5 Best Adjustable Bed Frame for Heavy Person

Though a bed frame plays a very significant role to give us peaceful sleeping. Yet many people pay less attention to it as it remains under the mattress. Perhaps, they think only the mattress provides the ultimate comfort of sleeping. This is not fair to think about because a bed frame for adjustable base carries the entire weight of your body and mattress. That’s why you shouldn’t neglect its important anywise.

However, obese people may suffer from sleeping problem if they do not have an apt bed frame. They can’t take a peaceful sleep in a regular frame as their weight is not compatible with another type of bed frame. As a result, thinking about the Best Bed Frames For Heavy Person is a comprehensive solution. In this post, we covered top frames reviews, buyers guide, FAQ and other essential information. Let's dive into the main topic.

Best adjustable bed frame for heavy person





Alloy Steel


Alloy Steel



5 Adjustable bed frame reviews for heavy people

At the sleeping time, the main concern for an obese person is the frame. Honestly, it requires to be sturdier as it tolerates the heavy body weight and mattresses. Picking this model can remove your concern. Do you know how? Essentially, its entire structure configured in a sturdier design.

Enjoy reading, watching TV, working and sleeping in which position you like or feel comfort on your bed. This adjusting operate by the given wired remote and ultra-quiet motor. The durable construction keeps the frame bend and break free. Get an enhanced sleeping experience, , and alleviate pregnancy discomfort, relieve snoring with this adjustable bed base.

Its slates is enough strong to carry heavyweight. Meaning, it’s a perfect choice for heavy people. Further, the construction is heavy-dutiful even while you are on the bed, it won’t move or shake anywise. Stainless steel body never disturbs you during sleeping time. No matter for an overweight single person or obese couple. It’s convenient both for one and double persons.  Comes in 6-stronger legs to keep heavyweight in a stable position.

Meant, you can do fast-moving without shaking the bed. Six legs attached to the exact place of the frame where people create pressure during sleeping, getting in and out of the bed. Thus, this structure prevents excess movement. The frame grasps the whole mattress fittingly. It means, no chances of exposed or sagging mattress out of the bed.

Furthermore, No disturbance to put and remove the mattress at any time. Its compatible construction allows you to do the easy moving. Thanks to its adjusting facility. Users can adjust both head and leg site as they need. Independent head incline start from 0 to 58 degrees and foot incline from 0 to 40 degrees.

Every joint are durable that confirms you a lengthy constructing facility. Aren’t clear? It means several types of bed frames in marketplaces that manufacture in poor joint formation. As a result, its joints get loose or sometimes break suddenly in short time usage. From this angle, you are safe if you pick this model. It never squeaks even when a couple of persons stay on it. 

Its comprised slates and rails distribute your weight around to avoid any breaking issues. Get 5 years of limited manufacturer's warranty. Thus, using it for 5 years without concern offers you great pleasure.


  • Powerful motor and remote
  • Sturdier slats to reduce unpleasant moving
  • Free of squeaky sounds
  • Supports maximum 550 lbs.
  • Strong stainless steel frame
  • 5 years limited warranty
  • Enough durable
  • Quick and easy adjustments


  • Little heavy
  • Not suggested for disabled persons for the long height of legs

Our second model picked from the top adjustable bed frames for fat persons. Do you know why people recognized it as the best bed frame for fat person? This model keeps itself strong even while 2 or 3 big people stay on it. It never shakes at the sleeping time movement. That’s why you won’t wake up for unpleasant vibrating.

A heavy premium motor is very reliable, quiet, and responsive too. Inside the motor has a high-quality spin coil that gives the motor longevity. The motor is operational by a wireless remote controller so adjust the height.

Included 6 strongest legs to keep it fit on the surface. 2 legs located at the middle position distribute the load around. For that, it doesn’t take heavy pressure in a particles part. This mechanism saves the frame from bending or breaking.

The whole construction is sufficiently long-lasting. There are no chances of breaking especially at the moving time from one place to another. Built with steel,its rails are steel. In general, the rails of any bed frame require to be sturdy to keep mattress steady. You get this feature once you own it. Secondly, no risks of sagging on the frame. Meant, you achieve the ultimate comfort of sleep.

If you need to carry it here to there, you can do it effortlessly. For made of steel, it offers significant portability too. 14 inches clear space under the slats deals with a decent storage facility. The cleaver users never miss the chance of storing something in such an empty space. It requires very less time to assemble. A non-experienced user can set it up easily within 15-20 minutes. This high profile bed frame offers 5 years warranty. Did you like it? Let us know.


  • Short time assembling facility
  • Supports maximum 600 lbs.
  • Set up without tools
  • 6 active legs keep fin on surfaces
  • Usable height to use under spaces to store anything
  • Cap included legs to keep floor scratch-free
  • Long time using benefit
  • 5 years warranty


  • Need change remote control battery frequently in a short time.

LUCID  provides the best sleeping happiness with its cool structured frames. Those fat couples want to achieve comfortable bed platform, this model can be a worthy choice for them. Those users dislike traditional bed base frame and box frame, they can pick it without thinking twice. It knows how to bear weight with distributing equally. it distributes weight around the bed to reduce squeak. Truly, the load capacity is lower than 500 lbs, but not meant, it is unable to carry the obese couple.

To improve your sleep experience, relieve snoring, and alleviate pregnancy discomfort, we highly suggest this LUCID  bed frame. The independent head incline from 0 to 58 degrees, foot incline from 0 to 40 degrees.

It constructed to hold 2 weightier adults with a large mattress. You never discover any loose joints if used for a long period. This type included 12 energetic legs to keep it stable on the surface. There are 2 middle legs to endure heavy pressure of the middle position since most of the pressure creates from the mid place.

Also, contains 15 inches under frame storing space. A user can utilize the empty space as a storing location. Covers 2 non-slip pads along with 2 steel foundation to hold mattress firmly. This feature is supportive to eliminate the sagging issue.

This platform bed frame provides extra strong support by its solid built material. It cast-off 100% durable element to manufacture that keep you tension free about toughness. You may go over a decade with it. You can use it roughly if you have children and they use to jump on it. No chances of twisting any parts or breaking.

Each leg covered with caps to keep floors scratch-free. A smooth finishing allows you to grip each part without getting scrape on your hands. Means, there is no coarse finishing that makes you troubled during holding. We saw unlike non-standard frames has very tiny iron or steel particles that give pain on fingers. In a word, this item can be a canny choice for those people who looks for rough working bed frame.


  • Sufficient sturdier
  • Maximum 500 pounds weight capacity
  • Inline in style
  • Cool assembling facility
  • Customizable comfort
  • Comes with good features in best value
  • Limited warranty for 5 years
  • Non-slip pad
  • 15 inches storing facility under slats


  • Shakes during moving on the bed  

Built with durable and strong solid alloy steel that goes for a notable period. It has standard size that create an extra appearance at the room after keeping the mattress on the frame. Single or couple can sleep on it with ease. Also ideal for sleeping, watching television or movies, working on your laptop, or reading, etc. The pregnant women can easily take rest and sleep on it by adjusting head and foot position.

As the full body is alloy steel, it is enough lightweight. For bring a full size platform bed frame with storage, you can carry anywhere with less hardship. No extra time expending to fold in and out frequently. Specially designed for use with adjustable, air mattresses foam, latex. Users can separately adjust head and foot elevation with the given wireless remote control.

There are 2 legs at the middle position of the frame. These legs provide additional support to retain the bed in standing mode forcefully without any movement. 14 inches under-bed clearance offers an extra storage advantage. You can keep different kinds of kinds of stuff under the slats. Indicates, an appropriate storing space of your bedroom.

Its height from the ground is useful. Perhaps, you know long legs height is boring to get in and out. But, this full mattress frame has a convenient height to give you a delighted getting in and down of the bed.

Built-in reliable metal slats that specify added durability. In fact, metal slats ensure extra heaviness and bulk mattress. Has a good finishing made it more eye-catchy. There is no tint among the body frame. After assembling it correctly, it makes an additional appearance to the room.  A new user can set it up very fast with a friend’s assistance. Sellers provide necessary assembling tools and instruction to set it up accurately. Getting 5 years construction warranty is not less important. If you loved this item, let us know, please.


  • Durable steel construction
  • Involved assembling tools
  • Quick set up within 30 minutes
  • Affordable bed frame
  • 14 inches under-bed space
  • Consistent metal salts to keep mattress well-conditioned


  • Not mentioned the weight capacity.

Our last choice gives you 750 pounds weight capacity. This is a heavy duty bed frame with independent head incline: 0 - 60 degrees and foot incline 0 - 45 degrees. Its compressed premium motor is extremely active, quiet, and responsive.

It offers noteworthy maintenance for any traditional frame, box spring, and foundation. More than one obese person can sleep on it. Suitable for pregnant women and disabled people and also weighty people. for It holds heavyweight without bending any parts or breaking. Another outstanding feature is you can fold its platform to carry it anywhere with ease. Ordinary frames don’t have such a feature what you get in this model.

Also, there are 6 stronger legs to tolerate the heavy pressure of the mattress with a fat couple. 6 legs divided to the 3 positions like in front, middle and back that distribute the entire pressure around the bed.

Included a wireless remote with flashlight and programmable memory option to adjust the bed frame to your favorite position. The remote controller included batteries. Another charming point is dual USB charging stations on both sides of bed frame. One for fast charge and second one for regular charging.

After assembling every part, you get 15 inches usable storage under the bed. Mean, you can use the empty space as a storage area. You won’t achieve such a storing place to another box type frame.

For having caps in each leg, the floor is safe from getting scratches. Likewise, these caps also save the legs from rust. You know metal things acquire corrosion if it gets a touch of water. This is why the caps save it from corrosion.

A newbie can assemble it without other’s help. For being a foldable bed frame, only a person can assemble each part one by one. You can set it up in freehand. No require to utilize any tools. Here is a video on how to assemble a bed frame with storage. This video made only for the model. Check it after the pros and cons. 


  • 10 years limited warranty.
  • Made with heavy-duty metal
  • Usable with or without box spring
  • Foldable that allows carrying anywhere conveniently
  • 15 inches storing space
  • Legs caps included
  • Assembling less than 15 minutes


  • Heavy Weight to move

Best bed frame for overweight person Buying Guide

Space of room

A bed influence a room’s beauty. When your bed is too large than your room, it looks weird. Additionally, there is a very small space to place other furniture. You cannot move freely in such a tiny space. On the other hand, too small bed in a large room decrease the inside beauty. Though you have enough space to move on you have to sacrifice the room’s good appearance. In a word, pick the size according to your room, not so big or not so small frame.

Thinks about mattress type and size

Not sure whether your mattress will be fittest to your buying bed frame. Basically, all types of mattress are not apt for all frame. Each mattress requires a particular frame that fit with each other. Thus, selecting the right frame for specific mattresses offer extra expediency.


In the second point, think for matters size. Frames should purchase according to mattress sizes. Better to purchase a best bed for overweight person as the same as mattress size.

Bed height after placing a mattress 

This is important to think about the height since your height and the bed height has an interconnection. Confused? Okay, let us clarify. Truly, when you want to get in of the bed, you should do it easily. Suppose, you are a short person but the bed is too much high. For this, you have to lift your legs or body to the higher position to get in. Meant, reaching in the more height indicates working against gravity that is troublesome. So, think first what the potential size would be after keeping mattress on your frame.

Size of users

Only you can say correctly whether you get comfortable space on your bed during sleeping time. First of all, you require to know the bed size and your desired space on the bed. If your bed have less space than your desire, then it’s better to sleep on floors as a tiny space never give the proper satisfaction of sleeping.


If you really require to have a frame, try to choose depending on what size you need. In general, an obese person wants extra space than an average person. Moreover, the frame of the bed has to be enough sturdier. To get an appropriate model, know your height and weight. Never choose a low weight capable frame if you or you couple are heavy. Better to choose after determining the number of people and their weight.


What is the height of users? Ask yourself this question to buy adjustable bed frame. Short frame but tall person both are conflicted term. A tall person cannot sleep straight in a short bed. The bed can’t cover his/her legs. Legs go out of the bed area. It never brings a night of good sleep. Attempt to buy a large size frame than the user’s height.


We see 3 types of frames for bed in marketplaces like hybrid, metal and wooden. An obese person should select the best heavy duty metal bed frame to get the peak advantages. We suggest it because hybrid and the wood platform bed base frame has lees durability than metal frames. It knows to take your heavyweight without bending or damaging. Other material frames never provide such a toughness. Metal bed reduce sagging issues, has a significant lifespan, easy setup, effortless conveying and so on.


If you want to store something under the bed, try to pick the frame has enough height from floors. Most of the people like this type of bed so that they can keep many things underframes. There are 13, 14, and 15 inches height in several kinds of frames. Having a minimum 12 inches high allow you to utilize under-bed expediently.


Legs are the most important part of frames. Thus, considering the more legs offer you a long-lasting usage. Generally, there are 4 legs in 4 corners. If a frame has additional legs, it designates additional strength with great heaviness enduring capacity.


Check whether the legs located at the side and at the center position. This structure allocates weight equally around each corner so that no bending issue can arise. More legs confirm more support. Anyway, try to elect thicker and multiple legs while choosing a bed frame for heavy people to get additional support. Moreover, legs with caps save your floors from scratching. These caps also remove the risk of rust.

Weight Capability

This is a crucial consideration for obese people. To get the right capable frames, you require to know your weight. Also Know what the weight of your mattress is. After adding them, you can find best adjustable bed frame for heavy person and realize what bed frame is best to endure both you and mattress weight.

Easy Setup

All bed frames don’t come in easy setup facility. Some can be set up by single persons or some models need 2 people to assemble. Further, you would find numerous types require too to assemble, some are tool-less.

Picking the platform bed for heavy person offers the easy setup method. What assembling way like most, choose the type. If you are a newbie, better to purchase which type provides instruction book also has quick assembling capacity.


Salts eliminates mattress sagging between each gap. More salts indicate less sagging into the empty spaces. Closely Placed slats are beneficial to support heavyweight and mattress pressure. It can tolerate weighty burden during a couple sleep on the bed.


Oppositely, slates are far from each other is a cause of sagging. Even you might require a spring box. It’s better to choose the type has more slats to use the frame without spring box and to acquire added support. 


Check each brackets strength. It means brackets should connect each part tightly so that the frame can’t shake or move anywise. Likewise, legs require to remain steady to keep the bed stable and reduce squeakily. Check this thing before making the final purchase.


Frame in compact design allows toy covey here to there with a less effort. You might want to change your residence in future. In this situation, portability provides and extra carrying benefit. You may consider for a wheel systematic frame or bed frame with folding legs and body.

Benefits of the best adjustable bed frame for overweight person

Not only for the overweight people but also a normal weighted person might get some specific advantages of adjustable bedding.

1. You can use it for several activities like watching TV, reading, sitting, browsing the internet and many more. Nevertheless, using only for sleeping purpose is good to keep it long-lasting.

2. Those people suffer from snoring, they can elevate the head position to keep them a bit awakening. This practice minimizes snoring level.

3. When you get a lower-body injury like the cracked leg or twisted ankle, this bed allows you to elevate your legs in a comfortable position.

4. It provides zero gravity feelings. It permits you to keep your head in a relaxed position for better sleep.

5. Older or injurious people can get in and down of the bed easily for having ups and down adjusting mechanism.

6. Back sleepers can lift their head and feet in a relaxed position to achieve a sound sleep. It’s another feature of an adjustable bed.

 best bed frame for heavy person (Adjustable) - FAQ

Are Metal Bed Frames Safe?

The metal Bed Frame For Obese Couple are absolutely safe. Though the wood bed frame looks are quietly good from the durability side, the metal frame is more durable. You need less invest in metal type frames. Users get both affordability and long-lasting usage through it.

You can wipe with or without water where the wooden type gets damage by the touch of water. After a long time usage, you may de-assemble each part of a metal bed to wash thoroughly. Meant, you can use it roughly with getting a long time warranty. There is no good option without choosing an adjustable metal bed frame for an overweight person. It can endure heavyweight that a regular frame can’t.

What is the best bed frame for an overweight person?

Well, you know all types of frames are not suitable for an obese person. First of all, the bed frame should choose depending on the weight of users. Various frames have unlike weight capacity. Secondly, more legs comprise frame is faultless for overweight people. It provides extra support. The sturdiness of a frame is also good for a heavy couple. However, the 5 models described in this post are the great adjust bed frame for those who are overweight.

Are adjustable beds worth it?

People who love to numerous sleeping positions, they can choose an adjustable beds bases. It has some remarkable benefits like watching TV, reading and browsing the internet. Those like something like this, this type of adjustable bed is worthy for them

How do I choose a sturdy bed frame?

Frames constructed with strong slats that placed closely and never bend in low pressure that are the finest sturdy frames. It should have ample mattress support skill, extra legs in the right position specify a solid base bed frame.

What’s the cause of mattress sag?

It happens when your frame can’t deliver sufficient support to the mattress. How could you understand whether your frame is supportive? Principally, slats should have closed that reduce the sagging problem. More gaps between each salt mean more chance of sagging. So the answer is “slats placement is the reason for sagging”.

Where can I buy a bed frame for heavy couple?

Often it could a pain to find out the best place to buy a bed frame, especially those who have no buying experiences. Anyway, you will get a lot of frames collection both in online marketplaces and physical markets.

Nowadays, people like to order from online as they achieve quality products from the internet. Amazon bed frame usually amazon online site is one of the most popular and dominating online website to get a bed frame for adjustable bed of heavy people. You find numerous reliable sellers here who offer the maximum customer support. 

What’s the bed frame weight limit?

A bed frame endures a maximum of 500 lbs. Before buying adjustable bed frames, you must do a calculation between frame capacity, mattress, you and your partner weight. A mattress weigh can reach 70 to 200 pounds. When sleepers and mattress put on a frame, it bears their weight. Crossing the weight limit can be a cause of twisting or breaking. Therefore, keeping the weight limit within frame capacity allows a long-lasting usage.

Is it good to sleep in zero gravity position?

There is no bad record of sleeping in a flat position. Oppositely, sleeping in a zero-gravity position create low pressure in your spine that don’t create in a flat position. Yet zero gravity sleeping is beneficial to ease swelling, reduced pain, better heart health, alleviate acid reflux.

Can mice climb into beds?

Mice is an unrecognized enemy in the house. It can jump and maneuver around your room. Thus, a bed isn’t responsible to protect from mice. Here is an effective article on how to get rid of mice can help you.

Can a bed frame cause back pain?

Not at all. In fact, if you fighting with back pain, a modern bed frame can help to rescue from this pain. In details, a frame spread out your weight around the bed via the mattress. As a result, your all body parts get equal support that reduces back pain.


Your overweight is not a burden to have a happy sleeping.  An exact bed frame for heavy person ensures you for a fulfill sleeping with free moving. Thus, you shouldn’t compromise with your sleeping satisfaction as it gives you strength for the next day’s activities. Yet choosing an appropriate platform bedframe is a bit hard. Even it is tougher to find a seamless one if you are overweight, but this is not impossible anywise. Therefore think once again before going to final purchase.

We can assure the list has given above are the heavy duty bed frames for those are overweight. Make sure what type you exactly require. After deciding about the type, then make a final purchase. Do you have further queries? Leave a comment below, please. We will get in touch soon.

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