10 Best carbon steel pans Review 2020 and Buying Guide

While I was thinking to write on 5 best carbon steel pans, I tried to know whether these pan works or not. However, I researched online and emphasized on user’s feedback. Finally, I noticed most of the carbon steel pan users gave 100% positive feedback after using the pan. According to their opinion, these pans ensure your health than another stainless steel pan.

Often, people search for a pan that secure their health from food poisoning. As you know the different types of pans produce with different materials. Some materials impact on health badly, some have low impact and some are safe.

These pans warrants for healthy and professional cooking. Would you love to know about this type of pan? Then this post will fill your thirst. Here, you will see the best reviews, buying guides even other essential info.

The Best carbon steel pans – Comparison Chart





Mauviel 36​​​​​51.32 M'Steel

Paderno Blue Carbon Steel


De Buyer MINERAL B Round

Carbon Steel Wok For Electric

Carbon steel fry pans reviews 

Instant heating: This wonderful extra thick black pan comes from France. Often we need instant cooking for hurry. You can choose this pan for instant cooking that make food fast, also for an ideal searing.

High performance: You will get a professional high performance from it, even it is a great choice both for restaurants and at home. Includes with commercial-grade sturdiness endures high temperatures. It provides a significant preheating and brilliant searing facility.

Natural nonstick ability: The natural nonstick facility removes the risk of health along with giving healthier searing experience since built with natural nonstick stuff and darken over. You just need to season the French carbon steel pan before using. It is recommended by the the manufactures.

Able to cook on all cooking surfaces: Yes, you read exactly, you can use it on several kinds of surfaces like electric induction, Gas, oven and halogen stovetops. So, you may get relief thinking about which surface you will use for using this pan.

Lifetime guarantee: I noticed many chefs want pans that have a lifetime guarantee. Would you love it if you get something like that? Possibly yes. You can purchase this item for having this guarantee. So, this amazing appliance is waiting to give you knew cooking experience all over again.


  • Has 5 sizes according to demand
  • Rust and oxidation resistant
  • Usable on all cooking surface and stovetop
  • Lifetime warranty and
  • Ensures oven safety


  • Missing helper handle on the large size

Excellent heat conduction: This pan made with heavy-duty carbon steel for generating superb heat. That is why you must get high heat conduction for better cooking. Plus, it comes with an alloy of iron and carbon to make the pan more durable to go for an extended period.

Come in a polished surface: Many chefs desire natural nonstick surface, do you know why, the natural nonstick features ensure cooked food safety and reduce the risk of burnt. Chefs and housewives are getting fond of this model too.

Ideal for better searing: I am not sure whether you want a pan for better searing. Yet, if I am right then I can say this model is the right choice like the first one. You will get quick heating and burn less searing that allows getting the original taste and colors of food.

Able to cook on multiple surfaces: Oh, I have seen many housewives get confused about whether their pans can cook on multiple heating surfaces. I want to say the housewives, if you take this model, no need to worry about it. This configured as you get the hot plate, broiler, and oven cooking capacity. Yes, it is an oven safe pan too.

Ideal for different cooks: What food do you like tortillas, pancakes, and numerous egg items? You can cook all items in this carbon steel crepe pan.


  • Long-lasting
  • Rust resistant
  • Quick preheating capacity
  • Fit for several cooking surfaces


  • Limited lifetime warranty

Now, I am going to discuss a fantastic professional pan. Yes, this pan is one of the best pans from this list.

Deep space: Possibly, you are seeing the pan is enough deeper than the other pans. This deepness allows cooking more food at a time. Besides, you can move spatula conveniently since deep space.

100% natural: It total body made with 100% natural and pure iron that warrant for durability if you can take proper care, it will go run for a long time.

Natural nonstick: While want to use for the first time. Make sure you have seasoned this pan very well. I am saying this because the manufacture suggests doing it. After seasoning, you will get a complete nonstick facility to get original cooking satisfaction.

Comes with bee Wax: Bee wax works against rust and oxidation. You know the oxidation damage a pan gradually. So, this feature confirms more sturdiness too.


  • Deep food space
  • Comes without the harmful PTFE and PFOA
  • Bee wax feature for more durability
  • Comfortable handle convenient moving
  • Rust and oxidation resistant


  • Not dishwasher safe

Built with pure iron: Possibly, you dislike to buy pan frequently in a short period. Plus, many users cannot use the pan for a remarkable period. These types of pans made with non-qualified material, this is why, and it does not go for long.

To keep you tension free, De buyer mineral B round is a precious choice. Its entire body built with natural and pure iron that means you can use for a lengthy time and forget the time when you bought it last.

Rust and oxidation-resistant: In the upper list, you saw the rust and oxidation is harmful to pans as it damages the pan very quickly. However, de buyer pan is quietly safe and long-lasting. If you take care of the right, you will be able to use it for a very long time.

Double handle: Another significant feature that can boost your cooking satisfaction. Do you know why often the double handles need? When you want to cook more food at a time, you need to lift over the pan full of cooked food.

Sometimes, the gripping one handle cannot be suitable or hardship. If you choose a double-handled pan, chances you can hold the pan from 2 sides conveniently.

Comes with bee Wax: You know Bee wax able to work against oxidation and rust. The oxidation destructs a pan steadily. Thus, this feature warrants for more toughness too.


  • Double handles
  • Comes without the damaging PTFE and PFOA
  • Convenient handle gripping
  • Rust and oxidation resistant
  • Easy liftover


  • Not dishwasher safe

In the last collection, I am going to say about this best carbon steel skillet. Yes, it has charming that must attract you.

Fittest on multiple cooking surfaces: Did you ever think how would be your next buying pan fittest for several surfaces? So do get panicked at all. This model comes to eradicate such an intention. Yes, you can cook on induction over, electric stoves, gas ranges, and other heating sources. How amazing thing is that!

Attached lid and metal spatula: Many housewives and chefs feel bothered to buy a separate lid for their purchased pan. Even sometimes the lid does not get adjusted. Therefore, this model is appropriate for those who are looking for a carbon pan with an adjusted wooden lid and a metal spatula.

Quick heating: Not sure whether you will need to heat the pan for urgent cooking, if you have any chance to quick heating for the fast cook, you may choose this item without thinking twice. Its flat bottom makes the pan heat so fast except keep you waiting. Plus, let you make wok recipes.

Heatless handle: Frequently, numerous persons ask why does the handle of a saucepan get hot when it is on the stove. Not only sauce pan but also carbon skillet have same issue. Though, this is a common when someone cooks in these types of pans, the handle becomes hot.

If you touch the handle subconsciously, chances your finger will be burnt. Yet, in this pan, the handle comes with wooden configuration that never heats at all. Even if you cook in high heat, no risk of getting hot.


  • Fit for multiple cook surface
  • Lightweight and fast heating
  • Included wooded lid and metal spatula
  • More durable
  • Heatless wooden handle


  • No cons

What is Carbon Steel?

Every chef has an individual choice of cookware. Some like stainless steel, ceramic or copper cookware. On the other hand, most of them are emphasizing using the best carbon steel cookware increasingly. Even professionals chefs suggest using carbon types pans for best cooking practices.

Essentially, carbon type produces with 99% iron along with 1% carbon. Yet a few types may have 2.1% carbon. This increased carbon amount allows for better heating and better usability.  This pan able to make heat fast and can distribute heat equally. It has less chance of bumping and crumbling that a cast iron pan has.

It can cook versatile food faultlessly. Also, get adjusted almost in every burner by stir-frying browning, braising, searing, and sautéing.

Types of carbon steel pan set

There are different kinds. Some might seem like a general skillet though the carbon steel skillet works inversely than another skillet. Further, obtainable in crepe pans, carbon woks, and paella pans, etc.  Available ranges start from 8 inches to 12 inches. But the sizes depend on the manufacturer's production.

It is lightweight than cast iron skillets. Essentially, carbon pans become black to blacken after day by day usage. A new pan looks smooth and shiny.

The Ultimate Buying Guide of Carbon steel Pans

Well, you decided to purchase a best carbon steel frying pan or pan for various cooking, but do not know what you should consider before buying it. Thus, are you sure to purchase the best pan? Not at all, for this, you should know some things before making a final purchase. Let's dive into it.


Checking the size is one of the most important considerations. Initially, you do not require every size all time. There could have a specific size you want to cook. There are different sizes, you have to decide first which size can fill your demand. Essentially, for cooking a small quantity of food, the small size is enough. Generally, size indicates the bottom space and wall height.

The large bottom can cook more food and assist to move spatula suitably. On the other hand, the wall height permits to keep large sizes of food materials appropriately. Basically, you have to decide first about sizes before completing buying.


We know getting the best item with a large amount does not go in vain. However, occasionally this proverb would not be true. Do you know why? For your kind information, the carbon steel skillets price ranges walk in a particular path. That means, not so different depending on quality. You can buy within a tight budget.

Or there are many pans built with high quality. Although the prices are slightly more, try to buy though you require to increase your budget slightly. Because increasing the amount a little bit will provide a large facility.

Used material 

You cannot ignore this consideration. Because many manufactures often mix even coat pans with other materials. This practice does not bring good results constantly. Anyway, you have to check the materials used for producing the pans. Check your buying pans free from injurious additives like PTFE and PFOA.


I got to know many people are less aware of handles. They focus only on the inside space and height. But the handle plays an important role in consuming suitably. Some pans come in a large handle and short. Nevertheless, the large size lets you gripping perfectly.

On the other hand, handles should have coating so that it will be heated at full flame or heat. Thus, try to choose a coated handle featured pan to keep your finger safe.

Stovetop capability

Though maximum carbon steel cooking pans compatible in all stoves, sometimes a few pans could not be well-suited in stovetops. The reason is some of them not comes in a flat bottom, they cannot remain sturdily on stovetops.

Fittest in multiple cocking surfaces

The more cooking surface covering skill your pans have, the more chance you can use conveniently. All pans do not come with this feature. However, once you purchased like this, changes will get better skillet cooking experience. Yet, if you have no claim about multiple cooking surfaces then you can choose what gets matched to your oven.

Pre seasoning

A simple carbon steel frying pan gets rusty such as a cast iron pan. Pre seasoning means an oily layer on the surface diminish sticking and burning risk. Pre-seasoned features pans provide a protective layer against rust, and pans turn into nonstick. Consequently, check the pre-seasoning feature. 


Focus on thickness to understand durability along with usability. Generally, a pan becomes 2mm or 3 mm or unlike thick. More thickly indicates slow heating time. Oppositely, less thickness indicates fast heating. Furthermore, thickness makes pans lightweight of heavy. But according to my opinion, more thickness certifies more strength.


1. What is the difference between the pre-seasoned and unseasoned pans?

Pre-seasoned means the pans no require to season at home. While purchasing can use instantly to cook without seasoning. And the non-seasoned means, you have to do carbon steel pan seasoning at home. It cannot use without seasoning.

2. How to season carbon steel pan?

Perhaps, you have come to know carbon steel pans come in pre-season and unseasoned conditions. Once you purchased pre-seasoned, you can start using instantly.

For unseasoned condition, you have to season it very well. Here, I highlighted the seasoning process. Seasoning is undoubtedly simple that you can make your pan nonstick. The general process-

  • First of all, rinse in clean water and dry out thoroughly. Next, keep on a burner on full flame or heat.
  • Now, take some cooking oil and do oiling on the uppers surface with a brush. Do it frequently for 15-20 minutes.
  • While doing this, there will create smoke but do not put off the flame or heat.
  • Do wiping continually until the surface became black.
  • If you do it there or four times, surly the pan will turn into a nonstick.
  • After doing this, keep the pan without washing with dishwashers but can rinse with the only freshwater.
  • Wipe with tissue or towel

The second process of seasoning

For seasoning, you will require-

  • Stove
  • Paper towel
  • Barbecue brush
  • Preferred cooking oil or lard fat
  • Oven mitt
  • Fan

How to do

  • Initially, make sure all windows of kitchen or room keep open, because of whole seasoning the pan, the created smoke can be out by widows.
  • Keep fans turns off so that the flame and smoke cannot rotate around the space.
  • Removes stickers or coating with detergent, scrub or sponge (if has)
  • Place the on the burner with high heat.
  • For hands safety, you can wear kitchen gloves.
  • Now, coat the inner area with cooking oil, butter or lard. Use a heat resistant barbeque brush or any cooking brush to wipe.
  • Wait until the inner surface becomes blacken.
  • Now, remove the pan and brush.
  • After that, let it be cool fully.
  • Wipe the remaining lard or grease with a paper towel.
  • Now, again place the pan on the burner, let it create smoke.
  • Do brushing.
  •  After a while, remove the pan and let it be cool.
  • If you do 4 or 5 times, hopefully, the pan will be nonstick.

Precautions while seasoning carbon steel pan

  • Let the pans be cool between each seasoning.
  • Do not use more oil, butter or lard.
  • Clean all non-absorbed oil completely before doing seasoning secondly.
  • As the oil type ingredients are flammable, pay attention to captions.

3. Why many chefs are choosing carbon steel?

Lightweight, fast heating, better cleaning, high quality, healthy, durable all features made the skillet more demanded to chefs.

4. Is carbon steel safe to cook?

Carbon steel cookware 100% safe for health. Manufacturers produce it with only iron and carbon which is a safe material. For additional information, nonstick skillet slightly harmful for health. Carbon skillet is free of nonstick and safe.

5. Which pan is the best carbon skillet or cast iron?

Though both skillets work near to the same, carbon type is lightweight thank iron skillet type. You can remove cooked sustenance from carbon pans as it contains sloping sides.

5. What Can I Cook With My Carbon Steel Pan?

You can bake, broil, sear, and stir-fries, also known as the best pan to make omelettes. Plus, you can cook maximum tasty foods like fish and eggs without sticking. Plus, skilled chefs are choosing this pan.

6. Which oil to use for seasoning carbon steel pan?

You can use vegetable oil, rice bran oil, butter, lard, etc. Someone use coconut oil too. Chefs also suggest seasoning carbon steel pan with flaxseed oil.

7. What should a seasoned carbon steel pan look like?

It looks like black and oily. If you use continually, the looking will be more oily, blacken and glassy.

8. How to wash carbon steel pan?

Let it be cool later cooking. Rinse with warm water or can use normal temperature water. Wipe with a scrub only (use also dishwasher if dishwasher safe) and wipe with a cleaned towel. You can follow this process once in a week not daily.

9. How to clean a burnt carbon steel pan?

Keep the pan in hot water for 1 hour. Then scrub with a steel sponge or scrub and wipe with a towel.

10. Why is my carbon steel pan sticky?

Perhaps, you do not clean it regularly. Try to clean after each usage at least with cold water to get sticky free condition.

11. What is the best oil for seasoning carbon steel pan?

Vegetable oil is widely used oil for seasoning.

12. How to clean carbon steel pan?

For regular clean, extract sticking food with a hard spatula. Next, just wipe with sponge and rinse with clean water.

Wrapping it up!

I hope you perceived a complete idea from this carbon steel pan review. Truly, it provides huge significant benefits than the other pans. You may discover a new experience all over again if you try it. Because many professionals are greatly loving it.

Remember, getting the suitable carbon steel pan is not a matter of luck, it is a matter of well researching. In this article, the pans we have highlighted all come from the top-rated category. Yet if you have any queries, do not shy to comment below. I will love to hear your sound and suggest to you.

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