. BPA free feature secures your health. Basically, BPA is an industrial chemical that is harmful to the human body. This kitchen appliance is free from this dangerous chemical.

Washable with the dishwasher. Involved blades never get rust after a long time practice. Customers get 36 months warranty. Undauntedly, it's a significant warranty that is virtually unavailable in the maximum food processor type.

Sometimes nuts butter becomes so sticky or remains particle forms in it. It happens only for preparing in a cheap food processor that comes in low quality. Some pieces are too small, and some are too big, this kind of shapes make the butter unfit. So what's the solution?

Well, Breville BFP800XL prepares a nut butter skillfully as you purchased from a shop. You can also make butter with nuts professionally if you own this processor. However, having S-shaped blades offer instant chopping, shredding, slicing, and blending.

Cheese users often need grated cheese for several recipes. For those cheese lovers in food, this appliance is a most delicate picking to grate cheese accurately: multiple funnels or chute option grate longer cheese blocks. Two types of the chute like longer and shorter. Both works for different sized elements. The wide feed chute apt for longer slicing fast. When slicing, the mini size allows long thin objects from tipping over. You get a complete cutting satisfaction through the chutes.

Another unusual feature blows your mind. Involved adjustable slicing discs to acquire very thin slicing like 0.3 mm to 8.00 mm. This cutting discs usually works in 24 setting system. You can choose what thickness you require.

Covered a high power 1200 motor. This power delivers superb food processing than your expectation. If you wish to prepare butter with different types of nuts, then we highly recommend to select it. Admittedly, it will fill your demand. Even for making several kinds of grains powder, try to choose it. Perhaps, you know eating the grain powered daily to make us healthy. It is called a grain mill food processor.

It includes an LCD display along with count up and down timer skills. It allows a user to pre-set time during required processing. Able for up and down counting. Once this machine is turned off, it starts counting from the down mode. Its solid die-cast metal base frame saves it from rust. No breaking chance if it falls on the hard ground since caste metal is a sturdier material that rarely gets damages.

Rubber fit keeps it on the ground forcefully without shaking. Its parts are food graded and 100% BPA free. Though it is pricey, it delivers outstanding services. You may check the consumer's feedback by clicking on images or buttons.

Ninja food chopper 72-OZ will snatch your mind since it has an eye-catchy design and an excellent performance. It is a worthy choice both for butternuts and a lot of food elements processing. Constructed in a 1000 watts powered motor that is powerful to crush ice. 64-ounce liquid capability suitable for preparing a good volume of processed food at a time.

Plus, a 72-ounce capacity jar holds a large amount of frozen and creamy drinks. Processing peanut with a peanut butter grinder or processor is simple if you own this machine. By adopting the decent butter maker machine, you can make a vast amount of butter, tasty daiquiris, and margaritas professionally for the whole family via it.

Do you want blending, slicing, ice cursing for juice or other purposes, pureeing? Everything can be done through it. It processes any kind of frozen fruit in seconds. Remaining 6 blades assembly appropriate to crush large ice into snow very quickly. Blend other hard objects fast. To do this process, it generates fewer sounds. Many blenders produce extra harsh sounds during crushing such hard things.

Its motor spins the built-in blades with remarkable speed. The spinning rate divided into 4 stages. This speed adjustment deals with you for total control on your blending formations. However, the stainless steel blades go for a long time even If you use it for a significant period, the blades won't be rust and curb. Note down, this small food processor is right for creating fruit juice and different types of nut butter and fruit blending.

Cuisinart knows what its customers want. The DLC-8SBCY model covered almost most of the essential features to deliver maximum benefits. It has a super active stainless steel blade. The blade makes nuts into powder as soon as you press the button. With this appliance, you get a qualified nut butter every time. The chopping blade is an expert in chopping almost all vegetable types.

Its edges are enough sharps to chop hard and soft veggies. Includes 3 shredding/slicing discs that deliver you the best shredding or slicing.Do you require dough making? It is the most elegant choice to make the dough. Cheese lovers can select this gadget to shred large cheese blocks.

You can mince a considerable amount of garlic, ginger, and onions to store for using next time. It works as an herb food processor. You no need to buy food processor for herb mincing. Someone purchase separately, But owing this nut butter grinder would save your money.

For several kinds of recipes, you may want to mix batters. Having it allows you for a better batter combining. It comes in 11 cups large bowl to fill the whole family demand. You can process a vast volume of ingredients for a party, program, and family. While operating it, it won't shake as it has rubber fetes to attach it to the ground robustly.

Sellers provide 5 years motor guaranty. As a food processor main risk is its motor, you can lead a tension free motor service through it since you will get instant service till 5 years. Secondly, three years full unite warranty to offer the best usage for an extended period. In a word, this gadget is a perfect solution of all kinds of slicing, chopping, shredding, mixing, and many more with an extended service warranty.

Do you like to process ingredients very quickly? Then this model is ready to fill your requirement. Yes, its 450 watts powerful motors keep awakening to deliver fast processing.

Nut butter from different sorts of nuts is more natural to prepare through it. You get a professional healthy nut butter with this machine. Not only this, but also you can process most of the vegetables virtually, cooking ingredients, making the salad, juicing, etc. No want to invest in buying food processors for two-speed pulse manageable distinctly. This one is perfect to deliver 2 speeds plus pulse control option that saves your money with time.

Has a simple assembly and no hard rules to operate. Possibly you saw many food processors contain hard functionality that the newbies can't understand for the first time. But the simplicity of this gadget ensures 100% usability.

For more ingredients, 12 cups capable bowl is perfect even this is sufficient for the entire family. During mixing liquids, its remaining sealed bowl prevents leaks. It's a crucial feature that gives you maximum juice creation satisfaction. It comes in stainless steel blades in S shape. S shape can chop elements from both sides. Durable and rust-free, even if you utilize it for a lengthy period.

Built-in reversible shred/slice discs to shred, mix, and slice chop and puree. Meant, it has a bulk capability of processing elements for various purposes. Moreover, a large feed funnel/chute grasps the whole food or even a big cheese block to shred quickly.

BPA free and dishwasher safety is another significant feature. Luckily, you get a guide book about what button you should press for what blade. So, would you like the food processor? Let us know, we will love to hear.

In our last pick, we are with another excellent Cuisinart food processor that is a not a simple processor for the food item, it's a complete solution of acquiring a most beautiful nut butter and other ingredients. This chopper expert includes active, sturdy stainless steel blades that know the correct chopping ways. For made of stainless steel, it never becomes rusty. Also, brilliant for creating knead bread dough effortlessly. No chance of being curved while process hard type food objects.

2, unlike sized discs, deliver different slicing and shredding. Meaning, you may cut ingredients like chop, shred, purees, knead, emulsify and slice for several recipes. Both the discs are removal to use as a necessity.

Designed in small and large pusher to push objects quickly for chopping. A compact flat cover is a removal with ease. A spatula helps you stirring inside the food. You don't need to use finger anywise. Comprised an extra big chute that holds any large veggies and large cheese blocks. There are numerous food processors to make nut butter that has tiny chute, this small size contains small vegetable. But chopping for large veggies, wide chute is better.

From this perspective, owning the gadget confirms 100% bulky vegetable chopping through the large funnel. In addition, Cuisinart food processor replacement parts are detachable. Meant, you can wash them thoroughly. Likewise, every part is dishwasher safe, and BPA free advantage secures your health.

Costumers receive 5 years of long time motor warranty. For the entire unite, sellers provide 3 years warranty. Includes a recipe book that can be supportive for newbies to learn various recipes. If you pick it, we can assure you must get the full satisfaction of processing ingredients for nut butter.

food processor for Nut butter Buyers Guide


Considering the Price is a crucial thing that you shouldn't ignore. Surely, you want to invest your money in purchasing the best food processor within your budget. Though getting the convenient model leads you to spend more money.

Better, you make a budget before searching for a type. Remember, more budget indicates more featured in the processor. Less amount gives you fewer features. Yet often, you may get a suitable model within a tight budget, but you have to search well.


Preparing a large amount of nut butter is not a challenge if you own a large bowl comprised food processor. Otherwise, you can make it by emptying the container frequently. It's excruciating as you have to remove the ready butter and add new nuts to process again.

Besides, having a large bowl allows you [different processing types of veggies at a time. Sometimes, this bowl can hold a giant cabbage. We do not suggest to buy a large bowl type, we recommend to choose according to your potential food amount.

Motor power

More motor power slice ingredients quickly since it spin blades/discs also fast. Meaning, it saves you time. As opposed to, less motor power unable to rotate discs/blades a slowly. As a result, it requires extra time.

Motor warranty and unit warranty

Some sellers provide 5 years motor warranty, some offer less time. More warranty keep you worry less for an additional period. You are lucky if you choose the processor those have more warranty. Similarly, make sure for extra unit warranty. But you have to pay extra to get such a type. Yet, if you operate your processor correctly, fewer warranty is not a matter as it also goes for a lengthy period.


The processor you decide to buy must be BPA free and should have food graded material. Many people don't care about this consideration. They give importance only on looking and other features. This is not fair since your health safety should be the first priority.

BPA is a manufacturing plastic use to manufacture most of the kitchen appliances. Generally, blades casing and the bowl is plastic materials. Therefore, both parts should be BPA free. Food graded plastic won't create plastic smell to your prepared nut butter. If you make this mistake to pick such a product, you never achieve a perfect butter scent.

Blades types and material

All included blades and discs must be stainless steel. This element never gets rust, curve, and deliver the maximum blending facility. "S" shape blade cut from 2 sides. Expert for making dough for bread. Doing the other cutting is possible by S shape blades. Make sure whether your processor has stainless steel blades, different structures is not a matter.


Manufactures provides several accessories with a food processor. These pieces of stuff support a user to process food efficiently. Most sellers deliver multiple blades/discs for unlike cutting, several bowls, spatula, recipe book. Each thing is essential. So, try to elect that one has added accessories.

Easy cleaning

Once you prepared nut butter, you can't remove it properly from inside the bowl as it's a sticky thing. Butter will stick to the blades/discs and surface of the container. To clean it correctly, you require to wash it.

That's why both the bowl and blades should be dishwasher safe. Never pick any model without checking this feature, lest you should suffer a lot during cleaning time. Moreover, check whether its parts are removable to clean individually.

These are significant considerations you should not forget. Do a complete research on your demand, budget, and efficiency of the buying product.


Obviously, you dislike buying food processors frequently in a short time. Buying which type goes for a long time save you from extra expending. Inspect motor warranty and unite because of these parts confirms actual durability. In fact, it depends on you. Regular cleaning and proper care allow using for long.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best food processor for making nut butter?

That processor has "S" shaped powerful stainless steel discs/blades and forced by the motor power to spin fast, this type can crush each nut finely. This kind of model is the most elegant choice. From the food processor brands viewpoint, Cuisinart, Braun, Ninja, and Hamilton beach is suitable to do it. Other brands also have a standing reputation.

Why buy a food processor?

Would you like to minimize your food preparation time and reduce the hardship of making any food? We think replied, "Yes," inwardly. Well said, you need it mainly to get the mentioned benefits.

What is nut butter?

It's a delicious paste of several kinds of nuts like almond, peanut, and even numerous seeds. It contains a high amount of protein. You can consume it with bread, by licking, with milk and many ways. As it provides high protein to the body, people also consume for gaining weight.

Is nut butter and peanut butter the same?

Though both the butter contains the same nutritious value as sugar and calories, peanut butter has slightly extra protein and calories than almond butter calories. Taking peanut butter is healthier valuable to gain weight.

What power for a food processor for nut butter? 

Power above 200 watts is enough to prepare it. Nevertheless, extra motor power makes butter fast and don't keep particle form. Those like to chew coarse structure, they might elect less powered.

Can you put nuts in a food processor?

Of course, you can put nuts in a processor to achieve a genuine taste and flavor. For low volume or nuts, someone makes it manually by hand. If you have a large amount, a food processor is a decent choice to save time and escape from extra hardship.

Which bowl is suitable plastic or glass?

Well said, the food processor glass bowl has a chance of breaking than a plastic-type. Though the glass looks a bit attractive. If you can utilize it carefully, then the glass food processor is okay. But for rough use, the plastic bowl is a canny choice. When purchase that comes in a plastic jar, be sure whether it is BPA free so that you never fall in health threat.

Can you use a food processor to grind nuts?

Yes, using the best food processor for making nut butter with an "S" shaped blade is a worthy choice to grind nuts. Make sure to keep nuts in the fridge before grinding. Don't soak into the water. Grind till you get the desire forms. Remember, crushing for more time make nuts oily.

Tutorial: How to Grind Nut in a Food Processor

The Final words

Getting the original taste and smell of the nut butter is not difficult if you can make it perfect. Many people fill their demand for nut butter throughout the year by using a food processor. Our picked models are desirable both for preparing healthiest nut butter along with chopping, slicing, shredding, dough making, and many more. It's high time to choose a model from the above model so that you don't have to buy from outside.

Meant, if you own the best food processor for nut butter, undoubtedly, there are no barriers to make the delicious almond butter and peanut butter at home.

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