Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Light and Heater

Staying at an odorous and moisturized bathroom for a couple of minutes is really unbearable. Nobody likes this situation where they can’t stay in relief or even can’t take a breath for too much bad smell. Installing the best bathroom exhaust fans with light and heater gives you comfort from this condition. A bathroom fan with heater and light integration mainly works to eliminate moisture from the bathroom with removing odors thoroughly.

Perhaps you know there is a lot of watery condition and warm air in the bathroom. It happens because the bathroom door remains close for all time. It creates a frowzy state inside. In this bad situation, owning such a bathroom gadget turns the inside environment into a decent state. Finding out the right model from the huge collection is almost a challenge.

From this perspective, we picked 5 top-rated bathroom exhaust fans built-in light and heater after analyzing types, efficiency, convenience, durability, capacity, ratings, feedbacks so that you can pick a perfect model.

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Heater and Light Combo



Noise Level













Key features

  • Offer heated and clean air
  • Quite running
  • Easy installing facility
  • Code compliant
  • Enough durable
  • Getting both fresh breaths with warmth state is not impossible once you get it. It doesn’t work not only to ventilate the bathroom, but also keep the inside warm at the cold season. There is an overhead light that is its extra advantage.

    Includes standard Sirocco fan in this combo to ensure better performance than another non-standard brand. It ventilates heavy corrupted air with a comprised dolphin-shaped wide blower. No chance of staying into the bad air though it’s a large amount.  Comes in a unique structure to acquire more air to pass to the other side. A non-quality exhaustion fan unable to clear heavy air to outside for making bathroom odor and moist free.

    Another remarkable feature will blow your mind that is a soundless performance. Yes, it works without making you bother. Meant, it never produces noise like the other type. Manufactures applied quick fan spinning technology except sounding or not more than 0.7 sones that is unreachable to ears. Comes in ECM technology too. One of the significant features is once the fan fall in static pressure, it extends the rpm automatically.

    You get an instant heating facility by 1400 watts capable heater. As soon as you turn on it, the bathroom will be heated in a twinkle of eyes. Meaning, you don’t require to wait to make your bathroom warmth.

    Added multiple overhead lightings with 18-watt fluorescent lamps to enlighten the whole area so that you may go to the bathroom at night. Every part comes from durable components to use over a decade without any problem.

    Especially, the lubricated bathroom exhaust fan motor provides long-lasting performance. Users get 100% safety usage through this bathroom air freshener. No chance of shocking or any incidents to have thermal-cutoff fuse and damper to avoid counter-flow. Constructed in 3 level safety layers on the heater.


    • Rust resistance
    • Easy installation
    • 62.0 compliant
    • 3 years warranty
    • Silent performance
    • USA brand
    • Energy saving
    • Large area coverage


    • Need to know the correct installing way

    Key features

    • Large space ventilates
    • Easy using
    • Fast setup
    • Strong performance
    • Attractive design
    • Powerful spinning motor

    This is the next top class round bathroom exhaust fans with light and heater. Light, heater and fan combination warrants for a actual ventilation with extra benefits like heating and lighting. You achieve a seamless nonstop performance through it. It has 70CFM airing performance to offer an odor-free space. Deliver adequate air movement maximum 100-sq without compromise. Its working speed is so fast. Just switch on the power to get the prompt renewed bathroom.

    It covers 65 square feet to heat up within a second by 1500 watts heating element. This power volume is sufficient to do instant heat. No risk of overheat that spread around the house. From the safety perspective, it is manufactured in auto-reset thermal protection both in the coil and ventilator to avoid dangers. No need to turn on both fan and heater separately as it starts working together by its comprised switching functionality.

    BroanNutone 9093 comes in multiple lighting modes like the involved 100-watt bright bulb deliver ample light to see everything clearly. The second 7-watts light offers a mild shining light to identify your nightly way.

    Easy installing and replaceable by DIY’ers gave it a peak position in marketplaces. Having four functional switches allows you using each switch individually. Undoubtedly, it will go for a long run without any trouble. This assurance came from the consumers who already using this combo for an extended period.

    Do you think this combo is only a great performer? Not at all, it also built-in a superb appearance. It gets matches almost in all types of bathrooms to have white enamel grille finishing. Galvanized steel structure made this a durable item too. After installing it, you would get a new looking with amazing amenities. However, your every morning will be charming for having such a combo with a lot of features.


    • Convenient and safe
    • Powerful workings
    • East setup
    • Great looks
    • Superb lighting mechanism


    • Need maintenance regularly
    • A bit more pricey

    Key features

    • Bluetooth dual-high reliable speakers
    • Wireless stereo
    • Ease installation
    • Brilliant audio performance
    • Energy star badge
    • Replaceable by DIY’ers

    Would you like an exceptional featured room exhaust fan? Then selecting the Broan SPK model can be a canny selection to enhance your bathroom air condition. Broan is such a brand people know it as a decorative bathroom exhaust fan with light manufacture company.

    Anyway, we told about an exceptional combo exhaust fan for a bathroom and this is the model built-in entertainment facility too. It keeps you entertained while it performs. Entertainment meaning you can listen to music by its included Bluetooth system with and speaker that output your commanded music’s sounds.

    It connects your music player or devices by pair connection technology. Just go to the bathroom and hear your favorite music to extend your joy. The wireless song playing advantage keeps you far from connecting extra wire.

    This is actually painful to connect 2 devices via wires. However, as a wireless gadget, it offers strong pairing between this combo and another device. It never disconnects suddenly until you stop it. Its sound quality is just awesome like you listen to music from a home theater.

    The fan works robustly to knock out the excess air and make the room totally odor-free. Do you have a large space to ventilate? No problem because this combo unit has 110-CFM to refresh 102 sq large space quickly. 1 sone sounding is nothing as it never reaches to ears. Furthermore, possibly you will listen to music during the visiting bathroom. As a result, the little generated noise won’t touch your ears even if you don’t turn on music. Can you imagine what technology this is!

    You can install it with ease. As a plus point, you get a free instruction book to know how to install a exhaust fan in bathroom correctly. If you wish to replace by DIY’ers, you can do it. Users may install over shower or bathtub using a GFCI threatened branch circuit. Did you liked it, let us know, please!


    • Quitter performance
    • Easy installation process
    • Eye-catchy design
    • Quick device connecting via Bluetooth
    • Offer smooth sounds throw the speaker
    • Excess humid eradication


    • Speaker works only when the fan is on
    • Can’t join several devices  at a time

    Key features

    • Decorative design
    • Junction box attached
    • Galvanized steel coating
    • Multi functioned switches included
    • Fast heating ability
    • Clear appearance by light

    This is a budget pick light and exhaust fan combo that came from the Broan brand to confirm 100% air refreshing capability with heating. You may grab it if you have a tight budget but desire to achieve the right bathroom exhaust fan with light and heater. To keep your room’s air fresh, it ventilates strongly to eliminate excess moisture from the air. It heats the inside not so warm and not keeps too much cold. Basically, this smart exhaust fan knows how to maintain temperature.

    Its 70 CFM ventilation aptitude knock out extra odorous air. 65 sq feet coverage capacity sufficient to recover a medium-small. The motor spin very fast that prevents creating excess air and even bypass inside nasty air outside speedily.

    It forces the heater to generate instant heat by 1300w power. As soon it begins producing heat, then it spreads out around the room. Comes also in a 100W glowing bulb to enlighten the whole room. Luckily, you can turn on both the heater, light, and fan altogether or can use separately according to room condition.

    Though generate 4 sones on performing mode. We saw many users don’t mind for the sound. Do you know why? Essentially they think their privacy in the bathroom remains secrets from others. Notably, it allows you to access more functionality by acquiring a great look in any room. It belongs to multi-mechanized switches separately to let you utilize it depending on your way of life.


    • Effective ventilation
    • Fast and simple installation
    • Eye-catchy pattern
    • HVI approved
    • Cheapest price


    • Suitable for small-sized bathroom
    • Produce a bit more noise

    Key features

    • Powerful performance to reduce excess moist completely
    • Quick installation
    • White polymeric grill
    • Bright lighting capacity
    • Attractive pattern
    • Safe performance

    What would do while you walk in a small budget to buy bathroom exhaust fan with heater and light? Those suffer this tight amount, we highly recommend this bathroom fan light heat lamp combo. Don’t think its low price minimizes its actual performance. This is an outstanding bathroom appliance to eliminate excess moisture and turn the room into a comfortable place.

    It has a standard design that gets matches all types of bathrooms, rooms, or any wall. It can receive a shining bulb up to 100W also includes a shattering resilient light-emitting lens. The airflow capacity rating is 50 CFM that enough eradicates a large amount of humidity and passes nasty smell from the house. You can increase the CFP ratings like 80, 110, and 150. This is another significant feature to get an extra advantage.

    Unfortunately, you have to suffer from a bit more noise. Yes, it creates a slight sound while performing. But it’s nothing if you don’t pay concentration to the noise.

    We analyzed different types of room exhaust fans and noticed very lees brand supply only 2.5 sones noise in this budget. So you may recognize this model as the budget-friendly exhaust fan for the bathroom. An easy installation facility allows you to set it up with less sweat if you have proper knowledge of it. Its duct fitting prevents generating metallic clatter. Mounting on a ceiling requires 12/12 pitch.

    You get an exact installation to remain key-holed mounting brackets. This combo can be a superb collection for your small room and bathroom to knock out excess moisture air and save you from mold, odor air.


    • Quality product at the lowest amount
    • Lubricant motor is long-lasting
    • Simple and classic design
    • 100W powerful bulb capacity
    • Easy installing


    • Noisy fan

    bathroom exhaust fan light and heater - Buyers Guide

    Getting a best bathroom exhaust fan with led light and heater is a challenge because there are huge model marketplaces. That’s why you have to know the considerations before buying it so that you get a convenient model. Let’s focus on the factors that you should consider.


    First of all, it requires to make a fixed budget to buy this. Next, enlist what features you need in a bath vent. After finalizing demanding features, compare with budget and market prices.

    Truly low prices offer fewer advantages and high prices proved extra benefits. Its range starts from $50 to $300. The price mainly varies on quality, features, durability, warranty, and many more. Low or high price doesn’t matter if you get a model according to your ultimatum.

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    Noise level

    Noise level seriously impacts on your easing. It means when you are at a bathroom if the fan makes excess sound possibly it will be bothering. Selecting a noise-free fan would be the finest to stay in a relaxed mood.

    Find out the model has low sones to gain noise-free usability. Try to get 2 below 2 sones. if you pick more than 2, it could be loud. We saw many people don’t care about it as they think remain busy for their bathroom purpose. Once they are habituated with the sound, then it never seems disturbed at all. Bathroom exhaust fan with music player suppresses the noise through music’s sound. Finally, you don’t hear any excess sound. Which type would you buy absolutely depends on your choice.


    There are frequent model built-in separate switches to control 3 types function separately. This mechanism allows a user to use each function individually, not all tasks altogether.

    Energy consumption

    Many exhaust fans with light and heater come in star energy rating. It specifies less electric power consumption that remarkably saves electric bill. Note that, non-star rating models consume more than 70% energy than energy automated model. Make sure to choose a less electric feeding model.

    Airflow capacity

    Try to look for an exhaust fan that one has compulsory airflow capacity. This mechanism helps to prevent excess moisture from a room. In a short word, people know this system as CFM. In detail, CFM indicates what amount of nasty air it can pass outside in a minute like lessening air through cubic feet per minute or CFM technology.

    If you fail to ensure enough air flowing capability, you won’t get the most less room anywise. It will work just eradicating a very low amount of humidity. Better to choose high CFM accomplished fan to gain faultless air purifying benefit.

    As an example, if you have a small room or bathroom, then 50-60CFM is enough but for a medium or slightly large room at least 110 is a must. Again, requires 150 CFM to ventilate the large room.

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    Lighting option

    You can’t ignore this factor if you are really determined to get a built-in light exhaust fan. Yes, find the type has an LED, fluorescent, or incandescent lights combo option. An LED light consumes less energy than other bulbs.Check whether your buying exhaust bathroom fan has an LED light option. Further, check also the nightlight system to acquire a convenient lighting facility.

    Safety warranty

    We never want you to skip the safety factor anywise. Inspect whether the model comes in ETL, UL, EL, ASHRAE standard. Numerous types get approval from HVI test, elect HVI verified model.


    Considering about installation process is essential while many users suffer from installing issues after buying this. Better to pay attention to this factor before be sorry. Several models can be mounted on the ceiling or wall. Decide first where you want to install it. Know its installation easiness. In fact, most of the model comes in a quick and easy installation advantage. Yet it should consider before making the final purchase.


    A bath ventilator mainly warrants for parts. You get the parts warranty for a limited period. Pick such a model has more warranty but after checking efficiency.

    Benefits of Installing a Bathroom Fan with Heater and Light

    Well, you read the reviews and buying guides that help you find out the right model. Did you think ever how a bathroom vent fan with heater, light can help you? Actually, there are different benefits you get through this. In this section, we will discuss the benefits. Let’s find out.

    Remove odorous air

    What’s your reaction while you enter a heavy odorous bathroom? Perhaps, you would be angry but nothing to do except using it. From this angel, this bath exhaust fan eradicates unexpected smells to make it ready for the next person.

    Eliminating the odor is the chief purpose of this. Built-in light and heater have extra advantages too. You never find a bathroom that doesn’t produce a bad smell. One of the most significant benefits of installing a bathroom extractor fan with built in light and heater is it removes unwanted odors, remove darkness, keep the bathroom warm.

    Getting light in the bathroom

    Bathroom exhaust with light offers powerful lighting. While visiting a bathroom, it will enlighten the entire area to see everything clearly. A good combo fan built-in LED light-adjusting feature that requires less electric power. Meant, you save money from paying an extra electric bill. This gadget includes a nightlight facility to see everything clear t night.

    Foggy Mirror eradication

    Discovering mirrors covered with fog happens just only for inside humid as fogs can’t go out and its store on mirror types objects or glasses. This is definitely painful to use this conditioned mirror since while you won't use it, you would see you blur. Then you have to wipe the mirror to use.

    It’ a common issue, especially for the bathroom, hasn’t any exhaust fan to bypass inside moisture outside. Often a weak and non-standard fan can’t remove humid correctly. So installing a exhaust fan eliminates humid so that your mirror remains in a clean state.

    Eliminate excess humidity

    Do you know your bathroom is one of the moistest producer places? Excess humidity or moist deform the wooden furniture. It damages the wall paint and creates mildews. Air moist mainly create for bathing and expanding water for different purposes. While suffering from too many molds, it is dangerous for allergenic people or harmful for asthma people. A bath fan can reduce over moisturizer to turn the space into breathable. To save your health and getting dehumidified air, don’t compromise to choose a bath fan.

    Turn the bathroom into ideal temperature

    A bathroom remains too much cool basically in the wintertime. At this time, it is hard to stay there even for a few minutes. Mounting a bathroom exhaust fan with heater combo makes the room heat. As soon as you turn on this, it starts heating instantly to prepare the bathroom.

    Protect from extra cost

    While a ventilator fan sue for a room, it eliminates the rooms humid. A room without a vent fan produces a lot of moisture daily. As a result, the furniture specifically wooden furniture deform. Excess moisture grows mold around walls.

    Those have an allergenic problem, mold is dangerous for them. It creates a black spot and lines on walls. That’s why you require to paint walls frequently that indicates extra cost. Moisture grows fungus. Fungus damage mechanical equipment too. An exhaust fan can solve the issue permanently.

    Ventilation fan VS exhaust fan

    This is rare to find out a big difference between a bathroom exhaust fan and a ventilation fan. Most of the exhaust fan body parts are iron where an exhaust fan materials iron and plastic combination. Iron made off fans is costly than other materials. Remember, both fan types are worthy of tiny space and for a large room. At present, many people prefer exhaust fan as it is affordable, well performer and easy to install.

    ''Honestly, you are not wrong if you call ventilation as an exhaust since many people even sellers and customers don’t care to its name. Customers expect convenient usability, doesn’t matter what they purchased exhaust or vent type.''

    How to install a bathroom exhaust fan

    With less knowledge, you can install an exhaust fan easily. Here we focused on the installation process in short sentences. Hope it will be helpful.

    • Drill a suitable point of the ceiling were to want to install it,
    • Measure the inside dimension of the fan (which part will remain in the ceiling).
    • Now mark on the ceiling as the taken dimension.
    • Cut the marked area with a jigsaw
    • Place the fan from the opposite side of the ceiling
    • Connect the fan to the joists
    • Make a hole through the sidewall
    • Install the exhaust duct to the wall cap
    • Mount the wall cap
    • Connect wires
    • Attach the grille
    • Now this is ready
    • Watch the video to understand wisely.

    How to clean bathroom exhaust fan

    Keeping an exhaust fan unclean minimizes performance gradually. It requires cleaning regularly. You want to clean mainly 4 parts like housing, blades, motor, and covers. Let’s know the cleaning techniques for each part. 


    Clean cover

    Make sure you disconnected the electric power. Spray detergent water and wipe with a small cloth or microfiber till grim is out. Dry well before assemble.

    Clean Blades

    Remove the fan from the motor. Simply twist gently to detach. Wipe with a damp cloth. If the fan has too much grime. Soak a cloth in a detergent-water solution. Wipe thoroughly to get cleaned blades. Don’t forget to rinse in the water after wiping it.

    Clean fan housing

    Use a brush to clean the housing portion. For hard reach area, wrap a cloth in a screwdriver head or any thin rod to reach the hidden area. You may use a crevice attachment to dusting the inside part. A vacuum cleaner can help you to remove debris (optional)


    Is it bad to buy an oversize bathroom exhaust fan?

    It depends on your bathroom size and what mount of humidity it creates. Select this machine according to the place you want to use. Picking oversized consume extra electric power. So why you choose an oversize where small size is enough?

    Why is my bathroom fan so loud?

    Each fan categorized in an exact measurement name “sones” More soens indicates more noise. Likewise, fewer sones specify low sound. Yet often unclean fans produce sound too.

    When should I turn on my bathroom fan?

    Before entering the bathroom to do watery tasks, turn on the fan. Keep running at least 20 minutes after taking a shower to discharge produced humidity and odors. Might use timer fan if you forget to turn it off.

    Can you mount a bathroom fan above a shower?

    Yes, you can install over the shower and bathtub. Be sure to install it near to bathing area as much as possible. For both shower and tub, set it to a middle position so that it can work for both.

    What do you face if your bathroom has no exhaust fan?

    Missing an exhaust fan in the bathroom can because of growing mold and bad odor. Excess moisture makes funguses that could be the reason for different allergic problems, particularly for asthma affected people. You also suffer from the nasty smell, foggy mirror, black mark on walls, etc.

    How many CFM do I need in a fan for my bathroom?

    50 CFM is a minimum amount for a bathroom. But selecting CFM depending on bathroom size offers proper ventilation. Minimum 8 air changes in an hour provide decent air. In a clear word, 1 CFM is destined for 1 square foot. As an example, if your bathroom length and width is 8' x 10' then you require 80 CFM accomplished fan.

    What type of duct to use for bathroom exhaust fan?

    Galvanized and aluminum duct provide sufficient protection. It should be sealed with duct mastic, rigid plastic pipe, or foil tape. Slop the duct for drainage to the outside.

    When should I clean the bathroom fan?

    Cleaning at least once within 6 months is required. Yet it depends on how much dust it acquired. Clean when see there is a thick dust layer on grille, blades, and housing.


    This is impossible to eliminate the excess moisture without a bathroom exhaust fan. If you pick a best bathroom exhaust fans with light and heater, you certainly get an extra advantages. Meaning, this combo gadget serves in 3 ways like remove extra moisture to prevent mildew with mold, stamp out humidity, stale odors, reduce the foggy state inside the bathroom, heat the bathroom tolerably, and many more.

    Picking the best bathroom exhaust fan with light and heater allows you getting more than the mentioned benefits. Possibly our bathroom exhaust fan reviews helped you to realize what type you should buy. Once you purchased a model, we can say confidently it will go a significant period without troubles. To achieve convenient bathroom facilities and lead a healthy life, an exhaust fan has a great contribution.

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