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Best Deep Fried Chicken Recipe with 5 Different Brines


When I bite on a crispy fried chicken, I just say ‘wow’. However, it must be crispy and delicious too. There is nobody who doesn’t like juicy chicken, I’m not far from them. Essentially, the best fried chicken recipe is not tough, you can prepare this tastefully than a restaurant.

I have learned this cook from my friend’s mom when she stayed at my house for a few days. During making this recipe, I just follow certain instructions to prepare it seamlessly. I would like to share the recipe among the people who cannot pass their meal without this food item. Almost, It is easy to make fried chicken. I Hope you would be able to make it tastily.

The things & ingredients to make fried chicken

Chicken: The chicken you are going to fry must be fresh and middle-aged chicken. I said about the age since low aged chicken's meat too soft. It's tastes like sticky. The aged chicken’s bone is too hard. Who enjoys to bite bone, they cannot bite the hard bone. If you dislike bone you can cook boneless fried chicken, depends on your requisite.

You may cut 3 to 4 pounds whole chicken into 8-12 pieces for frying. Cutting in large sizes offers few chicken pieces but small cutting size provides more pieces. On the other hand, petite pieces allow being fried inside suitably.

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The cut parts are 2 drumsticks, 2 thighs. 2 wings, and 2 breasts. The breasts may cut horizontally.

Frying Pan/Copper chef: You will need a carbon steel pan, metal or aluminum Pan to fry. The size of the pan depends on how many chicken pieces you want to fry at a time? Personally, I recommend a medium sized aluminum pan.

A candy thermometer: A thermometer (optional) helps to gauge the heat of the pan oil. Remember, heating oil faultlessly, allows to fry chicken from all side. When the thermometer shows a temperature of 350 degrees, it means the oil ready to cook. Don’t worry if you do not have a thermometer. Just through a pinch of flour into the hot oil. If the flour whizz frantically, understands it enough heated for frying.

A bowl or a thick brown paper bag: Enormous people use brown paper bag still now to coat the meat. They consider this process can coat meat intensely. If you do have paper, use a bowl instead of it.

A baking sheet: Once the chicken fried then the baking sheet drains the pan fried chicken oil. Someone use paper or tissue, but these paper keep the chicken somewhat moist.

Brine for chicken parts - Best chicken brine

Brine is essential for giving the chickens different flavor even color. Making the crispy fried chicken recipe without submerging in brine is low yummy. I suggest to make brine for preparing the easiest fried chicken recipe, this is not hard at all. There are several kinds of brine people use. I described all the methods below.

Basic chicken Brine 

If you call basic brine as quick chicken brine, you are not wrong. Yes, to make it, just melt 4 tablespoons pure white salt, 1 tablespoon garlic, and ginger powder or paste, 1 tablespoon paprika powder (optional) with 4 cups of tepid water.

Add 1 cup yogurt 1 tablespoon sugar likewise. After adding all the mentioned ingredients, mix properly until the sugar and salt melt appropriately. Plus, keep the chicken in the solution and keep in the refrigerator for a few hours or up to the full night. Now the basic brine ready for the next step.

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Buttermilk Chicken Brine

Most of the cook apply buttermilk brine for frying chicken. It gives enhanced flavor with appetizing. To make, you’ll need 2 tablespoons white salt, 4 cups buttermilk, 2 pieces ground black pepper (optional), 1 tablespoon garlic and 1 tablespoon ginger powder or paste.

If you want KFC or southern fried chicken style then don’t forget for adding herbs a little bit(only 1 tablespoon). You may add the black pepper while you want to feel a peppery taste from each bite. Add the chicken to it, cover with a lid and freeze for overnight.

Cider Brine

Add 4 tablespoon white salt with 2 cups apple cider. Mix properly and add chicken to the mix. Place in the fridge for overnight after coating with the solution.

Cola brine

Take 2 cups cola, 1 tablespoon white salt, 5 cloves chopped garlic, 7 sprigs fresh thyme, 1 tablespoon or more hot sauce. Add chicken, mix the entire things seamlessly. Coat and keep in the fridge only for 4-5 hours. But remember, over freezing spoil chicken's aroma or might be bitter. Therefore, it is better to proceed with caution.

Pickle Juice Brine

Add 2 cups pickle juice & 2 tablespoons to the chicken in a large bowl. Cover and place in the fridge from 10-13 hours. The meat will absorb the pickle juice that converts meat juicy and aromatic.

How to coat - Best coating for fried chicken

The coating is one of the most chief tasks for the best fried chicken. Occasionally, all hardship may turn into zero just for the trouble of coating. So, you should follow the coating process step by step. Tow ways are well known. You can follow one as wish. 


Take a brown bag, fill the bag with flour. Add salt as taste, also add 1 tablespoon black pepper powder (if don’t like pepper no need to add). Now pick up all the chicken pieces from the brine and put into the bag. Shake the bag frequently for about 2 minutes. When all the meats are coated from all side, keep the meat pieces in a flat bowl. Be careful about keeping the coated meat in the bowl gently. If you do it quickly, the flour coated layer will drop out.


This process nearly the same as the first one. Only need 3-5 piece eggs extra. Take 3-5 eggs, shake in a small bowl. Take also some four in a tiny bowl with salt in quantity. Try to use white salt continuously. Initially, Submerge the meats into the molten eggs. Coat the meat with the flour round. Again, submerge the meat with the eggs and coat with flour.

You can do this repeatedly. The external layer of perfect fried chicken would be thick on depending how much time you coat with flour. Follow the similar way to coat all meat pieces. Once coated, the chicken's pieces are prepared for frying.

The process of frying - How to fry chicken?

You can apply soybean, peanut, canola and vegetable oil. Bear in mind not to use olive oil or butter to make chicken fry. Because they have a low smoke point, that means it can be fired over the pan when it would be high heated. Good to know that, at the older time people used lard and butter or soybean oil as there were no available numerous kinds of oil then. Once finishing the coating, heat oil in a pan. The pan should be enough width, so that, the chicken you can put and pick up simply.

Heat the oil by fully till reaches minimum 350-degree heat. This temperature can be measured by the candy thermometer. Now, place some chicken pieces in the pan. Don’t place further at a time. It will not be fried inside. So, to make pan fry chicken need to fry in several batches.

Keep the stove fire in middle volume after placing chicken in the pan. Large fire volume makes meat colorful quickly externally, it seems the chicken is completely fried.

Actually, its interior condition remains raw. Thus, gently frying give you a flawless result. Don’t reverse the chicken over and again within 3 minutes. Someone claims the layer of meats drops out during frying only for doing this. During the under part fried completely, reverse it opposite part. Now you may ask how long does it take to fry chicken.

When a chicken batch becomes a brown or golden color, keep them on a baking sheet. If you have no backing sheet, can use paper, using tissue is better than normal paper. The tissue absorbs the internal chicken’s oil fast. Recollect, an impeccable fry can contribute to a proper taste.

The Serving Process

  • Biting into the chicken fried really tempting. But smart serving makes it extra delicious and pretty. You won’t like to burn your mouth while eating the hot meat, Really? Let them be cool enough. You can serve with a french fry and tamarind sauce.

To make tamarind sauce melt 1 cup tamarind in a small bowl. Add 4 tablespoon sugar, half-table of salt, half-tablespoon fried cumin powder. Throughout the seeds. Stir properly, now ready your tamarind sauce with pan-fried.

All your hard work end. Just say thank you to the chicken for being fried. What a crispy chicken and juicy chicken, Isn’t it? But you have to remember, chicken contains high-class of protein. But when make it fry, it gets fat too. Consequently, try to eat within balance. I’m excited to know about your prepared best deep fried chicken recipe. Give your feedback on how the taste was your homemade fried chicken?

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